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  1. Seb

    peace talks

    This continued argument is fine and all, but I think you all forgot the actual purpose of it. To find a middle ground so people stopped quitting due to the longest lasting war in our history. Between the Chaos/Ketog war and this one, we have been at war for 80% of the current year. During that time, politics sucked. Today, my country is being torn apart by politicians that can't agree on anything and manipulate the working class to get some leverage on one another. It's funny how this game reflects the same thing. Nothing is ever solved, the "leaders" don't look out for their members and the only thing that matters is their own stupid pride!!! get it together boys and girls, don't kill the game just yet.
  2. Seb

    peace talks

    2 classmates had a fight, they don't want to talk to eachother. the teacher puts them together and after a long talk he asks them to shake hands. Neither boy will stretch his hand first. Teacher says that they won't leave their spot until they shake hands. It's been like 5 months and the boys are still staring at eachother and neither is willing to make the first move. Sounds familiar?
  3. Seb

    peace talks

    we agree to surrender. Can I have the rest of the terms now?
  4. Seb

    peace talks

    I beg to differ. I can write 10 pages saying I surrender even if I don't think I lost.
  5. Seb

    peace talks

    dude, what does that even mean? accept a term before you send the actual terms? Col B needs to give a list of terms whatever they may be. Add non negotiable surrender if you want to, but put something forth.
  6. Seb

    peace talks

    I don't like what you say because it contradicts my wishes. Don't speak again
  7. Seb

    peace talks

    I want peace call me a pixel hugger
  8. Seb

    peace talks

    The war has lasted for 6 months or so. I think we can all agree we have dragged this out for longer than reasonably accepted. I think most people on both sides want this to end after such a long time. So on behalf of myself and whoever else wants some answers: what are Col B terms to end the war? what are Col A terms to end the war? what the heck do you people want? (by people I mean both Coalitions representatives) if you just want the war to last forever or both side's terms are unreconcilable, can you guys at least put them forth for the 5 thousand people's community to hear?
  9. Seb

    Slot Filling

    I wanted to raid joe 😭 boyce can plunder three banks and I can't plunder one? You lot are party poopers 😠
  10. it's an exploit when you buy more nukes than your nation can pay for.
  11. how is that constructive criticism? the hollowness of your opinion makes me question your intelligence in degrees your small mind can't process. Next time you try to make a comment, do please attempt to sound older than 5.
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