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  1. Ibrahim

    Earthquake in Taiwan

    We say Allahu Akbar FOUR times when giving the call to prayer, which we do FIVE times a day..... so that TWENTY times in one day! We say Allahu Akbar whenever we begin, bow, and prostrate in our prayer.... that's exactly TWO HUNDRED times in one day! TOTAL: TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY times in one day! And that's only counting the obligatory prayer, so get out of here with your nonsense.
  2. Ibrahim

    An act of solidarity

    They wouldn't be able to deal with our unrelenting attacks and continued steadfastness. Besides, It wouldn't be any fun if the conquest came easily.
  3. Ibrahim

    Conquest of Crimea and southern Chernigov

    No. It's hard labour.
  4. Ibrahim

    Conquest of Crimea and southern Chernigov

    N-GSE has already been conquered by the Islamic State.
  5. Ibrahim

    An act of solidarity

    I claim all of Poland.
  6. Ibrahim

    Terrorist vs. Freedom Fighter?

    Turning a blind eye to the barrel bombings, chemical weapons, starvation tactics, nazi style torture and execution at the hands of the tyrannical pig Assad? Okay, just wait until the Muslims re-conquer Al Andalus (spain). You won't have to wait very long, i assure you.
  7. Ibrahim

    An act of solidarity

    YAY! Another alliance declares on Roz Wei Don't attack Khevin or Abu Haddad though! o/ SWF
  8. Ibrahim

    Earthquake in Taiwan

    When Muslims died in Mecca people were shouting Allahu Akbar.
  9. Ibrahim

    Terrorist vs. Freedom Fighter?

    If defending Sunni Muslim civilians from genocide makes you a terrorist then that is truly an honourable label. FSA can hardly even be called a force on the ground.
  10. Ibrahim

    Earthquake in Taiwan

    You are simply demonstrating your ignorance. Allahu Akbar simply means Allah is the Greatest and we say it in every situation (including funerals).
  11. Ibrahim

    Lord Balian Support Thread

    Balian, your unfortunate illness is a test from Allah, so be patient with a beautiful patience. If you believe then it will serve as an expiation for your sins And if you do not then it may be the means by which Allah will guide you. As your brother in humanity I will be donating what I can.
  12. Ibrahim

    Earthquake in Taiwan

    Allahu Akbar.
  13. Ibrahim

    Terrorist vs. Freedom Fighter?

    Are you Christian?
  14. Ibrahim

    Terrorist vs. Freedom Fighter?

    It's not allowed Akhi because they are also using that support to kill Mujahideen. Especially Jaish Al Islam Taghut (worst group).
  15. Ibrahim

    Terrorist vs. Freedom Fighter?

    You are confusing the best of people: The Mujahideen... ...With your filthy American military swine. No people are more barbaric than the Americans who's government dropped Nukes, Napalm, and Chemical weapons on cities.

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