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  1. As the title said, add nation views to the leaderboards.
  2. Hayley

    Psst heeeey. Two words for you

    TKR needs nuking next for breaking treaties when it suits them
  3. Hayley

    Psst heeeey. Two words for you

    Is that how you talk to your GOB bestie?
  4. Hayley

    Psst heeeey. Two words for you

    Here's the gaping flaws in this argument -I am one nation I have one nations infra to lose vs the god knows how many whales I face - I have made more from the infra in the time I've had it than it cost me by far Happy nuking My VDS has an outstanding rep BTW
  5. Hayley

    Psst heeeey. Two words for you

    I like it when my prey starts squealing Screenshots to follow soon
  6. Hayley

    Help for Fraggle

    Sorry to hear this @Fraggle much love sent your way 💕
  7. Hayley

    Ape and NK

    We cool then no need for any more of this
  8. Hayley

    Ape and NK

    Ever broke up with someone and they twisted the story when you told the truth about them to make you look like the desperate irrational woman when they are at risk of exposure? Yeah me neither........begging it till the end I was.....clearly I really hope your egotitus goes soon also the narcissism seems to be getting worse Sees yas
  9. Hayley

    Ape and NK

  10. Hayley

    Ape and NK

    Glad you think you know him well enough to make this statement..... 🙄
  11. Hayley

    Ape and NK

    @Apeman I felt there were some mistakes that needed editing so I have taken the time to do this for you For almost two years I have not listened to and trusted my gov. I have shown love and trust especially to those I am currently interested in because they can benefit me. While listening to the voices, I still ignored them so I was left to run NK as I saw fit. I pound my chest and speak for those who follow blindly like a baboon. I don’t give them much choice. A week before this last "sneak attack" happened on nuke bloc, I forgave everyone's debt and gave all my brothers (by brothers I mean people I will shit on the drop of a hat) a chance to leave. I am honored by all those that stayed, like fools and fought with me against those that wished me harm. No matter my downfalls (there was some hefty ones), some of the things I always did well was tell the truth, for the most part well I chatted a load of .... to be fair, be respectful to nobody, neglect and abused those that stood by me as gov for many years and throw some nukes once in a blue moon. (Insert BS manipulative facts here to look like my petty war may have won) I'm not here to throw shade so I'll bite my tongue. Knowing the people that genuinely know me as a person will tell you what really happened. Ape retiring as leader of NK. I leave her to the only voices that haven't turned traitor. Join me in congratulating Krudd and Connor Yeets in their recent promotion. They can’t do a worse job than myself! Alpha and Plac you will be missed. You have been my loyal brother and will always have a spot at my table with a soft spot to lay your head. To the point where I took your side over one of the best and legendary members of gov I had! (Not referring to myself here those who know will know which member of gov I’m speaking about) but you probably got out at a good time before I totally lost the plot. Well done big guy probs the best thing you’ve done for NK and congrats about admitting you’re a penis rather than narcissisticly twisting the blame onto others 👏🏻 Big steps right there. I was told you were sick hope you get over the egotitus soon before your head explodes and you trade more of your orbis friends In for nobodies catch you laterz Yours faithfully Haylz
  12. Hayley


    Of course it will be fun you get to fight with me. Don’t worry I’ll be gently with you.
  13. Hayley


    I watched the last round of stats! You fell big guy. 9,997.97 infra you lost to 1,751 infra you destroyed in just one of your wars. Better luck this round! Who's afraid of the big bad ape?
  14. Hayley

    The Nation of Fraggle Rock Going Forward

    You know exactly where I want you to put them so there is no reason for me to announce it to the public Happy nuking frags and may the odds be forever in your favour
  15. Hayley

    Declaration of War

    If you’re going to write long posts can they please be of interest?

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