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  1. Rigged, Mega isn't on nicest, HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE
  2. Most Influential Player: Horsecock Most Likely to Succeed in 2023: ToxicPepper Best Alliance Leader: Germanicus Worst Alliance Leader: Mexorol Best In-Character Poster: Best Villain: Spanky Nicest Player: Johansson Most Controversial Player: Poseidon Most Missed Player: Best Nation Page: TTTTTas/Kihansi Haley (gotta nominate myself lmao) Best Fighter: Nukeya Best High Government Member: Most Online/Likely To Respond in 1 Minute: Mega Best War Criminal: EvilPiggyFoo
  3. "Most likely to respond within one minute? I may actually win something." Or not haha Edit: sorry I didn't quote it....
  4. Player most likely to nominate a category they know they would win...
  5. Most Online/Likely to respond in 1 minute? lol
  6. Gotta through a random name suggestion out there even though the war isn't finished ThanksBeiging, It feels obligatory to include ThanksGiving in it.
  7. This will be my only and last attempt at making meme/propoganda
  8. Borg we've upvoted the same posts at the same time twice now Uh, Alycr's comments are very helpful in getting me to understand how alot of people feel about the dev team, this makes this comment relevant to the conversation. Edit: Help I can't delete this :kek:
  9. I'm not very well versed on the military mechanics (I think) But either way, I dont know why this wouldn't be the outright solution. If the problem is huge down-declares make down-declares smaller. If that is what you are saying, (E:) just if the problem is down-declares, I wont be debating if thats the actual problem. Edit: After reading a bit war I see that alot of people (mostly high mid tier- whales) seem to oppose this/their power is getting nerfed despite putting more work in. (yes?)
  10. Always gonna vote for new stuff 😄 and I have not even looked at the test server, and Im pretty sure I lost my account on there..
  11. Roll Minesome MC while he has no warchest? 😬
  12. Guess I'm going to have to do an intelligence spy-op to find out if you actually have 69,420 iron. (I know this is not an ingame image, but I still want to know if you have it.)
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