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  1. a Big applause to tS and Allies, death to the UPN tyrants. no oscar to Hansarius, better give him the rope and hang him.
  3. I only have 2 cities dear, I know you are afraid of me, but how could you possibly believe I alone would destroy Orbis by raiding inactives.
  4. I guess your response means you won´t back down and let VE honor his inactives
  5. beating me to a pulp? I am the same size i was when upn first started this. actually i have way more land because its the only thing I can buy with the money I steal from UPN´s bank so I don´t get it stolen by you people- also UPN and all those other alliances that warred me because I hit inactives have spent millions (the natíon that broke through my defence was sent 20m from UPN´s bank alone) yet, my defence was sponsored by them, so technically I didn´t lose a thing. I still haven´t lost a thing because almighty UPN keeps sending me money to rebuy my infraestructure and consencuently spending even more to take it back down. Its super fun UPN. there is one sad thing over this whole trek this number 1 Alliance and myself have transitted, they have aparently finally gotten rid of their inactives and I ran out of targets in their ranks. no more bank loot for me I guess. Bambino, thanks for being polite, you remain a gentleman, an enemy, but a gentleman nonetheless and that speaks high of your character. Unlike all those unpleasant immature children that feel so mighty throwing empty insults in the air and don´t realize they don´t affect me, all it does is me having 0 respect for them. Bambino, I can´t promise I won´t hit your inactives in the future, so feel free to keep going with your wars, they don´t really stop my fun, they are a slight inconvinience, but sadly you don´t have any left so I won´t be hitting any UPNers for now. Given this new situation, maybe you could declare a temporary truce with me and let others take their revenge. Veridian Entente for example demanded some ridiculous reps from me or they would come destroy me, I think it would be awfully selfish of your mightiness not to give them the opportunity of spending 20m on their own trying to kill me too. Please give them the chance, please. Yes Putin, its full or grammatical errors and I am positive its full of orthographic mistakes aswell, but I don´t care, I have always been better at numbers than other stuff.
  6. you are anti bullying? are you implying I bullied a bunch of inactives? wow Finest you have outdone yourself. I am done here
  7. UPN asking VE for aid against me? I feel important
  8. ok, lets make it fun, do throw a party before you come. that will be 2 big alliances, can I finish my quarrel with UPN first?
  9. I would continue to amuse the community, but some kid´s are impossible to talk to. When grown ups join, I may become more inclined to come back.
  10. I would love to stay and chat some more Mr Putin, but life is calling me. Finest, have a good day
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