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  1. Borg we've upvoted the same posts at the same time twice now Uh, Alycr's comments are very helpful in getting me to understand how alot of people feel about the dev team, this makes this comment relevant to the conversation. Edit: Help I can't delete this :kek:
  2. I'm not very well versed on the military mechanics (I think) But either way, I dont know why this wouldn't be the outright solution. If the problem is huge down-declares make down-declares smaller. If that is what you are saying, (E:) just if the problem is down-declares, I wont be debating if thats the actual problem. Edit: After reading a bit war I see that alot of people (mostly high mid tier- whales) seem to oppose this/their power is getting nerfed despite putting more work in. (yes?)
  3. Always gonna vote for new stuff 😄 and I have not even looked at the test server, and Im pretty sure I lost my account on there..
  4. Roll Minesome MC while he has no warchest? 😬
  5. Guess I'm going to have to do an intelligence spy-op to find out if you actually have 69,420 iron. (I know this is not an ingame image, but I still want to know if you have it.)
  6. Thanks for demolishing my post... sorry, and yeah just realized this in the wrong place I did not even check steel prices before assuming $3000, so another fault on my part.
  7. Orbis pls dont kill me for suggestion lmao I think that the amount of steel required to manufacture 1 tank should be lowered. Currently it requires 0.5 steel to produce one tank lets assume the price of 1 steel average is $3000 The price of 1 soldier is $5 I read somewhere that a tank is the value of 40 soldiers (please correct me if Im wrong) so with 1 steel you can make 2 tanks which is 80 soldiers and $6000 now 6000/5 is the equivalent of 1200 soldiers. (I seriously doubt one tank is 40 soldiers, its probably much higher but whatever) You see the problem, right? Tanks are extremely expensive to manufacture, and not worth the cost compared to a bunch of soldiers OK, SO IT TURNS OUT YOUR NUMBERS ARE BULLCRAP AND TANKS GO BRRRRR] Even in a scenario where 10K tanks easily beat 200K soldiers because I failed to do basic maths or missed out on one specific variable/formula: Tanks are still incredibly expensive and costly maintain, I mean moving to 5553 and getting your tanks to max would require thousands of units of steel, which is incredibly costly. This is especially a problem for nations with lower city counts and low incomes. So, I think the amount of steel required should be lowered from 0.5 to 0.25 or around that range, possibly even lower. As you can see, I am incredibly unconfident in this post but uh YOLO. I probably broke some hidden forum post rule Idk, poorly executed bye.
  8. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/ Nation: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=383774
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