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  1. Well damn, Avakael, that wasn't very nice.
  2. I refuse to acknowledge the authenticity of this public statement and will only pay heed to any public statements made by Partisan. Partisan must confirm all things you are saying here or they are invalid. I cannot believe T$ would not send Partisan out to do business.
  3. You have been a most effective puppet, my friend.
  4. I might just eat every fooking chicken in this room, Charles.
  5. Ohhhh, this is the part of the game where you're going to be motivated and work hard. That certainly explains NPO's pathetic performance in battle these past couple weeks. Thanks for clarification!
  6. We'll see you all next week, Same Bat time, Same Bat channel!
  7. If you have no idea what you're doing, you probably shouldn't be attempting to run an alliance.
  8. It is an honor to AYYY LMAO alongside some of the finest people on Orbis.
  9. I banged Stannis Baratheon, and the shadow babies became secret MI6 bastions across Orbis.
  10. To be fair, the MI6 heraldry is *literally* ripped from the new James Bond movies, derived from the actual, real world insignia of MI6 - which we didn't want to use lest we, you know, end up on watchlists or some shit.
  11. I mean, to be fair, I organized all of that myself. Obviously.
  12. The alliances have similar flags? That is an insult to a very nice MI6 flag and the god-awful abortion of green nonsense used by Syndicate.
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