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  1. They sat in the balcony watching the movie. Their eyes gazed over the scenes of the Capitol building of Caledonia being burned. They watched as the actors who played them were killed and the nation was destroyed. The audience below laughed in their minds of this happening in real life. "Not the strongest nation in Oceania surel." Cenna sat back in his chair and wrapped his arm around Lady Victorina. She rested her head on his shoulder and fell in love with him being happy again. This was the first in a long time they had been together on a date. This was the moment she lived for now a days, to be in the arms of her husband. She didn't care for her abilities and neither did Cenna. Just as the movie ended the guns cooked at the same time though it couldn't be heard, the couple were frozen in the romantic ending and all cares in the world were gone. The bullets silently released from the pit and and simultaneously ended both their lives. The death was a rather quick and painless one, but it was one to be heard around the world. The theatre didn't even notice as the blasts were covered by the the cheers in the audience. The men got away and we're still being hunted, but the Empire capitulated. Nations formed from the ashes but none would he as strong as it was before. The space empire though stood the test of time before merging with their allies the gaordians and forming a new Empire. As a wise man once said "Every nation that comes to glory will see an end one day."
  2. But that still doesn't change the fact that he's gonna ask them to go against their allies and expect them not to converse with their allies
  3. Seriouslyly. This so much. What kind of an idiot do you have to be to think they wouldn't tell TKR? For a self proclaimed genius you really aren't that smart, tbh if it were me in the position I would he laughing in your face and with TKR making jokes about how you thought you could talk me into doing something against my allies enemy. What an idiot. Edit: asking them to slot fill after you raid them is probably just a hilarious.
  4. Caledonia is happy to see our longtime friends expanding and reforming, we congratulate the Queen in her rise to power-Cenna
  5. Adding page to bookmarks, saving webpage, setting as homepage, waking up to this every morning. Gg Lord-A-aron.
  6. https://politicsandwar.com/forums/index.php?/topic/18051-caledonian-expansion-and-rise-of-the-emperor/ Post to go with the request
  7. *In the Caledonian Castle* Lady Victorina: My love, I need yo7 to snap out of th8s trance. *Cenna looks up barely acknowledging her existence, but it was more than she had gotten since she forced him to stay in the castle. He couldn't look at her or anyone after that. It was like betrayal though deep down he knew it was necessary.* -Lady Victorina: I know you're mad but I can't allow you to rampage on the world or entire worlds because of the actions of a fe... *before she could finish the sentence vendetta assassin's poured in through a mysterious portal. They looked just as confused as Victorina but jumped into action as they started firing their weapons. Just before the bullets reached them Cenna's love for his wife trampled the trance he was in. He jumped into action freezing the bullets and turning the assassin's weapons into sand and then into thin air. His eyes glew a light blue that shifted darker as he one by one pulled the assassin's into a dark dimension. He looked at his wife with an accomplished grin.* -Cenna: I need to get out of this house for a bit. -Victorina: I created the spell so that only when you were normal could you break it. -Cenna: I know. *he gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek as he disappeared from view.* *On the Caledonian front lines in South America* *cenna teleports into a massive room at the side of a table where a seat was reserved for him, the room was filled with his advisors and generals who were planning the end of the war at the head base of operations in Caledonian South America.* "Let's end this war today." Cenna spoke with haste in his voice. Admiral Lee, the more reasonable of the group and head of the Caledonian oceanic fleet, replied without missing a beat as if nothing changed, "Sir our fleets are in position the northern territories are waving white flags as we speak, we haven't even had to put boots on the ground as it seems our sheer numbers were enough." Commander Moore, more irrational than the others but a strong mind in war and Head of the Caledonian Space fleet as well as the airforce, chuckled as he nodded to Cenna in a welcoming manner. "Our airforce has sent the southern territories fighters to the hills"...before he could finish, General Warner, the younger of the group but just as smart as the other and head of the Caledonian ground forces, spoke up, "And our ground forces have captured them in a suprise attack." Cenna nodded and asked, "so why aren't we celebrating?" "Well you see sir, they won't agree to our terms," general Warner said. *Before they could say another word Cenna was gone and then he came back not 5 minutes later with a signed document releasing full control over to Caledonia. "Here is your signed terms." Cenna held up a paper and on the back blood was splashed on it, "it only cost him half of his men but he signed it rather quickly. *on national news* "Caledonia grips South America with a peaceful transition of power" was the headlines. (Not my best but I'm on mobile)
  8. January claims: 3 territories south of current south American colony, and 1 territory directly north along the Atlantic Ocean
  9. Either I misread what you said or you misread what she meant. The original cap was 2 a month so 4 seems reasonable
  10. I actually agree with this a lot. Nations that are space faring could conquer more quickly than say a small city state, I'd say increase the cap or even remove it, but keep the colony cap
  11. Today Caledonia enters a new age. We have created a machine after several trials that can mass exchange the atomic and molecular structure of one thing and turn it into something else. We have effectively made ourselves independent of other nations resources. We are changing useless resources into useful waters, metals, food, ect. We plan to share this technology with only our closest of allies and will warn that, as we aren't dependant on trade, we are not afraid to embargo those who cause us trouble. I thank you all for your time and wish those who cross us the best of luck.
  12. Lady Victorina and (possibly) Cenna will attend the ball. Update soon on any confirmation.
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