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  1. I launched counter offensives on TEst when I was countered, where is my RoH?
  2. I made a meme to describe the opening post in a nutshell
  3. So tanks have the spotlight and now beige has been removed? Things changed so much since my three month leave. Anyway, imagine punishing people for what has been an intended game mechanic since, what? The start of the game? Not gonna lie, that is some Fallout 76 crap right there.
  4. This^ I tried to persistently reason with the guy in Discord and it mounted to nothing but a "it seems to me you were clearly war slot filling", trust me it was blindingly ruled on a false assumption, I complained about it before and everybody disagrees with my strikes. Maybe someday, strikes will be set to expire at some point, unless it already has recently, I dunno. I been in VM for three months and came back to what sounds like entirely new war mechanics lmao
  5. I respected Alex when he made that announcement, even when people mocked it in Discord, but getting another bogus war slot filling strike made me realize it absolutely means nothing now. I am contemplating doing something stupid and getting that third strike in because I rather take that route than cowardly deleting or existing forever as a paranoid pixel hugger.
  6. Not gonna argue, it's garbage, but I discovered that it essentially all comes down to finding the right community. Despite some setbacks, that game created priceless memories and irreplaceable friends during a time when I had absolutely nothing in my life. In fact, if it wasn't for all the time I spent in DarkRP and the people I met there, I'd be a completely different person for the worse. Same, although all my friends I played it with could never beat me because they never built rams nor effectively countered my ram horde. I am more of a Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds guy, and I love using the pummel to tank damage while the strike-mech-spam from behind obliterates lol
  7. Oh yeah, spending hours a day making triggers for 40 minutes of tagging, for one update cycle. It's why I never led a raider org anymore despite having the know-how to do it, just needless amount of time for something natives and fendas are just gonna undo in a couple days lol Juggling school with work (hell, any kind of notable IRL responsibility) will make you change your perspective on all that
  8. It's a freaking mess so I appreciate the extra clarity, Prefontaine. On another note, I'm a lot less afraid of NPO without Altmoras now lol More than several years ago on another nation sim, he was a friend to me during a time nobody else was, so I do hope he makes his return when his ban ends (because I am hardly around for update on NS, I'm so sorry, Alt).
  9. I wanna say 'karma is real' and cheer to this unfolding mess, initially I did and acted stupidly celebratory about it, but nothing excuses that and nothing good is certainly going to come from continuing the perpetuity of pettiness. So many people have friends on all sides that been caught up in this situation in some form or another, I am not going to justify anything that happened, but it personally pains me to see Altmoras and Yuno get the boot, much more to the countless of people that might be deleting in light of all this. I wish everyone a good time in this game despite its seemingly awful setbacks
  10. I used to be a part of GPA a long time ago, fighting Storm Division and Roz Wei dudes That was an amazing time I had on here. I guess I wish you luck on your rebrand lol
  11. Windseeker


    Shhh don't say that out loud, if the War Slot Police hears you, they are gonna deem whatever war slot filling is to their own convenience to mod strike you.
  12. I understand that and I stated everything I needed to say, it was not a coordinated effort and the strike was based off a probability (which ended up being false), if I can't get that appealed can we at least adjust the three-strike rule system to have perishable strikes? I am adhering to the two paragraphs given to me on war slot filling, both times I been striked on the matter, I always have been confused by your reasoning. No offense but both times were pretty baseless. Apparently the forums are disproportionately more lenient.
  13. Thank you Holy multiple variants of Hell Why is this so inconceivable? Because people don't like how others aren't adhering to their one sided playstyle?
  14. I'll tell you what, if you manage to make it past the sea of Ayyylien bottomfeeders to fill my def slot, I'll humor this RoH. Just be sure to use an impractical amount of ships when you do. Hell, build tanks while you're at it and nuke my 1k infra on raid mode to be on the safe side.
  15. Not gonna lie, that was a pretty good comeback lol And probably accurate
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