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  1. Balish

    Ayy LM4O

  2. Balish

    Orbis United Alliances

    You're only saying this cause you got all the upvotes.
  3. So, give it about 2 weeks?
  4. Balish

    Well... This is Interesting

    The world needs people like you, thank for you for joining us!
  5. In honor of Cynic's fall from grace, I produced this parody... And then BK did the honorable thing and returned the BC bank.... So... Now I have it here to present to you... LIL Cynic Presents Issstealit Lyrics See a new bank, Isstealit (ooh!) Hoppin’ out to BK, Issstealit Smashing all that trust, Issstealit Runnin’ up a bad rep with no cares (ALEX) All to BK, All to BK All to BK, bank BK Got a new server, got a new profile And I got a new shill Pull up to BK like "what up, !@#$!" (ooh) Stole millions already was rich And Thanos wanted to suck my dick Cause now I got an Orbis watch on my wrist And these hosts love to talk a lot Pull out of BC before it was hot And I ain’t never worked hard Except lying about my past thats dark Fan on fans on fans (fans), took a private jet to Titan Brah, I know how to avoid fighting Alex my bestie, skyping shows me banks, no lying Cheat in his face, essstealit Everything that Epi done did, I done did it Pockets on swole like I’m al Capone (yeah) Look 800 mill BK just blown(goddamn!)
  6. Balish

    Orbis United Alliances

    Attention all PnW Gamers, TKR is in great danger, and needs YOUR help to wipe out all the alliances in IQ. To do this, they need 100bil and a couple of infra. To help them, all they need is your credit card number, the three numbers on the back, and the expiration month and date. But you gotta be quick so that TKR can secure those credits, and achieve the epic victory R O Y A L
  7. Balish

    Orbis United Alliances

    This would be such a sideshow of destruction that I would actually support it
  8. Balish

    Orbis United Alliances

    Can we end the madness! First off, the UN has been tried and failed so scrap the idea. SeCoNd OfF, yOu HaVe BeEn SpAmMiNg ThIs EvErYwHeRe AnD iT iS gEtTiNg BlOoDy AnNoYiNg... THIRDLY: ALL THE ALLIANCES ALREADY HAVE VENUES TO TALK TO EACH OTHER. SO STOP BEING SO SILLY!
  9. Balish

    Shifty News Network LLC-In My Time of Dying

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, democracy doesn't work
  10. Christmas season is the time to realize just how much your friends are worth.  Mine are worth about 1 bottle of Old Spice.

    1. Zevfer


      Im worth more then that

  11. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the Egyptian empire is pretty good.
  12. Balish

    Alliance Ranks

    Better suggestion! How about we copy Discord's role system? Have a cap on how many roles an alliance can have, but allow the alliance leader to set up what the roles can do completely. This way people can make custom roles for people who only deal with the bank or perms, or whatever else. Just a thought
  13. Balish

    Shifty News Network LLC-Highway to Hell

    I sexually Identify as a Polaris. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of being triggered and kicking people from my discord server. People say to me that a person being a Polaris is Impossible and I’m fricking retarded but I don’t care, I’m beautiful. I’m having a plastic surgeon install weak ass members, bad leadership and sensitive frickers on my body. From now on I want you guys to call me “Polar” and respect my right to be a weakling. If you can’t accept me you’re a polaphobe and need to check your alliance privilege. Thank you for being so understanding.
  14. Balish

    Shifty News Network LLC-Highway to Hell

    SUCKS FOR THEM HAHAHAHAHAHahhahaha.... wait...

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