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  1. I mentioned something similar to this. If neither nation performs an attack in 24 hours, the war expires.
  2. I like that you don't get beiged if you are the aggressor
  3. why does the beige have to last up to 8 days if a full rebuild takes 5? I don't mind that it stacks up, but I don't think it needs to be stacked up for over 5 days. maybe, we could add a max stack of 5 days and once that is reached (3 total beiges) all other wars automatically expire. This also means the loser will only be plundered 3 times and winners will likely race to be amongst the first 3 beigers thus, encouraging the proper use of beige. That would ensure the defender 5 days of uninterrupted beige without nations "sitting" on them. Another little tweak could be that a war must have at least 1 attack every 24 hours from either party or the war will expire. That's easily played around but it will also help the whole "sitting" strategy we are so used to to circumvent the purpose of beige.
  4. welcome back @Apeman nuke some whales but don't nuke me.
  5. we made good dinero legitimately didn't we
  6. the changes are alright you guys. Let's see how they respond in real conflicts first and see how we can change it for the better once we have seen the results.
  7. blitz, KT, blitz Empyrea and blitz TGH (I didn't want to show favouritism) Spanish Armada, Grumpy and Yarr
  8. no issue with the new changes. We will just adapt like we always have in the past. If after a war, these changes are proved to be faulty, Alex will do another tweak. Don't sweat it kids, we survived IQ, we can certainly survive some minor score adjustments.
  9. despite any differences we may have had many years ago over me not wanting to sell or buy your food very best wishes in your life. Take care and respect the quarantine.
  10. I don't know, I am salty.
  11. you suck, you are back playing when I tried so very hard to get you not to delete your nation 2 years ago.
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