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  1. I think it should read "Additionally, if you declared war BEFORE the bounty was posted, you were not eligible to claim the bounty."
  2. Thank you for the good news. The question remains if the the stuff mentioned below got deleted as well or was it dumped into the Arrrgh! bank before the ban? You successfully gathered intelligence about pooball. Your spies discovered that pooball has 60 spies, $8,832,870,690.00, 99,999.51 coal, 154,712.25 oil, 107,877.51 uranium, 99,999.10 lead, 100,000.41 iron, 383,519.57 bauxite, 28,462.05 gasoline, 100,000.18 munitions, 100,000.15 steel, 61,141.46 aluminum, and 3,853,720.57 Food.
  3. Kudos to the two creators of these statistics, simply stunning!
  4. Same Problem here for almost half a year now, using Chrome 68.0.3440.106, Windows 10. Removing add-ons, clearing cookies, cache and even a complete settings reset did not help. I also de-activated and re-activated autoplay in the P&W settings several times.
  5. Thank you for rehosting the image on your server, but I get a "Page not found" error: https://politicsandwar.com/uploads/eaebeb035e55fab472af3ca21f259 Same for Nintendo's OBL logo: https://politicsandwar.com/uploads/6afd1019fa0bae30c623de6494aa2
  6. Image Type: OBL Logo Image Link: https://i.imgur.com/8SNJApC.png Nation ID: 21742
  7. Image Type: Nation Flag Image Link: https://i.imgur.com/uqhoKbG.jpg Nation ID: 21742 Image Type: OBL Logo Image Link: https://i.imgur.com/8SNJApC.png Nation ID: 21742
  8. Very minor issue, but I just realized that on the account page the last sentence says " You can purchase 31 days of VIP at the cost of 1 Credit here:" (should be 60 days).
  9. Well, this looks legit now. Thank you for fixing it! :-)
  10. No costs as I produce all ressources myself. However, I understand now that manufactured goods are not included in the MONETARY NET INCOME but only raw materials. But that raises the question, why this new figure was implemented in the first place as it is meaningless and superfluous.
  11. I already wrote it in the P&W Discord channel but was suggested to put it here as well, so: The difference between my NET INCOME and my MONETARY NET INCOME Shows $1.771M, which seems totally off. I am producing goods worth more than $13M daily (used ressources already substracted) and I am wondering how exactly the difference of the $1.7M is calculated.
  12. Just remove the comma.
  13. Time to hire a bodyguard. :-O
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