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  1. I wanted to raid joe 😭 boyce can plunder three banks and I can't plunder one? You lot are party poopers 😠
  2. it's an exploit when you buy more nukes than your nation can pay for.
  3. how is that constructive criticism? the hollowness of your opinion makes me question your intelligence in degrees your small mind can't process. Next time you try to make a comment, do please attempt to sound older than 5.
  4. Can we have the possibility to have more than 3 recycling centers in a city? pollution can get out of control. I gather 5 centers should be enough to cover pollution up to 3000 infra.
  5. I want to say something funny but omg.. I just... these are mighty warriors indeed!!! I have a new found respect for tCW now. Total war beasts.
  6. prove your might? Boy if I had to beat a bloodied and already beaten bloc to "prove my might" I would know I have hit the absolute bottom.
  7. hand over proof Fraggle as Alex said. If you can't do that then you are just weaponizing moderation just because you are salty you got your stolen/spawned resources deleted.
  8. what happened to the stolen spawned resources @Alex? Were they deleted?
  9. we, the community can't touch that stash, but Alex will take care of it I am sure.
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