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  1. I understand that and I stated everything I needed to say, it was not a coordinated effort and the strike was based off a probability (which ended up being false), if I can't get that appealed can we at least adjust the three-strike rule system to have perishable strikes? I am adhering to the two paragraphs given to me on war slot filling, both times I been striked on the matter, I always have been confused by your reasoning. No offense but both times were pretty baseless. Apparently the forums are disproportionately more lenient.
  2. Thank you Holy multiple variants of Hell Why is this so inconceivable? Because people don't like how others aren't adhering to their one sided playstyle?
  3. I'll tell you what, if you manage to make it past the sea of Ayyylien bottomfeeders to fill my def slot, I'll humor this RoH. Just be sure to use an impractical amount of ships when you do. Hell, build tanks while you're at it and nuke my 1k infra on raid mode to be on the safe side.
  4. Not gonna lie, that was a pretty good comeback lol And probably accurate
  5. War slot filling is taking a slot without the intention of fighting them, not exactly sure how trying to beige them would be war slot filling. We're fighting them and trying to win, just as the Hammurabi Code wanted, not sure what else you people want from me. The intention behind it also doesn't matter, and if it did, I could argue that warring people for months on end until they quit also shouldn't be allowed because it's another important component of the game being used as a vehicle for something else. God forbid someone finds a way to counter the art of preventing beige, which honestly, I think fits the mold for being equally BS as those who disagree with giving them free beige. Clearly there's not an issue with me giving people beige without their consent (isn't it like that with any war lmao?), otherwise those other wars would have been cancelled too. I am just here because of an unfair sense of judgement regarding another war with someone else.
  6. @Alex This war is war slot filling because you are attacking a probable ally with minimal unit naval attacks doing as little damage as possible and with no resistance from an active defender with a superior ground force. >It was his decision not to strike >there was no coordination between me and Bartman >striking me over a probability to boot? Lulz >Sorry but I'm not wasting resources blowing up 600 infra in a raid war with what was 70 ships at the time Congratulations, I am one strike away from getting banned because again, you lack the motivation and observation skills to determine what war slot filling actually is and I am, quite frankly, exhausted about this. I am sorry if Coalition B is bored and running out of slots to fill, but those that were open are fair game and it's pretty whacked I get admonished because I didn't choose to speed-beige some dude who had no ships nor valuable infra with a needless amount of munitions and gas. Which, you know, I kinda need since I am more than likely gonna be pinned for months by mindless pinko drones and sore winners (with obvious OOC motives) waving their e-peens in everyone's face. It's not fair, it's a lousy assumption at best then I get told strikes are easily avoidable, but it's as avoidable as a landmine in No Man's Land because I don't know how nor when will it be triggered. I staffed at communities numbering in the thousands too and I think it is kiiinda important to consider more circumstances than what you just displayed. Since you double downed on my last strike when I tried to appeal it, I now know I shouldn't even bother trying to appeal this one and accept the fact I am just not allowed to transfer treasures and conserve resources like some people can (like known people under a lot more scrutiny than some rando like me). Then again, that is probably because I didn't grovel enough or donate enough shekels to somebody who played favorites and instigated between people in the past. Which I think is abhorrent, but that's aside the point. You can ask anybody who knows me well that if I of all people, am this publicly heated about your inane management, you're doing something wrong. I try to be courteous and thoughtful of others when playing this game, but I see that still doesn't mean a goddamn thing. Pfft, how ironic now. -removed- So seriously, screw you, dude.
  7. Yay! I can post without ever having to feel insecure about myself because somebody subtly disliked what I said.
  8. Are you sure you don't wanna try something? I mean, military stats at your size? It speaks louder than you think.
  9. What? Does that mean he's worshipped and devoured or simply doesn't exist?
  10. Lmao like an Apocalypse tank from C&C Red Alert 2, I like that. Why not give ships AA capabilities instead? I need more than just planes being shot down, I want satellites too. Dang it, dude, where are my chemical lasers!?
  11. That was also fast. This was certainly an interesting night. But, uh, yay for peace I guess lol
  12. Well that was fast I was mildly disappointed by the lack of acknowledgement towards Empyrea in TO's declaration of war tbh
  13. Why are some of the attacks towards Empyrea?
  14. Guinea Pig Whaling Corp fo sho Orbis is gonna realize too late, it's actually the Dongminion in disguise.
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