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  1. Funnily enough, I track baseball profits game wide too. You are also way behind.
  2. Example of daily P/L for 2019-09-14
  3. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=177155 Pretty self explanatory.
  4. So do I remove them from target lists or not, I'm happy either way. 2,500 infra targets are rare these days.
  5. On behalf of Coalition B, we accept your surrender and resignation from Arrgh.
  6. Yeah, I think its been fixed now, LoD was on it. See above Its in the new site, this one was punched together mid-Knightfall and is a bit shit
  7. It was happening to me on Airstrikes all war, nearly tripped me up on a declare and air before ground once too. glad its been fixed.
  8. The other side has said, in this thread, that they are of the view its a war not a raid and that it is part of this conflict. This could be solved with a whole new war setup, but seeing as most of Coalition B is attacking you, that would require me to maintain a seperate conflict with over 100 participating alliances (once you include Bank AAs) which is an admin nightmare. The solution to have coalition C isn't technically feasible right now, but it will be when we release the next version and I'm happy to segregate Yarr from KERCHTOG at that time.
  9. I'd make you Coalition C in the new version, but it's not finished yet, and the current version doesn't support more than two sides. Bear in mind though, it doesn't actually change any values, just changes where they sum up, coalition B's $ value would not move a dollar.
  10. It's up to PnW to get this classic into the charts.
  11. It's in the refactored website under development.
  12. Frawley

    Really NPO

    Welcome home.
  13. Thanks for responses on this so far, I'll come back to dirext suggestions shortly but something happened to the bot and new attacks are not going in so that is taking precedence.
  14. You had the treasure, and I negotiated with you and t$
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