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  1. Missiles are situational at best. They could be a good way to take a potshot at your enemy when you don't feel like wasting millions in resources doing conventional attacks or when you ran out of units. They could also be useful when you need to take down an improvement or two, although it's far from reliable on doing that. It's not the best thing to have, but personally I like having it around.
  2. Really...? Do I have to make a facebook account just to get rid of that objective Overall it's a good change I guess
  3. I haven't been following politic happenings for the last few weeks, and looking at this thread maybe that was for the best. You oversensitive chucklepots spit into everyone's eyes and still act offended when people decided not to worship you.
  4. This would change the face of the war for sure, the next global war will be interesting... The new policies are still nowhere near as interesting as the planned perks back then, though
  5. April Fools and those who celebrate it unironically should be purged
  6. Should've joined PP and have fun together with warpoles there
  7. 20% chance to destroy an improvement with airstrikes would get things super interesting
  8. Yay now we can go back to pixel hugging (ノ ̄□ ̄)ノ ~â”»â”â”»
  9. Arrgh is really lucky, now they have a whole alliance to drain empty to pay for their rebuilding
  10. The first Jojo had to burn down a boat with him dying inside of it to bail her out at the end of it. It would be interesting if that's ended up to be the case
  11. So... VE would be the Jonathan Joestar?
  12. True, but depends on how many improvements a city have, the chance for it to hit any power plant could be anywhere between 5-10%. Bumping that to constant 50% can greatly improve the nuke's worth without changing anything else.
  13. ^Now THAT'S more like it. An ominous threat supported by both the ability and willingness to actually do it. Much better to read rather than some under-prepared nation trying to sound big, which only came out sad. You'd need to lose about at least 9700 infra to be able to declare on us. Keep going brother
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