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  1. Yeah... That one guy is unstoppable... Whole alliances quake in fear... and do nothing but sit and....................................
  2. Ive already responded to all you have said here and shot it all down in my earlier posts. Work on your reading comprehension and stop playing obtuse. The reason I have such an easy time raiding... Is because most people build little to no defense. And their alliance does nothing in reponse. We are raiding as a horde now, because there is no retaliation. No move against us. Nothing. There are only so many ways the same thing can be said over and over again. Go back and read my last post slowly this time. You can ignore it all you want, and make up exaggerated Bullshit like your claims about all our "15 city rules exploiters" ( - no one in Arrgh has 15 cities) The reason its so easy for us... Is the people we attack are defenseless by choice and/or their alliances do nothing to protect themselves. Again proven by the fact YOU are not attacked due to your alliance being able to defend itself. The particular complaint you have about the mechanics doesnt even apply to me or Arrgh in general - as I already explained earlier. And is an unfounded exaggeration anyway. There are other things wrong with the war system that are not our fault and have zero to do with our nation builds - things that are a normal part of the existing game (like how battles/casualties are resolved), and none of the changes suggested address. And your claims about people being unable to defend themselves and still be able to profit and build their nations are ridiculous... Go ask Mensa HQ for some lessons in that... They do quite well. --------------------------- Correction... As of today, you do get raided... because you pissed Storm off here LoL But that neither changes nor invalidates anything that I have said - the "cause" is an exception in this case Because it would not have happened otherwise. (Though the fact your nation also lacked any standing military obviously made things a tad easier for him too... LoL)
  3. My point really went over your head that much... or did you just fall back on the simplistic nonsense reply of "its just a game" because you had nothing else to say - brilliant. Its a game based on the real word mechanics of "politics and war"... and if you look at the real world you'll find suggestions to solve many of the challenges faced in games like this. Better now? It doesnt. What you describe is Bullshit, and typical of the exaggerated Bullshit people make up about us. We dont even have anyone in Arrgh wirh 15 cities. I have 9 cities... 900 infra each... And the exact number of improvements I should have. I attack people with more cities and hundreds more points than me constantly. Im one of the primary raiders in Arrgh - Ive attacked hundreds of people. And I'm typical now. Ive never been attacked... Ive never lost a fight... Ive never even been countered... Ive only had two "victories" against me - both pyhrric. Most of my "raids" amount to nothing more than me showing up to take what they have without me having to think about it or even look at the persons name. I barely pay attention. And this is against active people in alliances... often substantial ones. None of that because Im anything special... It takes no effort at all and anyone could do the same... Others in Arrgh have never been attacked, countered or lost too. Why? Its because so many people build little to no military. And their alliances put up little to no fight - usually because of a mix of inexperience and again, not having anything to fight with in the first place. The majority of this crying and complaining isnt even factual. And the real blame falls on the targets themselves for making themselves easy, exposed victims. Repeatedly victims... because its the same thing over and over. And most dont even attempt to build or do anything while Biege. Those days of protection... Instead of being time to prepare a defense, just turn into time for them to accumulate more wealth for us to take from them when they come out of Biege. Its ridiculous and laughable... and repeats constantly. Try raiding... Build up a strong military like any one of us. Get a couple friends with you and try it. You'll see. --------------------------- If people choose to leave themselves poorly or undefended... They deserve what they get. If their alliance is unable or incapable of doing anything to stop it... They need to either find a new alliance, or deal with being sheep for wolves because thats what theyve chosen to be.
  4. We dont "wreck everyone in [our respective] ranges because [we] have more cities than them." I have 9 cities... and most people I attack have the same or more cities as me. The problem is they are poorly defended, if they have any military at all... and that drives their point total down, while exposing them to easy attack. While I have a very large standing military which drives my point total up, and leaves me able to run through the mass of soft, weak targets easily. I wreck people within my range... People with the same or more cities than me... Because they choose to have a weak military or no military at all. Thats it. The same holds true for everyone else in Arrgh. And if there are any with a decent military in an alliance we attack... We team up and take them out first. But they are usually few... And the rest of the "sheep" we then take apart as we please. And rarely are we countered... and almost never in any coordinated way. We laugh about it... are bored by it. And have been hoping "the change" that would come is people would start playing the game more actively and face us in battle. Build armies and organize against us. Give us a challenge we can enjoy, and enjoy themselves, Not cry for "god" to come save them with his magic code wand.
  5. Many of the people I fight have more cities than me and could potentially field a much larger army. They end up in my point range because while I have a very strong standing military... they have little or nothing kept in defense. Which leads to the real problem behind all of this... Many dont want to field any military at all, because they dont want to pay the upkeep cost. They are focused fully on "farming" resources, and cash from commerce... and dont want to be that involved in anything more, beyond checking in daily, and maybe a little more during the very infrequent "declared wars". And so they cry for changes to the game, rather than get more active and involved in playing the game - adapting their play style to both defend themselves and deter attacks from happening in the first place (which would lead to much more active alliances and in turn a more involved game / player base). And that extreme doesnt happen, nor anything close... So its a non-issue.
  6. Bravo! Greatest compliment of all I guess, is the need for "god" to wave his mighty hand and save the cowering masses. Besides too... all this does is reward the least active and drive the most active into becoming less. I wrote something over a month ago saying changes should encourage activity and team building / involvement, not make those who come here infrequently have less the need to do so. Agreed... You should be able to demolish a city.
  7. Best example, and maybe most horrid, of "War of Attrition" would be the Battle of Verdun. War of Attrition would be casualties more than anything... Like the "human meat grinder" of Verdun. Force the enemy to pour troops in and kill them to such an extreme point the enemy's will to comtinue is broken (usually soaking you in blood too). Allied Stategic Bombing of Germany and Japan too, to an extent. The part focused on killing as many civilians as possible - the fire bombings to create massive "fire storms" especially (such killed more than either atom bomb).
  8. LOL. Ive done many airstrikes... Thats how I know. 900 planes will take two strikes at 8 AP to take out a force of 25 ships (2 strikes for a force of 20 too, according to the battle sim) And yet in the same amount of time destroy nearly 4,000 tanks.
  9. And totally unrealistic. Increase the amount of casualties planes do to ships when attacking them. Ships are sitting ducks in such scenarios. As it is currently, 900 planes will take 8 AP to clear a force of 20-25 ships... and yet will destroy nearly 4,000 tanks in the same amount of time.
  10. BTW... Planes should have not only a chance of destroying an improvement... but the best chance. Ever heard of Stategic Bombing. Having a navy able to but not planes is silly... Not only for the above reason but because it assumes all cities are ports. (And if one tries to say - ship launched cruise missles, not counted as missles... again think of what planes are armed with and can do with them.) If you dont want to give planes the best chance at least make them equal to. Planes are the most effective at such in reality (ground forces are effective too but more limited in terms of interference, speed of mobility and range).
  11. Same here in the first line... though the second was a jab. Good enough But even so, to be fair... My phrasing earlier assumed too much.
  12. You assume thats the policy we will pick... LOL And some did quit... but lets not get into that. The complaints were valid and remain - the changes pushed people into having to alter their nation style / build, resulting in more similiarity and less diversity. And we warned it would lead to more complaints from those attacked... As it did. Dan77 even pointed out exactly what, right away - the shift in tank count led to an even wider difference in strength between those who fight regularly and those who dont focus on their military.
  13. The War Policies part is fine... Going to lead to a lot of crying when it backfires though, because it will make one big thing complained about, worse. If those involved stick around long enough to show it.
  14. High enough for the real meaning behind what I said to go right over your head. "Figurative Language" slips past some
  15. Depends on the alliance you are in... as again, you prove. And that is, as said, but one possibility for response The history of the real world is littered with countless tribes, peoples, and nations destroyed and assimiliated (and modern day babies crying over that past). Those who survived did so through a variety of ways... Hence the name of this game - "politics and war" - which is based upon that.
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