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  1. Curufinwe

    Shifty News Network-Antisocial

    Who Me gets it. I mean we told them that we'd intervene if they hit Camelot over Shadow's supposed debt. We also informed them that we agreed with Cam's position that SG is part of their AA, meaning that attacks on SG would trigger a response from us. They opted to continue fighting SG anyways, so we backed up our words with a few counters. Considering we confined ourselves to AK people hitting SG and refrained from targetting anyone who wasn't directly targeting our allies, I'd say the response was reasonable given the circumstances. Anyways, the issue has been resolved diplomatically - AK is peacing out SG, BK is peacing out AK and SG's AA page is a little clearer to prevent these sort of misunderstandings in the future. So happy Labour day I guess?
  2. Curufinwe

    Shifty News Network-Rock n Roll Fantasy

    Can confirm
  3. Curufinwe

    Camelot DoE

    *updates dossier*
  4. Curufinwe

    The Vanguard

  5. Curufinwe

    Reduce Sub 20 City Costs

    Well I mean you're always have your war stats if you need to derive a sense of achievement from PW...
  6. Curufinwe

    Reduce Sub 20 City Costs

    Well as was observed above, the game hasn't been 'like this for a long time' - Alex is constantly changing features in order to tweak gameplay, encourage more players to join (and stay). If the three years or so I've been playing, the war system has been changed several times, the way score ranges have been calculated have been altered once, econ has been changed several times, infra costs have been reduced, city timers have been reset for sub-5 city nations, among others. So saying that everything should be the same as it has always been kinda misses the point, since the game is constantly changing to better meet the needs of the players. And, as was observed above, this isn't a proposal that exclusively (or even specifically) benefits IQ. All AAs benefit from increased retention (including KT), so framing it as self-interested misses the point that Leo is trying to make. ii) Previous updates focused more on infra costs and cooldowns for sub-5 city nations. Although city costs were cut, the OP is suggesting a more significant decrease than was the case in the past, which may indeed have a positive impact. Plus, even if it doesn't, it still has the positive impact of allowing more of the existing players (from all AAs) to particular in a meaningful way more quickly, which is good for everyone involved. A) First, according to Sketchy's helpful stats, players with 20 or more cities make up less than 4 percent of the overall playerbase, so I'm not sure it's reasonable to privilege their concerns over those of the 96 percent of players that are currently below 20 cities if doing so has a negative impact on retention and participation. Second, your argument presupposes that larger players will quit because smaller ones grow, which seems like an odd assumption to make in any case since it assumes they only play because they're larger than someone else, not because they enjoy the game.
  7. Curufinwe

    Reduce Sub 20 City Costs

    As has been observed, the proposal isn't alliance-specific; reducing city costs and allowing newer players to more easily engage in a meaningful way would positively impact all AAs. In fact, the largest AA that actively engages in recruiting and training new players is TKR, so trying to frame it as an IQ versus non IQ issue rather misses the point. This is an issue that impacts PW as a whole, rather than individual AAs. As stated above, this is a bigger issue than people 'getting gud,' nor is it confined to any particular AA. Sketchy's stats helpfully outline this here: - 57 percent of players do not belong to any AA, meaning that they either haven't joined one or have been ejected for inactivity. - Another 40 percent are on gray, which also tends to indicate inactivity - 74 percent of players stall out before they reach 5 cities, which is a level you can already immediately reach under the current changes introduced by Alex to help new players reach a slightly higher city count more quickly. As Leo has observed, this isn't an issue specific to any particular AA and lowering city costs has the benefit of making it more economical for established AAs to invest in new players without as much concern about monetary losses if they do delete. Given PW's dismal retention rate (which impacts all of us, including both BK and KT), this is something that you guys should probably be in favour of, since it creates a richer environment for all of us and prolongs the life of a game we all play.
  8. Curufinwe

    Let Absolute Chaos Reign

    Unless I'm misreading your OP, your proposed damage reduction would only apply to infra/loot, not military units. Given that whales tend to have higher infrastructure (and therefore more space for military improvements), what you're proposing essentially just gives whales an easier method of militarily zeroing lower tier opponents without the risks associated with selling down. Plus, of course, 'unlimited updecs' are not particularly useful when some guy with twice as many cities can instantly counter you despite having significantly more infra and units (and therefore a ridiculous military advantage). Fixing beige so there's less disincentives to winning wars is a good idea, but the rest is just a recipe for whales beating the crap out of people they normally couldn't hit due to the current range restrictions, which would make 'assisting' in a meaningful way harder, rather than easier, for lower tier players.
  9. Curufinwe

    Let Absolute Chaos Reign

    So allowing 6k score people to declare on an unlimited number 50 score noobs? With unlimited war improvements? What could possibly go wrong? Removing beige for attackers is an okay idea (although reducing beige times in general would also work) but the rest pretty much just guarantees an unlimited number of massive downdecs by whales with an absurdly larger military, infra and resource base on lower tier folks.
  10. Curufinwe

    War Stats 2.0

    Well I mean how much do you really need to keep one ship going? I imagine even on attrition you can loot that every once and a while, even if you're otherwise zeroed.
  11. Curufinwe

    War Stats 2.0

    Well I mean if we're talking opportunity cost, we should also include stuff like the upkeep on the tens of thousands of tanks upper tier people in KT/Rose sphere AAs are maintaining, the steel lost from downselling, as well as that lost from decommissioning units once people's air is zeroed and they realize they're screwed, just to name a few. But yeah, those 1 ship attacks though. I hope this funding from foreign backers isn't performance based, since otherwise you owe someone a refund.
  12. Curufinwe

    War Stats 2.0

    Real Khans don't need planes, amirite?
  13. Curufinwe

    Something big is happening...

    https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=4457 Have fun
  14. Curufinwe


  15. Curufinwe


    TKR and NPO have been top in overall member count for months with 130ish each, so I think your memory might be failing you there.

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