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  1. I just find it worth mentioning that Mantis Shrimp are completely badass, by the way.
  2. My family was Christian, mostly due to my father's influence, but slowly we became atheist. I do not regret that conversion. It feels as though a veil has been lifted.
  3. Enlisting in the U.S. Air Force in RL? Wish you the most of your endeavors and adventures in the military. And in Orbis, of course.
  4. I read that to apply for the Obsidian Order, you must be voted in unanimously. How could an alliance as small as mine be considered worthy?
  5. I mean no offense by this post. You are an exceptional protector and friend. I just feel being protected by a huge alliance would be more intimidating and deterring.
  6. Because I am an economically-centered loozer, I was wondering as to which large alliance I should turn to for alliance protection. I am looking for an alliance who will allow me to slap their name like a sticker on my alliance profile page. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've heard a reasonable price is 500,000 a week. Also, if alliance affairs is the wrong place to post something like this, do say.
  7. I honestly did not intend to accuse you. Remember that I am new player, and completely inexperienced. I didn't know how to check if people were on the same IP, and I also didn't know people could go check my wars, thus losing the anonymity. I really meant for this to be anonymous.
  8. I obviously hold sway over her choices in the game, but I do not literally control her account for my sole benefit.
  9. No, no, not being a dick at all. This is my sister, as stupid an excuse that sounds. I'll go wake her up right now if you'd like.
  10. But in earnest, they probably aren't. We're just noob players (for now) and we don't know any better.
  11. Very well. Thankfully you guys stopped me before I looked like a complete idiot.
  12. But why would one log off, and then the other get on? And then vice-versa? There would be no reason for them to do that. At all. I keep checking and they haven't been on the game at the same time.
  13. I have recently had war declared by two nations. For the sake of them being anonymous (for now), I will refer to them as nation 1 and nation 2. Whenever they attack, (2 times so far), Nation 1 attacks and I see him as "Active Now". I update the page, and it says on 1 minute ago. Nation 2 attacks and it says "Active Now", then Nation 2 gets off. Then serendipitously, Nation 1 is "Active Now" again while Nation 2's status says on 2 minutes ago. Also, these two nations are from the same alliance. Note this: This pattern has occurred twice in a row, almost a day later. Does this sound like multiple accounts to anyone else? Because it seems like to me: that somebody was logging on and off to use their two accounts in a war. Or maybe I'm just delusional new player. To the experienced players, do my suspicions at least have solid ground?
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