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  1. No i think the og suggestion is that you can offer a surrender, and if the opponent accepts, you then loose the war automaticly, isntead of waiting for him to beige u with 1-ship navals, and 0-munition soldiers.
  2. I guess??? but yeah def a low priority for alex, and game community i think in general
  3. I wish this is how my notifications were being popped up.
  4. Great idea, def needs to be timer limits to prevent abuse by crackheads. But Surrender must have negative effects on your nation, since you just gave up without a fight, would make for a very good event [see ]
  5. this is actually a good idea, only problem I see is that peace-trader nations would have a lot harder time in globals fighting raiders.
  6. Def agree, i don't want RNG determining anything more than it already does. Maybe the way to solve this is to have the events be systemic, or for example, based on some factor the player, such as city count, pollution/crime/disease levels, starvation, or maybe war status (using a nuclear weapon, declaring/loosing an offensive war, winning a defensive war) Player Action: Winning a defensive war Event: Victory Parade in Moscow Celebrating Victory of Motherland!!! Text: blah blah blah Effect: Approval Rating increases X%, Military upkeep decreases X%, ect.....
  7. yeah, i understand your issue with some trades not working, but i think this ^^^^ is a better solution. Another solution is that when you loose a war, your assets in the market are also susceptible to being looted.
  8. i have a cobweb of ideas, i cant seem to patch together. aka YES.
  9. Color Trade Blocs right now have no relation to TRADE, there are 2 solutions: 1) Change the name to Color Blocs 2) Actually add a mechanism to make trade blocs, and make Market Sharing a relevant button. I think there's enough innovation in the community for the genius's in you to post your ideas below.
  10. If you can calculate spies without doing "gather intel", whats the goddam point??
  11. approval rating def needs to be updated and made into game mech. but prob we would need to reset all approval raitings
  12. Add graph for Revenue log. A lot easier than 50 x 10 table. Add Profit Calculator for manufacturing,just like we have for Raw, and Commerce
  13. What about other 3 proposals? Ideas? Feedback?
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