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  1. Congratulations to our friends in OWR o/
  2. o/ Khorne Sad to see you go. Send me some riddles sometime! Keep in touch man.
  3. Best DoW just for title and being in theme.
  4. That seems to have been ignored
  5. Center for City Planning - For cities Center for Land Expansion - For land To keep the whole "Center for" idea going
  6. Freemasons is an interesting subject. Great to see history being incorporated
  7. Did they at least ease into it?
  8. Day 5: Radio Show Today we launched a space fact and a new poll (Space Food). Later on tonight we will be holding a Radio Show. Come and join!
  9. My apologies. I might've came off a bit harsh. And I understand your reasoning for such. I hope that reps can be agreed upon and you all have a great rebuild soon Edit: This is not the stance of ESD still. Just my personal opinions.
  10. Oh okay makes sense. Kinda depressing reps talk has to take this long to be honest
  11. I suppose I should mention this is just my opinion and not the stance of ESD. Just in case people get all 'So ESD thinks this' and such. And has it really been a month and 2 weeks already? Wow.
  12. I mean, don't let people in your alliance make idiotic remarks about receiving reps when you started the war because you will never know who will take it serious. If you are right, and he knows BK would never accept then don't make the comment? It not only makes your alliance and its members look incompetent but you don't know who will take it serious. On another note, seriously can someone explain why 1 billion in reps is wrong. From what I understand, NPO and UPN attacked BK, correct? If so, it is clear they are on the losing stance of this war, and should be the one paying reps because they were the ones to initiate the attack. They were not the ones attacked. Feel free to correct me if I am missing something.
  13. I am more curious on the minimum BK will take and the max NPO will accept. I can't be the only one
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