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  1. That's basically how offshore banking works in the current state of the game, yes.
  2. Congratulations on peace and good luck for the rebuild o/
  3. Greetings, and thank you for your report. We are truly sorry that you consider our nation's custom description too long. Please understand that it is a graph showing of the effects that United States presidential candidate Herman Cain's "9-9-9" policy on taxiation would have on the average household's tax liability, divided into income percentiles and represented graphically on a linear scale. We believe it is important to educate guests of our nation page on the effects a "flat tax" rate as proposed by Mr. Cain would have on the economy and why there is no such tax policy in our nation. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience or mental anguish that understanding the effects of a "flat tax" policy would have. If you would like to avoid this in the future we recommend that you "click and drag" the scroll bar to the right side of your screen on most modern browsers, or make use of the "Page Down" (PgDn) button on your keyboard if you have access to such. Yours sincerely, San Fortunado
  4. Greetings, and thank you for voicing your concerns. While we understand your concerns about permanent war, please understand that land currently cannot be destroyed in war by any type of attack, and that farms are buildable up to 20 farms per city. Furthermore, as war continues and infrastructure levels decrease, the amount of citizens present in a nation will decrease as well. Therefore, as war goes on it is very likely for food production to remain at pre-war levels, especially for larger nations with more land and more farms, while food consumption decreases overall. Thus, I do not believe that this proposal will have any impact on alliances choosing to maintain permanent states of war. Sincerely, San Forutnado
  5. Greetings, and thank you for your response. We understand your concerns regarding suggestion 1. Given the fact that, to our current knowledge, you may have enough resources to pay upkeep for some, but not all of your power plants and some cities will remain powered while others will not, we concur with your assessment and believe that the following solution would resolve the issue you are experiencing: Instead of all resource production buildings going offline, a percentage of resource production buildings (calculated by dividing the amount of food you currently have by the amount of food required to feed all citizens, rounded up) will go offline. We hope that this solution will allow us to come together for a more harmonious agreement. Sincerely, San Fortunado
  6. Greetings, Currently, having no food in your nation only decreases your income by either one third or one half and prevents you from using your soldiers, as you cannot pay upkeep. To my knowledge, there are no other penalties for running out of food. I believe that the penalties for running out of food are far too lenient, and nations without food should suffer harsher penalties, as is the case with running out of resources for power plants (improvements requiring power do not function) or money (improvements do not function, you cannot launch any attacks). Thus, I would like to propose the following penalties be implemented in addition to the current penalties: Resource production buildings should not function if you do not have enough food to feed all your citizens, to represent workers going on strike/being unable to work. Disease rate in all cities should gradually increase for each turn your nation does not have food (up to an arbitrary maximum value) to represent the effects of malnutrition on the civilian populace. This special disesase rate cannot be decreased by hospitals and can only be decreased by having enough food to feed all your citizens. Crime rate in all cities should gradually increase for each turn your nation does not have food (up to an arbitrary maximum value) to represent the effects of the creation of black markets for food and looting rations, so forth. I believe these penalties will make for a richer game experience, as food becomes a more valuable resource during both peacetime and wartime and creates new mechanics around the requirement for nations to have food.
  7. Greetings to all, and happy/merry non-demoninal seasonal festivities. San Fortunado
  8. Player of the Year: Noctis Anarch Caelum Most Influential Player: Noctis Anarch Caelum Best Alliance Leader: Noctus Anarch Caelum Best non-lead government member: Perrydotto Most Controversial Player: Best Avatar: Noctus Anarch Caelum Best Signature: Noctus Anarch Caelum Best Nation Page: Piss Puddles Best Player Ad: Best Fighter: Noctus Anarch Caelum Best IC Poster: Noctus Anarch Caelum Best OOC Poster: Noctus Anarch Caelum Nicest Player: Noctus Anarch Caelum Best Radio Talk Show Host: Sexiest Voice: Noctus Anarch Caelum Best Baseball Team: Jasperfrost Most Likely to Succeed in 2020: Noctus Anarch Caelum Best New Addition to the Community: Best Community Contributor: Noctus Anarch Caelum
  9. Alliance of the Year: Black Knights Most Powerful Alliance in 2019: New Pacific Order Best Fighters: The Knights Radiant Best Themed Flag for a Holiday in 2019: The Manhattan Cartel Most Active Alliance: Best Government Line-Up: Best Rookie Alliance: Most Honorable: House Stark Most Likely to Succeed in 2020: Best Forums: Best Discord: Best Alliance Page: The Manhattan Cartel Most Controversial Alliance: GOONS Best Alliance for New Players: Bird Weed Best Economic System: New Pacific Order Most Missed Alliance from 2019: The Coal Mines Best Re-brand: Scariest Alliance: Guinea Pig Whaling Corp Best Alliance Ad:
  10. Indeed. We at the GOONS Order Of Nuclear Sabotage are in full agreement with this post and sincerely hope that "The Lost Empire" (TLE) will perform the necessary course corrections and avoid any future military engagements against us. Yours sincerely, San Fortunado GOONS Order Of Nuclear Sabotage
  11. While we repsect your views on our "Mercy Boarding" practice we at the Goon Order Of Notacronymedyet Sorry will not sign the treaty to "ban" our "Mercy Boarding" practice as we believe it is integral to the security and integrity of our realms. In all other matters we will do our utmost to satisfy your high standards for us. I have already instructed our Editors in Chief to begin writing the next issue of the Goons Gazette. San Fortunado Goon Order Of Notacronymedyet Sorry
  12. We in the Goon Order Of Notacronymedyet Sorry are saddened by this declaration of war. We have remained hopeful to this point that our issues could be resolved diplomatically, and are disappointed in the termination of cordial relations. We hope that this unfortunate turn of events does not grow into a prolonged conflict and hope for the restoration of peaceful co-existence soon. San Fortunado Goon Order Of Notacronymedyet Sorry
  13. Date of Forum Ban: 1 hours ago Reason for Ban: No matching nationo Reason for Appeal: I made a typo on my forums name. Sorry. Im sorry. Im trying to change it but the forusm will only let me change my name next month can a mod please change it Thank you.
  14. The war has been long, destructive, and educational, but we're boring the $#@& out of everyone, so it should now come to an end. The "Easy Mode" coalition should surrender a hard-fought victory to The Inquisition. The alliances still at war on both sides have fought well. Nothing about the conflict or its conclusion can or should be construed as humiliating or degrading in any way to the alliances of the "Easy Mode" coalition who are still fighting or to their memberships.
  15. Embargoing someone does not prevent their away teams from playing your home games either, it only prevents your aways from going to their homes. Theoreitcally those damn GONS could embargo themselves and spam 0.01 rating baseball teams against everyone else to ruin baseball forever as they already have for the rest of this game
  16. Recaptcha is known to exhibit anticompetitive monopolistic behavior and target non-chrome browsers with additional difficulty, it has been proven.
  17. For me, a firefox user with privacy badger installed recaptcha quite literally makes the game unplayable. I have to spend over 2 minutes doing unpaid image classification for google before the game will allow me to actually play. I can understand it for baseball and trading (which I both no longer do) but declaring war is such an integral part of the game that it renders it unplayable.
  18. this war is literally the IQ coalition vs the QQ coalition
  19. I for one am a big fan of eternal hellwar
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