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  1. Thanks - I'm glad you learned your lesson
  2. You know, it's a nice night (at least where I'm at in Ontario). Maybe go for a walk? You seem a bit... excitable this evening. Your increasingly hyperbolic responses aside, while TKR might not have pushed the term (I honestly have no idea if they did or not, since I wasn't present when the terms were decided upon), it's still perfectly reasonable to include them because, as a leading member of the coalition, they presumably signed off on them before they were imposed on UPN (regardless of their historic stance on terms). You'll also note that I mentioned other AAs in an earlier post, so it wasn't pinned entirely on TKR (as you seem to be trying to suggest). And I'm sorry that pointing out that members of your current coalition imposed similar terms in the past seems to bother you so much (for the record, they were actually harsher since UPN's terms also included a recruiting ban, among other things), but the precedent was one your current allies set and no amount of obfuscation on your part is going to change that. We can disagree on the extent to which it's necessary if you like, but trying to handwave the fact that it was employed before (and not by us) isn't terribly productive. You seem threatened by all manner of things that don't actually seem to warrant it, so fair enough I suppose 😛
  3. They signed an agreement mid war with an aggressor that their former allies were still fighting. To the extent they got reinvolved in the war, that was a consequence of signing TKR and the course of the war turning against you guys. We're willing to let them out, but (much like TKR's coalition in Tiers) we don't see why they should fully rebuild while we wait for the rest of your side to call it a day. The parallel is pretty clear. Both AD and CC have terms specific to their circumstances. I didn't realize that our terms had to be uniform across all cases to pass muster with you, but it doesn't really change the fact that TKR and friends were the ones that first introduced infra caps as a term in the first place.
  4. Good response to it being pointed out that AAs on your side set the precedent and thought it was totally fine when they were the ones doing it. You're really on the ball today. Throw in a 'Leo laughed when people left the game last war' and you'll have covered all your bases. Well the official justification for the clawback is that he misunderstood what Seb was asking to do when he agreed to Joe being hit (one slot being filled versus three), but yeah that's for them to sort out I suppose.
  5. Um, the last time infra was capped during a war (that I'm aware of) was when UPN peaced out during Tiers. Given that the coalition that imposed that condition contained TKR, Rose, Mensa (of which Buorhann was gov at the time) and Guardian (among others currently on your side), it seems weird your side would claim it is unjustly harsh now. GOB's in this case, apparently. Yet more evidence that Sheepy is the true enemy this war.
  6. Shouldn't you be busy 'feeling that you're not losing the war?' As Skae's original post indicates, I'd imagine that maintaining that belief requires an impressive time commitment on your part 😛
  7. Still doesn't add up to us planning on entering against TKR. We have a lot of people with a lot of opinions, after all (you should see our politics channel). Thank you for participating in our survey though Never change, Thrax 😛
  8. Noctis was actually in BK at the time, so you didn't impact him one way or the other actually. Also, there's plenty of other AAs besides Chaos and FARKsphere - there's just as much evidence that we were planning to give @TheNG his customary biannual rolling as any of the 'conclusions' Thrax has apparently drawn 😛
  9. You don't have logs either apparently - just an activity sheet that didn't indicate or lead to anything and the shocking reveal that, when forced to choose, I'd rather Chaos got rolled by KETOG rather than the other way around. Truly revolutionary information, I'm sure. It's not really spin if your own logs support what I just said. Thrax is the one going all tinfoil hat by trying to claim that referencing a particular style of warfare from our former bloc is evidence that the bloc still exists. Based on that logic he could find some logs of me talking about Oktoberfest and claim OO was still a thing too... We generally don't respond, but did you do the Modest Proposal thing? Cuz that was pretty clever. Now if only your 'evidence' backed up your claims, you'd be set.
  10. So you post out of context information that doesn't say what you claim it does and then refuse to respond when it's pointed out that you're full of it? That's some solid argumentation you are employing there 😛 Actually, it was a reference to a historical, past state. If I had said 'they need some affection from IQ,' Thrax would have a stronger case but of course I said no such thing. In this instance, it's just a reference to a style of fighting which KETOG lacked the relative tier advantages to employ in its first round. And given that people from your side have spent rather a lot of time accusing NPO of jumping to conclusions based on insufficient data, it's kinda funny to see you guys drawing lines that aren't actually there from me saying it's a pity Chaos wasn't getting stomped even more thoroughly than you were and an activity sheet that didn't specify anything in particular.
  11. 1) Nothing ended up happening on the 26th, so the form that was sent out for unspecified reasons just ended up being an activity check in the end. It actually leaked at the time as I recall (and we got some interesting responses from other spheres, my favourite of which was a complete text of Jonathon Swift's 'A Modest Proposal' in the comment section), so this isn't really a huge reveal. 2) The 'IQ level affection' thing was a reference to Knightfall, where we managed to fill all of TKR's slots below the low to mid 20s in the first wave, which KETOG didn't manage to do in its first wave (which I mean is understandable, since the numbers at play were different in the two conflicts but, as Sentinel observed, there were some holes on the first day or two). It wasn't a suggestion that IQ was still a thing, but rather a remark that I thought it was a pity that KETOG didn't achieve the level of slot saturation that IQ had traditionally been able to achieve in our target tiers (it feels weird to be indirectly hoping KETOG did well, but May was a weird time for us all I guess). I do stand by my statement that it was a damn shame you guys were getting stomped though. 3) Given the a) we didn't enter and those slots went unfilled until whenever KETOG ended up filling them, b) the internal announcement (and the subsequent form) you're referencing don't specify a target and c) the activity form got fairly wide circulation at the time (and was fairly common knowledge), you aren't really providing any new information here. If your source provided you with any earlier announcements, you'd be aware of the fact that we had actually been preparing for the possibility that KETOG was hitting us up until the moment they hit TKR and, once it became apparent that that wasn't the case, we ultimately decided to stand down. Trying to construct a narrative stemming from me saying that I wished that Chaos was being rolled more thoroughly by KETOG (again, it feels weird to be implicitly supporting KETOG, but I guess this is a case of cheering for the side you dislike the least) and 'OMG BK was totally going to enter the war against TKR' (which of course we didn't do), is quite the stretch.
  12. Curufinwe

    Really NPO

    Yeah, that'll happen. You'll get used to it.
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