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  1. "The War to Probably Begin Other Wars" Or we should just keep it at Silent War II
  2. I want to see this guy in the 60's. In America. Let's see how that turns out.
  3. I don't think U-Boats submarines would be a good idea.
  4. Me. A small smiling face surrounded by the complete darkness of society. The pain of the darkness gives me happiness.
  5. We should rename this thread "How Catsby Got One Star From Everyone"
  6. The disputed between alliances are ending. The world is being held together by paper. Darth Revan vs. Kylo Ren Kastor would be cool.
  7. So, you build a bunch of nukes to completely annihilate your opponents entire nation. Let the alliance cold wars begin. Then let the alliance cold wars become not cold. Then let the world starve. Then let the world complain. Then let the rebuilding begin. Then let the alliance cold wars begin. Then let the endless cycle begin. 9/10. Good idea.
  8. Rocket propulsion began after the the launch and is mostly just used to help get it where it needs to be. And the station is decommissioned and its parts are being recycled.
  9. We still have recovered most of the materials, and the only waste was the fuel used to carry it into orbit. Everything else will be recycled.
  10. ANNOUNCEMENT Brought to you by the Liastisan Military association and the Liastisan Space Program. Decommission of Orbital Weapon Word has began to spread that today, after only a week of Operation, the Liastisan Orbital Weapons Platform X-11 will be decommissioned and the parts will be used for scrap. King Agrur stated in a conference today, "This weapon is inefficient, difficult to aim, and overall a complete waste of money." King Agrur has ordered the removal of this weapon from orbit. It is planned to rendezvous and dock to the Liastisa 1 in a day. A response to this by Defense m
  11. The weapon was not dropped into a giant pile of gunpowder or TNT, it was loaded with explosive chemicals, the capacity of the missile was relatively large, and it was propelled by rocket fuel. King Argur has also announced that this weapon will be removed in the next orbital slingshot by the Areli Alpha.
  12. Rekish accusations of false technologies are incorrect. Liastisa responsibly has control of the described orbital weapons platform.
  13. LNNN Liastisan National News Network, Brought to you by the Liastisan Media Association 1122 Wirchiuy Roilit 223-4 Streokury Liastisa Questionings on Space Program Funding Today people of Liastisa question Marcus Agrur's demand to raise funding for LSP, or the Liastisan Space Program. In recent weeks, King Agrur had requested the production of large amounts of Kerosene and Liquid oxygen to fuel multiple planned Martian Missions Areli II and III. The population of Liastisa has began to question the King's large expenditure in the space program. As environmental protection activist
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