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  1. Welp, there goes my title as worst FA. @Kevanovia Y'all are gonna have to change it to something else to berate me for now lmao
  2. I just wanna leak the good news for everyone, have a good night and congrats @Paul!
  3. I had my suspicions no doubt, but never accused him of bribery. I supported and encourages every way and means of investigating Moon and everything turned up false. I get you want to label him a bad person but from my experience of how he started in PnW to where he is now it’s poposterous to label him that. He had a hot head and quick temper when he started, and now he’s matured and learned. Hell, look at the screenshots of that conversation with dynamic. Old Moon would’ve been cussing him out and lost his temper, however he calmly stated his dissatisfaction and still offered to help Rose however he can. People grow, mature, and change overtime Alexio. Moon has done exactly that and has had the whole community down his neck about multis and everything and he’s still around. Alex would’ve banned him if there was foul play found and obviously Alex hasn’t found anything, so it’s time to drop that narrative and move on.
  4. Is this an accusation of bribery??? Really scraping for reasons now...
  5. In Moon’s defense, he didn’t know about a upcoming war. He left do to friction internally between Rose gov and himself. Very few people were let in on details about the war and when it would occur. People who weren’t in the loop knew a war was coming soon, just not what month or when. For all Moon knew the war would start December.
  6. Exactly why I joked about it, because it’s such a petty move and terrible idea that nobody would do it seriously.
  7. I remember a year ago joking about taxing and having prots pay to be protected, didn’t think a year later Rose would seriously do this...
  8. @Cynic Idk why you're posting, considering you only drag people down and bring negativity with you, never seen you build up anyone other than yourself... Not even mentioning you couping OP as well ?
  9. I’m gonna be the first to say it, this isn’t it chief. As much as I want to roll BC, I don’t see justifying burning an alliance for the idiocracy of the few. There’s plenty of good people in that alliance that don’t deserve it and the CB is non-existent. IQ has much better things to do than to kick someone while they’re down, but if they feel this is the right course of action then best of luck to both sides. Just don’t drag this out unnecessarily long, you’re only hurting them and yourself by doing so.
  10. It’s easy attacking GoB, just attack between 1pm-4pm and 9pm-3am, they’re asleep between those hours. Or attack on Wednesday evenings or Sunday mornings since they’ll be at church. All jesting aside, best of luck to both sides! It’s been awhile since we’ve had a great war
  11. I only put together the bits and pieces scattered throughout the micro backchannels
  12. Who are you? Where is the Reclaimer? I have a message Defiler. Your time is coming. Sweet Mother, sweet Mother, send your child unto me, for the sins of the unworthy must be baptized in blood and fear. You will all be baptized. You will all experience fury, and you will all bow before the true Gods! You shall beg for mercy and confess to your wrong doings. With this, the Reclaimers will be allowed to continue, but only after they have been punished. Your alliance will pay for your sins. The Twentieth of Frostfall, your alliance will burn for both of the Reclaimer actions. YOU SHALL SEE TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION!!!!
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