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  1. Tldr Well I mean, in part thanks to you guys, that's already occuring 😛
  2. Your name is ironic in this statement. We're not disagreeing on this. We're disagreeing if that's appropriate, to which the answer is no.
  3. Honestly man, I'm too lazy to keep changing it on every damn device I buy or download. I open in in chrome, it's dark, I open it in opera, it's light, I open on my old phone it was dark, I open on my new one, it's still light. Needs to be a universal setting.
  4. Okay, you might want to actually go back and read who's saying what. That's not blackmail, and doesn't fall into the category being punished from what Alex said. That's what Elijah is pushing to be added to these rules, and what Alex and I are saying is silly to do. Telling your friend to stop doing something or you'll report them for it is promoting good behaviour, telling them you'll report them for doing it unless they do something for you I.E. NPO, or give you something, I.E. akuryo, is blackmail. *I'll also note akuryo has clarified it wasn't the threat of reporting that was leveraged, but the threat of posting it, but it's still blackmail*
  5. "OJ killed someone, therefore I have the right to do so." The rule is to prevent it from happening moving forward, which means yeah, people did it to spark the situation, that doesn't make it okay, which is why the rule now exists.
  6. And all that does is create fear of reporting, if you're not cheating there's really no effect in simple claims. The player reports you, Alex takes a look, everyone goes about their day. There is however legal ramifications in allowing blackmail to occur on your website.
  7. I believe you're misreading that rule. It's meant to stop the blackmail NPO was pulling earlier in the war, not to stop reports. Saying you think someone is cheating doesn't apply, but saying you'll report if they don't [insert x], is against the rules.
  8. Is it desperation? I see your side constantly upset and stressed, while we're over here having a good time.
  9. What a fantastic idea, thank you for pointing it out.
  10. I mean, at the end of the day, I have far more friends in, and quite enjoy speaking to the people on the other side of the front. My issues with them is with their governance, not the people themselves, much like they have issues with our side's governance, and thus conflict exists. But @Dio Brando for all we argue and shit on eachother, is an extremely good friend of mine, and even as he's commanded attacks on me, and vice-versa it's a game with the objective of having fun. You don't sincerely hate the people at the end of your barrel in CoDExcept when you die, they're just your enemy in that moment. That said, Frawley is a monster, who rudely destroys the game by making stats available to everyone. He must meet punishment.
  11. This isn't the selfie thread Oh shit, happy day before birthday @Alucard Hellsing and fam
  12. Oh, you're going to be so mad when you realize it made me read neither.
  13. Why is the tl;dr longer than the part I was too lazy to read...?
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