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  1. Stujenske

    Should A Wall Be Built?

    So you claim to be a Communist? You also support the Chairman of a massive corporation. You're also a xenophobe, which goes against one of the most important aspects of Marxism: internationalism. You also are religious and are against atheism. Marx himself called religion "the opiate of the masses". You're just a bad troll.
  2. Stujenske

    attacks in belgium

    So.. you can't think of a good argument so you just throw pointless memes at me? Typical right-winger.
  3. Stujenske

    attacks in belgium

    That's not something funny to even joke about. We're civilized people, but bloodthirsty wingnuts like you don't seem to get it.
  4. Stujenske


    So... why do you think this?
  5. Oh. looks like we've got a xenophobic, resentful, whiny white boy here.
  6. Stujenske

    isreal vs isis?

    Always gonna play the anti-Semite card aren't ya, hmm?
  7. Stujenske

    Small vs Big government

    Big government, of course. How can we trust filthy corporations to run our police, military, schools, and hospitals?
  8. Stujenske

    isreal vs isis?

    FREE TRADE JUSTIFIES WAR?! This is a sad, sad world we live in..
  9. Stujenske

    isreal vs isis?

    Sorta like the Tripartite Aggression, Six-Day War, Zionist invasion of Lebanon (TWO TIMES I might add), and bombing of the Gaza Strip x3? lol
  10. Stujenske

    isreal vs isis?

    ISIS is a terrible organization that is crumbling fast and everyone hates it. Israhell is an even worse country that everyone loves and people slob its knob.
  11. Stujenske


    I don't suppose it bothers you that Vietnam recently legalized LGBT marriage?
  12. Stujenske

    should fascists be ilegal

    Says the Francoist
  13. Stujenske

    should fascists be ilegal

    I guess you can't fix stupid.
  14. Stujenske

    should fascists be ilegal

  15. Stujenske


    In my observations polygamy is an excuse for pimps to oppress women and make them sex slaves.

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