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  1. What are you talking about, the NPO never forced anyone to hand over tech.
  2. Glad to be back in the saddle with the lads at Alpha.
  3. So rather than winners beige cycling their opponents and getting no loot (aka a cost of war), now we can beige cycle with a loot subsidy from our opponents. Thanks for being on the side of Coalition B!
  4. The change was a poor fix to a non existent problem.
  5. Frawley

    peace talks

    @Abbas Mehdi Watch this space
  6. Frawley

    peace talks

    Thats not we have asked for, and you know it. All you need to do is admit that you have been defeated, and that the negotiation will be about 'terms of surrender' not 'terms of peace'. Syphilis would probably start with the disbandment of his MDoAP allies, as he is so inclined.
  7. Are you kidding. I'm being killed by work atm and have not had time. I'll try to get rid of MC this weekend but its some random single war that got marked as Dial up and I need to understand why buy looking at the code before i just remove it. Otherwise it might happen again. And you will note that with the exception of the buggy war, you have an entirely different conflict setup.
  8. Frawley

    peace talks

    Aragorn doesn't mean that at all. We don't need peace, your side is asking for terms, you are not in a position to argue that whatever agreement we come to, won't be a surrender. As to the rest of your post, when you have a problem with Scarfcolism the first step is to admit that you have a problem. Only afterwards can we hit the remaining 11 steps.
  9. Frawley

    peace talks

    Your point doesn't make sense. You are going to surrender, we know it, you know it. This thread and the insistence of your side to receive terms has de facto said it. You lose nothing by agreeing to negotiate the terms of your surrender. There is no great PR boost that we get from you stating what is already known within the context of a negotiation.
  10. I refreshed it probably 6-7 times before it loaded the redirect.
  11. Can you please fix the bug where selecting airstrike on the wars screen does nothing. I was hit by Seb while online, and I couldn't get GC pre airstrike because this buggy ass game kept not loading the redirect for the dropdown menu.
  12. Frawley

    peace talks

    Suits us fine.
  13. Frawley

    peace talks

    If you don't want to surrender, don't. We don't need to give you incentives, if you want us to give you peace, incentivise us to end the war by agreeing to surrender.
  14. Frawley

    peace talks

    Coalition A Negotiator: Dear Coalition B, we would like to discuss the terms of our surrender. Coalition B Negotiator: Sure Coalition A, we were thinking that the terms of your surrender would include X, Y & Z CAN: X and Z are fine, but we are not comfortable with Y for reasons G & H CBN: Okay, would a reword of Y to Y2 work CAN: Yes *war is over* CAN: No *war continues until common ground is reached* ^ This is what needs to happen, its not unconditional, it is an acknowledgement that you are ready to accept a peace process starting with a surrender.
  15. Used sparingly? There are 54m tank kills in Dial Up alone, along with some 4m tanks being fielded right now. Tanks are used plenty.
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