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  1. If I had to guess who Sheepy is IRL based on his “leadership” I’d say he’s a perfect match with Joe Biden. Game changes over the last few months are as well-thought out as these wise words: “I’ve got hairy legs that turn uh blonde in the sun...and I learned about roaches.” So remember to donate to Sheepy on Super Thursday. If you donate, you’ll get “you know, the thing.”
  2. Klymyns


    Nation link(s): https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=223316, https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=223422 Leader name(s): Ulises Vidales, Ulysses Krieger Nation name(s): Republica Socialista Obrera, Zentralsozialistisches Deuts Nature of violation: Mulits with similar leader and nation names (even if in different languages), along with similar creation dates.
  3. Chopie, you presume far too much. And you’re too easily swayed by cheap sentiments. Life ain’t about good feelings. It’s about actions and what they reflect. An honest apology is accompanied (either before, after, or both) by actions that demonstrate that the apology is sincere. Here’s an analogy for your assistance: Person A strikes you, he stops, he apologises, he doesn't resume striking you, and finally he walks away. Person B strikes you, he doesn’t stop, he STILL apologises (to make you lower your guard), and he keeps striking you. Asking Cameltoe to repudiate Pathetica/IQ isn’t a “condition” or “special demand”. It’s just a verification that they actually change. Why all the fuss over such a simple act? IQ no longer exists so what’s the risk of a full repudiation? Maybe Cameltoe is trying to secretly bring back IQ? I don’t know, and I can’t say. But Cameltoe sure don’t make it easy for the rest of us, chopie. If Cameltoe wants to break free from the past, they need to signify that by a FULL REPUDIATION of (low) IQ. And Cameltoe’s apology is MUCH less believable when all they do is make themselves look like the “victim” of IQ. They were part of IQ and they fully participated on IQ’s side. Cameltoe needs to quit justifying IQ, because otherwise they end up looking like Person B from my analogy. Forsztelujesz, chopie?
  4. “Acknowledge the efforts…” Excuse me, chopie, but who in the devil are you again? Oh, I know, you’re just some guy from a meaningless micro (and you keep leapfroging from alliance to alliance). Now you’re posing as some kind of “voice of reason” (though your posts have very little reason in them to begin with). And you’re telling us, the supposed target of this “apology”, how to deal with our politics? And who made you the Pope? Chopie, you want to chime in on a topic, fine. Rules allow that, so do as you like. But if people call you out on the stupidity of your posts, deal with it. You don’t have to post. I don’t have to post. We all risk getting called out here. Heck, I’m calling Cameltoe out on their bull**** “apology”. I’m going to get called out for being a first-rate Snek-worshipping agitator. But hey, that’s the risk we all take on the OWF. So, chopie, all I have to say to your little concerns: DEAL WITH IT.
  5. You’re way in over your head on this topic. Try focusing on micro politics instead (you’ll feel much better).
  6. What analogy did I not get? I was the one making the analogy, not Thorkell. I guess that someone forgot to read today. Better luck next time, though, I’m sure you’ll get some points for trying.
  7. Yeah, an apology ain’t really an apology if you don't follow it up with certain actions. What does “his reasoning” mean? Seriously! Serial killers also have their (horribly flawed) reasoning. Doesn’t make them any better. Imagine Ted Bundy saying “sorry” but still doing what he did. Maybe the analogy is too graphic/strong, but you get the point (or you should, if you know what I mean), Sorry, but try a better argument next time, chopie.
  8. You start out by stating: “I can say with certainty Camelot [Cameltoe] does not support the actions IQ took, and we are sorry for having been any part of it…” And then, of course, you backtrack. “posting a denouncement would be a dis-service to you, our members, the people who were forced out and every other community member.” So, either Cameltoe fully rejects the legacy of IQ, or it doesn’t. Simple. By the way what you mean by “dis-service?” You mean that it’s better if Cameltoe apologises but doesn’t fully reject the very thing (Pathetica/IQ) that made your alliance as hated as it is? And one more thing, you don’t go around posting an apology for actions which you are quick to defend and promote elsewhere. And what the devil is this?! “The alliance is working hard on repairing broken trust and relations with everyone and I truly hope you will see that soon.” Legal sounding boilerplate? Come on, show us a little respect and don’t treat us like the recipients of an airline delay announcement. Everybody knows that those words are as valuable as cigarette butts. If you Cameltoes regret the legacy of IQ, make a FORMAL denouncement of IQ, and STICK to it. I dare all of you. @Epi should be the first to denounce. Then you @Azazel, and then everyone else until we get to the malfunctioning bots like @King Arthur Until then you can take your “apologies” and stuff ‘em up your er…uhm…up your Cameltoe! (whatever that means). Oh, and @Azazel it says a lot that you, a Round Table member have to defend you alliance’s KING from my relatively weak statements. Maybe you guys really should re-evaluate your alliance leadership.
  9. Well, @King Arthur, I didn’t think you could it, but you did. Using exactly 265 words, you managed to undercut your entire apology. You’re now NPO’s victim? How sweet! Hey, everyone, be nice to Cameltoe and @Epi because NPO was also mean to them! Not once in this post do you mention that IQ’s attempt at forcing alliances to leave the game was WRONG! All you talk about is how Cameltoe (and you, of course) were betrayed by NPO and GOONS. Based on this post, you, a) don’t give a frick about the (in-game) genocide and b) NPO’s only mistake was turning against Cameltoe. So basically trying to save your own rear-end. That’s not an apology, that’s an explanation. You know, trying to achieve IQ’s objectives while spewing verbal “apologies” won’t cut it. A REAL apology would be a full renounciation of the (low) IQ and Pathetica. And I ain’t seeing any of that anywhere. You haven’t fooled anyone @King Arthur with your cheap sentimentality. You’re going to offer “apologies” and “play nice”, etc. while @Epi and the other Fishy Stinkers at Cameltoe continue to justify their participation in the worst thing to ever happen to this game. Assuming that you’re even capable of learning @King Arthur , I have this much to tell you: Learn how to REALLY apologise, because right now, you’re doing a lot of this:
  10. Excuse me, but what in the world is that word salad supposed to mean? Sounds like you forgot how to articulate coherent thoughts. In other news today: Firwof of Kromwell has decided to join the Biden campaign. In a recent statement regarding this event, Firwof told reporters, “Biden who?” Joe “Hairy Legs” Biden also commented on Firwof saying “I, O’Biden Bama promise to elect when running for the Senate of what… What was I thinking about? I know, I learned a lot ‘bout roaches!”
  11. Phew! What is that unbearable stench! It smells like the unholy union of a fish, toilet, and coward. What in the devil could that possibly be? Oh I know what, it’s Cameltoe, Poolaris, and Jordan. Three stinkers: fishy @Epi, potty @Aero and scardy @Jordan Man, a mix of 3 kinds of stink is just bad news for all decent people!
  12. Re-saving doesn’t work (at least not for me).
  13. Previously, when I entered characters (Polish), they appeared normally. These characters include: ą, ć, ę, ł, ó, ń, ś, ż, ź. I never had any issue with these characters appearing on my nation page or city names until right after this last update. Here is a screen shot from May 19 (city names). Note that all the special characters appeared normally.
  14. Special (non-English) characters with diacritics don’t properly show up. This happens on nations pages as well as with city names.
  15. “I was a man of grace and polishWho never spoke above a hushNow all at once I'm using language That would make a sailor blush.” Shallow apologies don’t cut it for the victims of an in-game genocide (and let’s face it, what low IQ tried to do was an in-game genocide, i.e. complete eradication of people from the game). The (low) IQ got off TOO EASY. And now they’re complaining that people are mean to them. Well, maybe then they want a taste of their medicine? I am a victim of (low) IQ brutality. I very nearly quit. For several months, there was absolutely no purpose to playing to this game, because nothing was happening at all besides low IQ toxicity. THUS, this ordinary victim of (low) IQ brutality needs to see more than just some pretty words given by Cameltoe's irrelevant FA bot. After all, when so many people are on the verge of quitting because of the war, you can’t just say “sorry, won’t happen again.” You need actions to confirm that you’ve changed. And clearly, Cameltoe hasn’t changed. Cameltoe, you want your victims to forgive you, then do something about it, rather than complain about others. Rather than have FA-bot Arthur make smug apologies while @Epi keeps justifying (low) IQ and its shittiness, maybe change up your government? What you do and how you it is your choice. Just remember that there each choice brings great consequences. Maybe one day we will have a game free of manwha smuggling, nation-farming, force-deleting, fish-smelling nastiness. Maybe one day...
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