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  1. I think connect to a different vpn and network before creating an alt is under my mind.
  2. I know that perks will cost money and resources, I hope that this would be fully developed and I will have fun.
  3. How could you trade for only a cost of $0?
  4. That nation that was spamming on you also didn’t just violate a community rule, they have also violated a rule. Selling your account to another person is against the game rules.
  5. The “Murilo” thing is getting me suspicious that there could be multis. Also, they were all created at the same time.
  6. About the automatic resource giving out when someone deletes their account, it will actually give those resources to a completely  random nation within their spy range.

  7. Attrition? Nuking would destroy even more in attrition wars.
  8. NPC Nations, what do you mean? Like someone creating an alt account for it to get raided?
  9. Download these flags and you will be recognized as a full member of the RVT Community. Alliance: Realm of King I Likes Minecraft
  10. Alliance Position Roles

    I wanted to delete the Officer and Heir Role as well as not wanting the default member Position Level to be 3. This has to be changed.

    You can’t even change the position level of the default roles.



    1. JadenStar10


      complain to @Alex.

      Post this in the game suggestions forum.

    2. Alex


      You don't have to use the default positions at all.

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