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  1. Dam Math Majors and thier fancy shmancy laws and equations. Easy solution to dogpile: make war dec range based on city count rather than score. Say you can delcare +/- 10% of ur city count (as basic example).
  2. TLDR: Camelot became paperless, aka Free Real Estate
  3. #Free_Camelot_Army #Camelot_Liberation_Front #Camelot_Revolution
  4. What if we make a Spy Op to just Temporarily disable the projects?? Like "Shutdown Nuclear Agency", disables nuke launching for X turns, at a cost of $Y.
  5. Spy ops are meant to be anonymous, so that would allow people to track it
  6. fixing esionage is sooooo easy. just recuce max spies to 25, and 30 w/CIA..... then people stop !@#$ing about loosing thier 20 days worht of spies
  7. after realisizng they cant win a war, they have decided to resort to propaganda
  8. I thought Alex has made it so it appears in Notifications, but apparently that change was reversed. If we could have a page that shows all our Espionage Operations and their results.
  9. Solution: Bring back that you have to get ground battles to win a war. Airstrikes/Naval/Missiles/Nukes do not affect war progress, but are simply to secure stategic edge. Model 1) Each start with 100 resistance, Ground battles do 10 resistance each IT, yady yada, u know the drill. Basically only change is Airstrikes/Naval/Missiles/Nukes do not affect resistance. Model 2) You need to get N Consecutive Immense Triumph's in Ground Battles. If enemy is able to secure a pyrrhic victory when you are at N-1 victories, suck to be you, start over. Basically back to '16 wars.
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