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  1. President Enrique called on the Congress of the Union to convene for a Special Hearing, this was approved by the Standing Committee and later that day, Congress convened. During this special hearing, the President announced a plan to fix the Economic issues of the country, with slow growth and little time left in his six year Presidency. Time was not an ally, though progress had been made in other fields such as the War on Drugs, economically, especially regarding the Mexican Currency. Seemed to had taken a back track over his tenure, in this speech to Congress, he has urg
  2. United Mexican States Mexico (Spanish: México [ˈmexiko]), officially the United Mexican States (Spanish: Estados Unidos Mexicanos), is a federal republic in the Central-Northern portion of South America. It is bordered to the north by the the Golf of Mexico; to the south by indigenous land, east by the Atlantic Ocean and west and south by more Indigenous. Covering over a couple million square kilometers, the nation is the largest country in the Americas by total area and the 5th largest independent state in the world. It is also the only recognized and modern nation within South America.
  3. I'm claiming the 4 provinces to the north of my nation that border Germany, I am also gifting him those to Germany per agreement we made earlier between us
  4. "Those 20k troops shall be escorted out peacefully with no issues, thank you for informing us on their presence. We look forward to peaceful and beneficial relations in the future."
  5. I don't have any claims next to Russia lol And ok discuss said North Africa because last I checked it's all coolio. Same concept as when I was Rome back like a long as time ago ? Anyway Idk what my GDP or Population is: GDP: 10 trillion dollars Population: 78 million
  6. APPLICATION Official nation name: Senātus Populusque Rōmānus Population: N/A GDP: N/A Population density (sq. km): N/A Form of Government: Republic Describe your Nation IC: The Roman Republic, reborn Describe yourself in OOC terms: coolio Please link your lore or other information that is canon: google Rome Have you read, and do you agree to abide by, the rules? (Yes/No): Yes (You must not have a history of continuous rule breaks in the national affairs subforum!) Where on the map do you want to be located? (Using real-world geography/nati
  7. Senātus Populusque Rōmānus (Official Flag of the Roman Republic) (Official Seal of the Roman Republic) National Information: The Senate and People of Rome, or the Roman Republic as more commonly referred to. Is the oldest surviving republic in the world. The reformation of this great nation came as the result of military victories and alliances formed between city-states all around the peninsula. With time, parts of Western Greece and Northern Africa would be claimed and conquered by the Rome. Over time more and more land would become soundly under control
  8. Iron war of succession When the snow falls and the white winds blow the lone wolf dies but the pack survives (OOC: Takes place over a years period of time) The United Kingdom's so they called it. United...was a severe understatement. The Kingdoms of the empire had long vied for control over the throne. To name themselves Iron King...As the British Empire attempted to hold onto its dwindling control the domestic sphere, the revolutionaries in France had inspired some to take up arms against the crown. Ned Stark, the hero of Winterfell and praised former lord of edinburg declared themselv
  9. For my February claims/name change and flag change: I would like to claim the 4 lower provinces on Greenland I'd like transfer 3 provinces from Belgium(3 upper right side) to Iceland I'm also gifting 3 of the Belgium provinces that are touching France, to France For my nation name change, I'd like in named: Seven Kingdoms Flag changed to: (Honestly I couldn't find a flag for all of westeros so please give me the ingame alliance flag for seven kingdoms)
  10. :CLASSIFIED: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland His Majesty’s Royal Armed Forces [unknown date] Issued by Royal Decree directly from His Royal Highness, King George VII. That hereby on this date, the British Empire will help our new found allies inside the United Kingdoms of Greater Francia. Since most of Naval Forces including the Royal Marines are deployed in [REDACTED] moving to colonize [REDACTED]. The Crown sends the entire 1st Battalion of the Royal Armed Forces to be sent to France to fight alongside French Royal Forces. Arrival ETA is [REDACTED]. The 1st
  11. Foreign Affairs update: Treaty with the Regime signed, British-Regime Alliance formed United States of America added to said to treaty as a Protectorate Non-Aggression Pact and Economic Treaty signed with the French Republic
  12. British-Regime Alliance Treaty (Update) British-Regime Alliance Treaty has been Amended Article VI added to include the United States of America
  13. Recent update: (1st image, Bermuda flag)(2nd image, Union Jack flying over capital of Bermuda) With the treaty involving the United States and the British Empire, governmental responsibilities of Bermuda were transferred over to the UK. Restoring it to the status of Crown Colony of the British Empire. During the transition of power, a small pocket of nationalists in Bermuda took the opportunity to seize control of the Island. Creating the "Republic of Bermuda". Though not wanting to use force at first, the might of the British Empire would have to be flexed to regain
  14. United Kingdom and The Regime Treaty of Defense Article I: UNITED KINGDOM AND THEREFORE THE BRITISH EMPIRE AND THE REGIME AGREE TO DEFEND: In the event of any such attack(Foreign or Domestic) on the National Integrity, Sovereignty, and or/Stability of the region claimed by the Regime or the British Empire. Both signatories agree by the signing of this document, to come to eachothers aid in any such case. Militarily and Economically. For the Defense of said nation under attack. Article II: UNITED KINGDOM AND THEREFORE THE BRITISH EMPIRE AND THE REGIME AGREE
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