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  1. I am entirely against this proposal, games like this are made by the community, and those community contributions come in many flavours. I have been working on a stockmarket/bank management system with @Lord of Darkness throughout this war for public release alongside our stats platform. A key feature we want to offer is the management of loans amd share registers for the PW private business community that is both usable on mobile (unlike the actual bank transfer screen), extendable (automatic loan calc's, futures etc) and honestly better coded (no more alliance/nation mix ups, accepts commas and $ signs). The baseball community was already aware and using tools we developed for them to manage tips and games. These were/are not to be walled off functions for the NPO, they were trialled with NPO and released to the commumity. Of course the same community decided that as soon as NPO plays baseball it's got to go. All these functions as well as a variety of stats functions (which I spend over $1800/year hosting) are for the community, and rely on bots and crawlers that automate aspects of the game. frick you if you want to kill what I find interesting about community games.
  2. It's a browser sim, its meant for people who either a) have an interest in politics, or b) don't have the time to invest in a real game. WoW should be grindy, not political sims for time poor people in a world where most game access is done from a mobile. Regarding Econ teams, perhaps we do have a competent one. We just might like dual approvals for transfers, or we might hold cash for private banks, or we might issue bonds, there are a tonne of reasons why allowing players to expand the game's secondary codebase enhances it for the game at large.
  3. Pretty sure its your side with the insta-GA I'm very against this, bots are useful for automating the grindy but pointless parts of this game, stats collection, bank approvals etc. Unless Alex was to provide a much more functional api, which allowed input into the game as well as data extraction I think the current scenario has the balance right. Also I learned coding making stat bots for CN/OE/AE/etc/etc/etc its a great way to get people into that sort of thing.
  4. Firstly, Leo does not have his password available publicly on BKNet, it would be built into the code or backend and would not be accessible without a security breach Secondly, even if that were true, if you left your keys in your front door and your place was robbed, that would still be theft. The same is true for computer crimes. Because a large number of banks, stats sites, baseball trackers etc, services that community enjoy and rely on utilise botting like this in order to provide services to the community.
  5. People seem to be missing point, the majority of security breaches and fraud are not usually as a result of someone actually 'hacking' the service in question, but usually credentials or other information are stolen from other sources. An example would be someone breaking into an old recovery email address (say @yahoo or something), that has not been used in years, and using that to recover access to a secure gmail account, and then to banking details etc etc. This appears to have been what has occurred here. Someone, most likely Gorge, has illegally breached a separate service and has used the credentials sourced to make transfers within Politics and War. In many jurisdictions, both the initial 'breach' and the supplementary attack on Politics and War would be considered illegal. While conducting illegal acts is not strictly against the T&C's or Game Rules, it is almost certainly against @Alex's terms of service of his hosting provider, and covered within his invisionboard licence as well.
  6. Wow, you realise we play a game right.
  7. What are you talking about, the NPO never forced anyone to hand over tech.
  8. Glad to be back in the saddle with the lads at Alpha.
  9. So rather than winners beige cycling their opponents and getting no loot (aka a cost of war), now we can beige cycle with a loot subsidy from our opponents. Thanks for being on the side of Coalition B!
  10. The change was a poor fix to a non existent problem.
  11. Frawley

    peace talks

    @Abbas Mehdi Watch this space
  12. Frawley

    peace talks

    Thats not we have asked for, and you know it. All you need to do is admit that you have been defeated, and that the negotiation will be about 'terms of surrender' not 'terms of peace'. Syphilis would probably start with the disbandment of his MDoAP allies, as he is so inclined.
  13. Are you kidding. I'm being killed by work atm and have not had time. I'll try to get rid of MC this weekend but its some random single war that got marked as Dial up and I need to understand why buy looking at the code before i just remove it. Otherwise it might happen again. And you will note that with the exception of the buggy war, you have an entirely different conflict setup.
  14. Frawley

    peace talks

    Aragorn doesn't mean that at all. We don't need peace, your side is asking for terms, you are not in a position to argue that whatever agreement we come to, won't be a surrender. As to the rest of your post, when you have a problem with Scarfcolism the first step is to admit that you have a problem. Only afterwards can we hit the remaining 11 steps.
  15. Frawley

    peace talks

    Your point doesn't make sense. You are going to surrender, we know it, you know it. This thread and the insistence of your side to receive terms has de facto said it. You lose nothing by agreeing to negotiate the terms of your surrender. There is no great PR boost that we get from you stating what is already known within the context of a negotiation.
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