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  1. Lmao like an Apocalypse tank from C&C Red Alert 2, I like that. Why not give ships AA capabilities instead? I need more than just planes being shot down, I want satellites too. Dang it, dude, where are my chemical lasers!?
  2. That was also fast. This was certainly an interesting night. But, uh, yay for peace I guess lol
  3. Well that was fast I was mildly disappointed by the lack of acknowledgement towards Empyrea in TO's declaration of war tbh
  4. Guinea Pig Whaling Corp fo sho Orbis is gonna realize too late, it's actually the Dongminion in disguise.
  5. I'm probably the only one who thought this, but when I saw the 'RoH' I immediately imagined Scooby Doo saying "RUH ROH". Have fun breaking more toys, I am kind of curious if the total damages will eventually reach over 2 trillion.
  6. Holy crap, all this time I thought baseball was all senseless clicking for pittance soldier money, thank you Alex for showing me that baseball can actually be profitable. You are the best admin, showing us tips and tricks and being super nice and totally not going to hurt baseball. uwu P.S. pls no harm baseball
  7. Rose doesn't need to intervene lol NP has a track record of stomping smaller alliances (bigger than Kingsglaive for that matter) into oblivion. It would be immensely entertaining to watch you try though, so good luck.
  8. This is certainly interesting Care to shed light on your beef with GOONS?
  9. Why do you act like you have any morsel of leverage lol? I am genuinely curious what kind of magic trick you can pull to not only harm GOONS behind Mommy Pacifica, but wrest permanently deleted money from Rose. It really appears to me that, according to just this thread alone and the establishing of your alliance, the game is going to become much harder for you. For what looks like the foreseeable future.
  10. Oh, I was expecting juicy stuff from another game lol The Nazi stuff surprises me though, since you know, it is someone who coexisted in an alliance with Kosmokenny.
  11. Holy crap, that rabbit hole just got deeper lol Please, tell us more
  12. Repelling Roz Wei's smaller countries during my service in the Dongminion was of course, an unforgettable experience. 11/10 would be Syndicate's tax farm again.
  13. Don't be mean, Potpie, Uriah didn't have much of a choice. It was either this, or his new AA gets rolled.
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