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  1. There's an opportunity cost associated with that strat, which tends to get glossed over when people talk about planes being super OP. Running exclusively planes means you take more infra damage in the initial rounds of fighting (particularly from ships), you will lose ground control and be blockaded and you will, more often than not, end up being beiged and losing additional infra and loot, since an exclusively planes-based strat isn't an effective way to either beige out a more balanced opponent or prevent yourself from being beiged. And losing ground control means that it's actually more like 20 ships or 2k tanks per AS for a 20 city nation, so we're talking 15 airstrikes (which you won't get in a single round since that would represent 180 resistance) just to clear the fleet of a fully built nation of the same size. Meanwhile, in an ordinary war, those ships are doing 350 to 400 infra an attack, three times a day (dispersed over the most expensive infra in several cities, unlike nukes which concentrate all 12 MAPs on one city) and can beige you out before you can fully clear them, resulting in additional damage and lost loot. Having a maxed navy is the most efficient way to kill infra against an opponent with fewer (or no) ships and that (along with perks like setting up blockades) is their niche. The only real counter to this is planes, since you can't reduce their effectiveness by gaining control of another theatre, spying them doesn't kill enough to make it worthwhile 90 percent of the time and building ships when you're heavily outnumbered at sea is just an easy way to throw cash away. So yeah, making it harder to counter ships does make the best infra killing unit in the game even better, especially since there's no other way to counter them without introducing a mechanic to reduce their effectiveness at sea. Also, for the record, BK doesn't not use ships because they suck in their current form, but rather because the score bloat from ships is too high if we're running a compressed build. If that isn't a consideration, such as in the current war, we do maintain navies, since ships come in handy in a lot of situations.
  2. Or make tanks cheaper (0.5 steel instead 1 steel, for example) so the opportunity cost of building them isn't as high. That at least would address concerns that they don't deliver bang for their buck, although I can't speak to the economic impact that would have on the game since that's not my area.
  3. So I'm going to go ahead and echo the people saying this isn't a good idea, since what this proposal would do is take a powerful unit and make it even harder to deal with, which would disproportionally benefit larger players with bigger navies. Ships already do the most infra damage, remove the most resistance and impose a blockade that can be problematic if you're trying to move resources in (or out) of a target nation. More importantly, they're also the only unit type other than soldiers (which are inherently weak) that can't be nerfed using existing mechanics, since there's no equivalent to ground or air control to reduce the combat value of ships. Large navies are already a pain to deal with (especially if you're updeclaring and/or running an all planes strat) and, if you're outgunned on the sea, planes become the only way to deal with the massive infra and resistance damage ships inflict. Giving ships an additional anti air capacity without including an inherent weakness (since, again, ships are the only units that can't be reduced in effectiveness by controlling another sphere of combat) basically guarantees that larger players with larger naval (and ground and air) capacities will be able to inflict a disproportionately large amount of damage on opponents, since you'd nerf the only means to deal with a larger number of ships. And yes, planes are effective but they can be nerfed already by achieving ground control. Unless an equivalent mechanic is put in place to nerf ships its not good from a balance perspective to impose a second nerf on planes, since you're just empowering an already powerful unit and weakening one that can already be weakened by existing mechanics. Also Buorhann, a 5:1 ratio of tanks:planes (or I guess latent AA capacity) would be absolutely insane. A 20 city nation can max out at 25k tanks and at 5:1 AA units that would be the equivalent to 5k planes. Since the cap is 90 planes per city, that 20 city nation would be able to generate the equivalent to 55 cities worth of bonus aircraft, meaning that every single airstrike would result in an utter failure. So yeah, way too high.
  4. Curufinwe

    Explanation of empy/camelot skirmish

    updates dossier
  5. Curufinwe

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

  6. Curufinwe

    War Stats - Knightfall

    My apologies that pointing out that TKR is running very large deficits in every unit killed category (as well as overall) detracts from your attempts to put a positive spin on the beating your side is receiving. The fact you guys are topping some charts is great and you should totally ignore all evidence to the contrary! ...is that better?
  7. Curufinwe

    War Stats - Knightfall

    Well considering TKR is running a slightly worse than 1:2 value of units destroyed versus units lost (you're 1:2 in soldiers, about 1:3 in tanks, 1:2 in planes and 1:2 in ships), I'm not sure why you'd want to brag about being at the top of the categories. As I said, you don't even have the highest absolute unit damage, let alone the highest net (you actually have a larger net minus than TCW in that regard - 25b versus -19b, giving you the largest net unit deficit in your coalition). But then, that would probably be higher if 20 percent on TCW wasn't currently in vmode. But thanks for the praise, I suppose 😛
  8. Curufinwe

    War Stats - Knightfall

    We're also at the top on 'unit killed value' and 'net damage,' but thanks for noticing 😛 Although why you'd want to draw attention to the fact that TKR is at the top for soldiers, tanks, planes and ships lost, as well as 'unit lost value' is beyond me...
  9. Curufinwe

    War Stats - Knightfall

    Damage taken in this war The Knights Radiant: $112,050,122,074 Damage taken in the Trail of Tiers Entire EMC: $69.6 Billion Woa?
  10. Curufinwe

    2018 PnW Awards Announcement

    He's expressing concern that you and your unbiased assistants will fiddle with the vote totals and people won't be able to verify because the totals are secret. You know, that thing other people have raised concerns about.
  11. Curufinwe

    2018 PnW Awards Announcement

    IQ didn't exist when the 2016 awards were held, so suggesting that we stacked the 2017 awards in retribution for the previous year is baseless. In fact, in December 2016 (cuz, remember, IQ formed in March 2017) BK, what eventually became Zodiac and CS were still in Syndi-OO, so we didn't have any particular ax to grind regarding how that year's voting went. And, just like I told you last year when you contacted me in DMs to complain about the IQ turnout, people voting doesn't 'spoil' the process, it enriches it, since the whole point should be encourage as much participation as possible. That's the point of a democratic poll after all 😛 Nah, as CS's legal successor we co-opted that award along with their members. You guys can try for it this year though.
  12. Curufinwe

    2018 PnW Awards Announcement

    If there's no concern about the vote being rigged (or past votes having been rigged), why make the vote secret instead of public? In previous votes you couldn't see who voted for who, so how people voted was already private - it was just the totals that were open to public scrutiny. All you're doing by refusing to share those totals is undermining confidence in the vote, since reasonable people are going to wonder why you feel the need to hide votes totals in the first place. And while it's nice that multiple people are confirming the totals, there's still no reason why the vote distribution shouldn't be available for anyone to see, since the most plausible reason to hide it would be to tweak it toward a preferred outcome. So yeah, go ahead and do your radio awards (although that's kind of dumb since people that aren't close to your timezone are going to miss out), but don't undermine confidence in the voting process just so more people will tune into your show.
  13. Curufinwe

    Join Black Knights!

  14. IQ doesn't have any tie of any kind with anyone involved in the war, so where did options 1 to 3 even come from? We don't really have a stake in the outcome of this fight, so it's kind of random to assume we'd intervene on either side.
  15. Curufinwe

    Name this war - Community Poll

    'Knightfall: For some knights to rise, others must fall'

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