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  1. Wilhelm the Demented

    If you could...

    Most micros won't succeed and are harmful on an economic basis unless they have a dedicated government and core of effectively large nations paying into taxes (or donating) to invest in growing new players. This means splinters from the larger AAs are generally the best positioned to actually help the game, by establishing diverse and resilient communities, and testing the internal capabilities of the larger alliances they splinter off from. A lot of these fail because they are lead by idiots though, so it's a gamble either way. Most micros are harmful though, because they simply can't offer players a rewarding and truly competitive experience. Not unless they seek out guidance and help from larger AAs via protectorates. Larger alliances are mostly okay because they have the collective capacity to offer such experiences and resources, but if they don't have a strong community or vision, or lack good leadership, they'll give in to attrition or fatal mistakes given enough time. And some just don't do anything because they're timid about rocking the boat, which has a negative impact on the game. It is a balance, really. I'd take fifty solid 20-30 member AAs over ten 100 member AAs any day. But it's hard to find enough competent leaders and players in a game this small to really see that happen, not without.a significant paradigm shift. Makes me wonder if a mechanic to deter alliances from having too many members would have a good effect on things, but honestly you'd probably just end up with divisions (Black Knights #1, Black Knights #2, Black Knights #3 etc). Could still end up generating drama though, I guess?
  2. Wilhelm the Demented

    Training target-nation for new players.

    I like it - how would their militaries and infra be managed though? Respawn every day at a certain rate or what? And what would the objectives be? I think this has a lot of potential though, since navigating the war screen is a pretty crucial aspect of playing the game, especially for new nations.
  3. Wilhelm the Demented

    The Future of PnW

    Very drunk. It isn't a war if you know how well you're doing before you wake up the next day.
  4. Wilhelm the Demented

    The Future of PnW

    Dubayoo. A sense of friendly competition is a moral stance.
  5. Wilhelm the Demented

    The Future of PnW

    On the whole the political "maturity" of this game was at least on par, if not better, back in the day than it currently is. I'd argue it was more mature by miles, but am certainly biased. The community was, in fact, smaller and less diverse but still dynamic and very interesting - in large part because a lot of the foundational communities in this game were overtly designed that way. With a strong emphasis on paperless relations and small, particular spheres of power. Things didn't get "bipolar" for quite awhile, and to reiterate a point from my previous post that owes a lot to competent alliance leaders stirring the pot. I will concede that the age of the game is a big factor though - at that point 16 cities was "whale tier" and I arrived late to the party. I will contest the notion though, that the longer somebody has had a nation the more "invested" they are in it, there are 20+ city players who couldn't give a shit about their nation and 5 city nations who are maticulously calculating their every purchase because they're so invested - a lot of that boils down to playstyle and thats why we have different alliances tbqh. The age of the game really only matters because it effects strategic culpability in the sense that experience, resources, and city counts all have a tendency to cluster up in tiers and as the top tier tries to run away that disparity becomes all the more noticeable. And has much more to do with politcal and individual maneuvering than stockpiles. Now on to your specific points: 1.) Blue Balls is real. That's why defense slots are the most coveted resource in the game. But trust me, you don't have to fight every two months to keep your members entertained if you know what you're doing. Going much farther than that on this point is nebulous though - again it reflects a lot more on playstyle than alliance leadership and war cycles. Players that like to fight will generate a fight, but for every fighter there are 2 pixel huggers and 10 players that fall somewhere in the middle. Again, this is why we have different AAs - splinters happen for this very reason and a healthy AA shouldn't mind it so long as their core remains viable. I'd also like to point out this isn't really a competing point either because by the time your members should be getting bored they should have had ample time to build up a stockpile. And, generally speaking, members are more entertained when they're winning and that takes a lot of time to pull off properly. 2.) Again, this sort of boils down to playstyle but ultimately it seems you're, by and large, ignoring morally and mission motivated AAs which will scrap with anybody win, lose, or draw to prove a point. In general though, I'll agree preparedness is an important thing most alliances consider before entering a war but it is not the deciding factor at all. Political support, opportunity, moral direction, and the best interests of the alliance (including keeping those bored members entertained) as a whole are much more important considerations in general. And to reiterate: building a war chest just isn't that difficult if you know what you are doing. 3.) Definitely more a symptom than the cause. But I'll add: if you're acting out of a sense of urgency you are probably just a tad too late. 😛 4.) The timeframe has gotten longer more by the scale and size of the current alliances and lack of diversity (clustering) than the age of the game, imo. Anybody who's been around more than half a year should be adequately prepared and that preparedness should roll over from war to war and improve. If you aren't keeping up it's because you're expanding the AA too quickly or lack any semblence of discipline. Though i will note here that it is easier to grow and prepare an AA when you already have an established core of developed nations and haven't recently lost a war. Which is why it just sucks to be a micro, or even a less established AA, most of the time - but when have either instigated a largescale conflict, really? Most micros, recently fought, and newer AAs operate almost exclusively in the periphery. Again, I can't necessarily fault players or alliance leaders - the mechanics are biased against stirring the pot as I said before. My main disagreement with you is that something as simple as stockpiles are the main culprit of extended peacetime and warring cycles - it just isn't true. There is too much extra going on to boil things down to that level of simplicity.
  6. Wilhelm the Demented

    The Future of PnW

    I'd argue long periods of peace have a lot less to do with war chests and much more to do with politcal maneuvering. It's actually relatively easy to build a war chest if you know what you're doing. And while it certainly takes a bit of time, it just can't be the main factor by itself. Two points: 1.) I think it's fair to say most alliance leaders actively avoid wars, particularly ones that don't have easy odds. There are certainly more antagonistic sorts, and plenty of movers and shakers who are admirable. BUT if you polled every gov member in this game i bet you find most would agree to two key tenets "It is my job to look after my members' best interests" and "long term economic gains tend to do more for an alliance than a successful war" (especially so in about 2/3 of every triumvirate). 2.) Building a successful coalition of alliances is difficult even when you have everything going for you - and most successful coalitions begin disagreeing almost immediately after they've all agreed to declare war. Establishing all the necessary contacts and trust is definitely the most time consuming aspect of a prolonged peace and after war is declared getting everyone to agree on terms is certainly the most time consuming aspect of war. This is why I prefer IA. Combine both of those points and you end up in a situation where there is no particular incentive to antagonize the game any more than one has to, so they can build political relations and prepare their alliance for war AND no incentive for the victorious coalition to peace out promptly as an adversary that is pinned down is preferrable to one that's free to maneuver both financially and politically, for the most part. Especially if that enemy is voluntarily re-throwing themselves on the sword which is basically what happens every time somewhere after round three or four when all the good whaling opportunities have dried up. Realistically, if you want a more fluid and fast paced game - you'd need to reduce the potential costs of taking (and failing) risks + a much larger and diverse range of alliances and players + more balanced and competitive mechanics (particularly ones that are actively re-worked to keep things on an even tier). This game offers none of those things. If you want to succeed at a persistent nation sim, the first step is creating a nation and the second step is simply persisting long enough for every other player in the game to get bored and delete. Frankly, I'm surprised this game has remained as interesting as it currently is, and a lot of that credit goes to competent alliance leaders who are actively stirring the pot. The problem is this game is mechanically biased against stirring the pot, no matter how competent you think you are.
  7. Wilhelm the Demented

    Surrender to NR

    You should have held out and negotiated for white peace at least.
  8. Wilhelm the Demented

    69 hour notice.

    It's always a shame having to cut ties, but after what they did to y'all I can understand. At least you have the Knights Templar, KT, Knights Templar, and that one Templar Knights themed AA I can never remember the name of beside you throughout all these hard times.
  9. Wilhelm the Demented

    Lordaeron Announcement

    This is when we all find out Noctis wants the down votes. You've all played directly into his infallible hands.
  10. Wilhelm the Demented

    Per your request. $yndicate CB talk.

    If you think you have it bad, just remind yourself that I had to lead an alliance with him.
  11. Wilhelm the Demented

    Per your request. $yndicate CB talk.

    As a member with high level access to The Syndicate's affairs, I can confirm that we were 100% committed to unquestionably backing EMC forever until Partisan took over and ruined everything and absolutely no one else's conduct had anything at all to do with this.
  12. Wilhelm the Demented

    Amid Series of Scandals. Executive Officer Retires

    The blame can be laid squarely at Chaunce's feet for that one.
  13. The Syndicate prides itself on transparency, high moral and ethical standards, and a profound commitment to maintaining a high standard of behavior and results. This is why after a tumultuous series of scandalous events swirling around all of our competitors, the Syndicate is pleased to focus on the retirement of somebody who has a perfect record of behavior, proven decision-making ability, and absolutely no failures on record whatsoever. Wilhelm the Demented, our Chief Operations Officer, (who is certainly not demented in the slightest) has just recently announced his intent to retire from the Executive Board of the Syndicate after a stellar track record of performance and contributions to the alliance, despite a multitude of missteps and mistakes made by the Syndicate’s various rivals abroad. It can not be understated how perfect an individual Wilhelm the not Demented is, and how the Syndicate will certainly be at a loss for at least a week or so in his absence, but after a time of absolutely no errors or mistakes they must find a way without such a fine example of calculated, controlled leadership. All this taking place against the backdrop of the Syndicate’s various political adversaries being absorbed in the chaos of external diplomatic instability. It must be noted that Wilhelm’s hawkish pragmatism has served his alliance very well. Wilhelm’s robust presence in negotiation chambers will be sorely missed in this period of contextless uncertainty. Wilhelm has already committed all of his retirement to charitable donations and service to provide for and develop those in Orbis most in need of aid - proving that excellence does not end with a beautifully executed career and retirement but that it can only expand and grow beyond conception afterward when you’re talking about an individual with such a pure, flawless, and amazing history. In his most noticeable and depressing absence, the Syndicate would like to announce Leopold von Habsburg as the new Chief Operations Officer. He’ll do for now, we guess, though our hearts are broken at the thought of change after such a smooth and near-effortless period under Wilhelm’s guidance. One can’t help but admire the modesty and humility of the man. This announcement was written and edited by a totally unbiased third party.
  14. Wilhelm the Demented

    Shifty News Network-So far, so good, so what?

    I didn't even know I had a welcome.
  15. Wilhelm the Demented

    Shifty News Network-Antisocial

    And yet an MDP still doesn't transfer protection. e$ is an extension of t$ and everyone should know that - but we still make it plain and apparent what the relationship is regarding protection. SG mishandled their treaties, Camelot fumbled their FA, and BK lied so they could make it all right again. What's not to love about this glorious example of competent scheming?

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