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  1. Windseeker

    We are here for the Whales

    I mean, I enjoy the human sea attack, there are so many targets
  2. Windseeker

    Brave and Beautiful BK

    @The Mad Titan You don't know you're BEAUTIFUL!! ❤️
  3. Windseeker

    SNN-OoC OP-ED parte dos

    Did I just witness a surprise health inspection?
  4. Windseeker

    Hard Mode Coalition [Tkr Surrenders]

    Honestly, it would be interesting to watch you fight SixSadistic66 Pantheon's el numero uno bad ass
  5. Windseeker

    Hard Mode Coalition [Tkr Surrenders]

    >Epi speaking for The Golden Horde >TGH surrendering to Pantheon Even in jest, that is just incredibly and outlandishly lulzy
  6. Windseeker

    ANN - Ghost Ships and Magic Treasure!

    If there is no proof showing Blink's involvement, then I believe this, Blink has always been a good boi and I too think he'd call Pooball out. I prefer if he was unbanned as well.
  7. Windseeker

    Nova Riata Disband

    I can't help but just admire the immensely bizarre nature of this war and the circumstances that led up to a Pantheon victory lol
  8. Windseeker

    Nova Riata Disband

    Wow Does this mean Pantheon wins?
  9. Windseeker

    ANN - Ghost Ships and Magic Treasure!

    Hmm, interesting. It's like the IRS ignoring that jobless dude with the shiny Hummer lmao
  10. Windseeker

    ANN - Ghost Ships and Magic Treasure!

    I am surprised nobody has noticed this sooner, not only has Nova recuperated from Knightfall as roadkill, they exploded into a protectorate that quickly became a superpower lol
  11. 'The Center of Offbeat Powers' I been wondering, what the hell kinda name is that and what does it mean?
  12. Pls I'd give anything to see an alliance name like this make a regular appearance as the topic of debate in these forums.
  13. This is a really good update, and for some reason I was fearing the worst lol I certainly look forward to playing with the new projects later.
  14. Windseeker

    The Adventures of Fraggle Rock

    Inb4 Fraggle builds an army of veterans from the future, seasoned warriors forged in resisting the swirling apocalyptic Fimbulvetr of an Orbis conquered and controlled by Roqbots of RoqNet, led by Doctor Ivo Roqbotnik.

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