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    The Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy.
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    Well. I don't really have any interests. I have no life outside of this game.
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  1. Marcus Agrur

    A near-impossible puzzle.

    Now April 17 2017 5:26 AM Five twenty six.
  2. Marcus Agrur

    A near-impossible puzzle.

  3. Marcus Agrur

    Cobra Kai isn't ready to be a father

    Oh yay.... When are we all going to stop fighting?
  4. Marcus Agrur

    Name the War

    "The War to Probably Begin Other Wars" Or we should just keep it at Silent War II
  5. Marcus Agrur

    War Rumors

  6. Marcus Agrur

    War Rumors

    Can we maybe not fight?
  7. Marcus Agrur

    Tell me how Communism is bad

    I want to see this guy in the 60's. In America. Let's see how that turns out.
  8. Marcus Agrur

    War Rumors

  9. Marcus Agrur


    I don't think U-Boats submarines would be a good idea.
  10. Marcus Agrur

    -... . . .--. / -... . . .--. / -... . . .--. / -... . . .--. / -... . . .--.

    Oh. Another treaty. In that case ... --- ...
  11. Marcus Agrur

    Describe the above's profile picture

    A funny little person.
  12. Marcus Agrur

    Describe the above's profile picture

    Me. A small smiling face surrounded by the complete darkness of society. The pain of the darkness gives me happiness.
  13. Marcus Agrur

    5 Stars

    We should rename this thread "How Catsby Got One Star From Everyone"

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