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  1. Seb

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    I think all war dodgers should die. despite the side they are in. that includes desserters
  2. Seb

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    Abbas is sad nobody replied to his question
  3. Seb

    IQ/tS is winning, but are they having fun?

    I spent 15 days getting rolled and sat on, that was not fun @memph @vanek you two...
  4. Seb

    Advanced Idea Mechanics Annoucement

    dafuk is this. AIM is fricking dead you excelent noob
  5. Seb

    Shifty News Network-Pepper

    what he said
  6. Seb

    Advanced Idea Mechanics Annoucement

    trolls all of you
  7. Seb

    Advanced Idea Mechanics Annoucement

    I didn't take it at heart but you put me on the spot so an answer to your post was required. good one if it was just a joke tho ✌️
  8. Seb

    Advanced Idea Mechanics Annoucement

    you clearly don't know me Prefontaine. I don't need to even defend myself with such accusation. My old investors, my old clients, even the current investors from Emerald Bank that were severely damaged by Dillon's stunt know who I am and can speak of my integrity. Ask my enemies even if I would be capable of taking something that isn't mine. If you are going to accuse, do it with more facts buddy. Have a good day
  9. Seb

    Let's Dance

    That's what's missing, a comic from Ripper!!! @Ripper you are summoned
  10. Seb

    Let's Dance

    Maia's Magic Daddy-Yesterday at 7:17 PM Hello Orbis. We are gathered here today in celebration of our Alliance, Durmstrang, a place where most of us found the home we had been seeking in years of wondering throughout all corners of Orbis. I am very happy with what we have achieved while we existed, we have made great friends inside and outside this walls; we have gained strong allies that will be forever in our thoughts. As everything in life, Durmstrang also had a finite time in the world, it was fun while it lasted and we don’t regret one minute of it. But just as all things, DS has come to its end. With unmeasurable pride to all we have built, I say good bye to this baby of mine. I stand tall when closing the doors of this fine castle behind me after all inhabitants have vacated the premises. Thank you to all the people that have come through our doors, you made my dream come true and for that I will be eternally grateful. Thank you to all our allies that time after time proved to be made of iron and defended our interests as their own, you also made this dream possible. Thank you for our rivals in declared wars or otherwise who valiantly fought us both in Politics and Wars, without you our existence wouldn’t have had purpose. As part of our farewell Durmstrang hosted a fine Wizarding Ball for our members and special guests. You can see the preparations and the ball itself below thanks to the masterful skills of our camerawoman Maia “hit-girl”. Ball part one Ball part two Part three is yet to come.
  11. Seb


    please move to Orbis Central is this is not the place to post it?
  12. Seb


    what this morning started as a harmless joke, #6900 impersonated me on Discord and started trolling people. I came later that day and we had a silly exchange and I considered him funny and harmless. However, he took it a step further and has been using my name to promise payments to micros to attack other micros under the excuse that they defaulted on me. Aparently my doppleganger doesn't know I no longer do loans, so nobody can default on me anymore. this was funny at first but the joke is over the real me is @Seb#7110 and the fake guy is @Seb#6900. please make sure you check who is talking to you if the request is shady.
  13. this is fun, its playing a whole new game. its not bad, its just different and we will obviously adapt to it.
  14. Seb



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