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  1. Erm, I might pm you about the stats site.
  2. Frawley

    Fraggle Rock is Seeking an Alliance

    Don't join NPO, we don't want turds who only give a frick about themselves.
  3. Certainly assembling the dream team there.
  4. Frawley

    Did the Last War Last Long Enough?

    I think you missed my point, the number of people participating in what is called 'market making', the practice or having both buy and sell offers for the same commodity, has increased a lot. The actual volume of goods is not material to my point. It doesn't cost me goods to buy 500 steel at 1950 and then to sell it at 2000 later that day. More people trying to flip goods at the same time leads to margin compression.
  5. Frawley

    Where we droppin bois?

    https://npowned.net/pw-war-statistics/conflict/5 I have added this to the Stat Tracking site, let me know if there are any issues.
  6. Frawley

    Did the Last War Last Long Enough?

    Margin contraction is the natural result of more people competing to make the same markets. If you look at who is in the market presently, there are substantially more players interacting with it on a daily basis. In RL we call it a healthy market.
  7. Frawley

    Where we droppin bois?

  8. Frawley

    Where we droppin bois?

    I don't have a stake in this at all, but I guess the old adage, talk s*it, get hit has a part to play in this.
  9. Frawley

    Tracking trading results - Spreadsheet

    We will be putting trade tracking on our stats site at some point.
  10. Frawley

    Good Game Grumpy

    I for one welcome Emperor Tyga of Grumpy, go go.
  11. Frawley

    Small Quality of Life Improvements

    comma support, all number inputs. Bulk improvement import also purchases infra if below minimum required.
  12. Frawley

    Game problem

    There were multiple turn skips during the Knightfall campaign including one only a couple days in, no-one else is asking for special treatment for the lost rebuys/decom's etc. Just absorb the cost.
  13. Frawley

    Good Game Grumpy

    I stand corrected, glad to see you will continue to be around!
  14. Frawley

    Good Game Grumpy

    Shame you deleted, would have been good to see you return to form in a game.
  15. Frawley

    Market Improvements

    Hi Alex, Glad to hear a number of the items are on the radar. With regards to 2. I get what you are saying, but these arbitrage opportunities are already primarily picked up by bots, both semi and fully automated, so I don't see why they making trades auto-fulfill like in RL would be that much of an imposition. It doesn't actually change people's behavior, it just means the highest buy and the lowest sell, always represent the current market spread. If you wanted to replicate the arbitrage opportunities in RL in game, that would require separate markets, not a single exchange, and there would need to be transactional costs between those markets. Tying markets to Continents would be a step in that direction. Re: Trade Bots I take your point, but I disagree, Trade bots would exist to be market makers assuming 2 was in place, much like they do in RL, and 'algorithms' have to be designed by someone, and the reality of P&W is that we have far more frequent wars, and disruption events (alliances stockpiling, rebuilding, repaying loans etc) that make our market quite volatile. It would be interesting to see people compete against each other from an academic point of view here.

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