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  1. Melody Ravensong

    Going To War

    Good luck and have fun guys, no sarcasm intended when I say I hope you are financially and diplomatically prepared to participate in this conflict.
  2. Melody Ravensong

    War Stats

    I certainly surprised myself, that's for sure. I am not used to this kind of ferocious fighting lol I'm glad to see you again though, old friend, I hope MAGE is treating you well.
  3. Melody Ravensong

    DoE of The Dixie Union

    Very interesting alliance theme, I like it! I hope the Hillbilly Coalition gains some momentum and cooperates with you guys to make a Greater Southern Co-Prosperity Sphere or something lol
  4. I am not trying to be mean, but when you make something as loud and bold as this DoE/DoW, you gotta stand by it for it to mean anything and show others you are willing to accept responsibility for the consequences of your own actions. If your alliance's military coordination is similar to a nest of disturbed yellow jackets while you remain confident in your decisions as a leader, you'll be off to a good start! With that being said, I wish you guys the best in your conflict with KT and their allies.
  5. Melody Ravensong

    PnW Civ night

    I could definitely be available for this if the idea is ever revisited, and if we are short on players (and/or want a challenge), I also know some non-P&W friends who can play with us.
  6. Melody Ravensong


    Long story short, a case of fallacious finger-pointing going incredibly wrong. RIP, OP deleted all their juicy logs.
  7. Melody Ravensong

    There Goes the Neighborhood.. Hillbilly Coalition DOE

    Chevy, no real reason, just that nothing beats blasting Ted Nugent from a stereo system more expensive than the beaten-up highly-lifted K20 Silverado it's installed in. I grew up with GM cars that were basically stereotypes on wheels. Anyway, I wish the Hillbilly Coalition the best, it's certainly a relatable and cute alliance theme!
  8. Melody Ravensong

    Hide 'n Seek

    Well, there's a valuable lesson to be learned here...
  9. Melody Ravensong

    The Truth™ Behind the Joint DOW Against Arrgh

    Well, that was an interesting read and it's cute, the video is probably an accurate description in light of the inundation of wars on Arrgh in the past day.
  10. Melody Ravensong

    Most facepalm-ragequit momments you've had

    When I was playing the PS3 Twisted Metal with a friend, he'd set up a game to include unlimited ammo just to annoy me with overpowering gurney bomb spam from Meat Wagon. Needless to say, they were obnoxiously effective.
  11. Melody Ravensong

    Just JEsting

    Lol I completely underestimated the versatility of Buorhann's avatar in meme crafting. I enjoyed the memes, all hail Angry Hippo
  12. Melody Ravensong

    Pantheon is #1

    Pantheon's numbers are almost half of The Knights Radiant, and they are engaged in almost 100 currently active wars in 500+ total. Depends on who you ask, while that's certainly no Syndicate in member and recent war count, I think that's rather good for an alliance their size.
  13. Melody Ravensong

    Anon from 4chan tell a story about furry and your opinion.

    It's not that I can't handle it, it's just I don't understand it. Not sure I want to, really.
  14. Melody Ravensong

    Anon from 4chan tell a story about furry and your opinion.

    That's... godawful. Not the first time I seen stories like this, I seen cases where people from Furrydom will argue tooth and nail that dogs can consent. Like, why...? What the hell?
  15. Melody Ravensong

    General overview of Fallout

    I suppose it's because their President was killed and they had nobody to turn to other than the ZAX mainframe in DC, who had plans to rebuild America from Washington. I'm guessing the Enclave's long term plan was to control the East Coast and counter the superpowers in the West, because even with the manpower they had in Fallout 3, it'd be damn near difficult for the Enclave to oppose The NCR and Legion, who were at the height of their power in 2277 (the same time the Fallout 3 events took place). As for the benevolent Brotherhood, Elder Lyons separated himself from the Western chapter to do good for the locals, some members disagreed with him and then they broke off soon after. That's how you get the tech-hoarding Brotherhood Outcasts with goals still aligned with the original Western group. I think making the Brotherhood the good guys is a great thing, the Brotherhood were always nothing more than evil manipulative bullies in the previous games.

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