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  1. Complements to Arrgh, they are good fighters and have given me a few beat downs in the past, which is why getting one over on them feels so good.
  2. Strange, Arrgh agrees to white peace, then some of their members keep attacking. And despite claims that Arrgh and Political Pirates are seperate alliances we now have the latter attacking as well. Makes you wonder...
  3. Good things will come on the back of this. o/ UPN o/ NAC
  4. If we get involved I'm sure no one would make that mistake again. Hell, after the comments that came out I'm sure no one in the game would make the same mistake.
  5. Well done on the appointment. I'm sure VE will continue to prosper.
  6. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. I also have Alpha Centauri and I used to have Civ: CTP. I still love them and pull them out to play every so often.
  7. That all looks very impressive until you check and see that all your attacks against VE are against inactive members or member who don't have an army. Then there is their 'expired' war against you where you did about 70 infra damage and sufferend almost 900 in return. I would hardly call that a loss for VE.
  8. Easier rebuilding would make a big difference. Keep track ingame of each nations max infra level (the highest they have had for each city) and when rebuilding they can re-buy up to that level at a reduced cost, say 30-40% of the norm. The justification could be that they are repairing damaged but existing infrastruction instead of building it from scratch. You might also consider 'Warmonger' monthly rewards for infra destroyed, soldeir kills, tank kills, etc. Have a scoring system relavtive the the nations score so that all can compete. There could also be alliance equivelents of these based on all allaince members contributions and relative to the alliance score, but make the alliance reward a treasure that can't be stolen and moves each month to the new winner of that category.
  9. Ofcourse if the player base expanded and you ended up with a larger Orbis population that the real world you might need to come up with a reason why proper nations don't form.
  10. Hate to see people rage quitting, especially if they are supporters who help keep the game alive. BUT, with so many cities, so much infra, a next to nothing alliance, and so little defence...you were asking to get raided.
  11. Just a quick question, on the in-game web why are there 2 MDoP's between Bk and InGen? <edit>Scratch that, must have been a display bug because it is fine after I refreshed the page.
  12. You're kidding, right? Maybe you should keep track of your own posts. It really hurts your credibility when you contradict something you've said before.
  13. Things like this help the game grow. We need something or someone to laugh at every once in a while.
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