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  1. Rosey Song

    Azure 2.0 (The End)

    Alright, first of all, who are you to make comments on my actions? Second of all, I declined all interviews on the matter for a reason, I'll thank you to leave me the hell out of the drama, I'm doing what I can to ensure shareholders get their money, and frankly idiots like you only fuel the fire that makes it harder to ensure shareholders are taken care of. If you wanna pass judgement, do it after people get their money back.
  2. Rosey Song

    Impreza's Journal: Entry #2 - Bank Drama

    Next time when I say I need to take tea with you. Maybe you should listen, regardless to if you don't like me.
  3. Sorry, can you remind me who CKD was and why I should care?

  4. Cool story. Tell me another one mommy.
  5. Dragonic still isn't a word
  6. Rosey Song

    Seasonal Waifus (Winter 2018/2019)

    Honestly, best waifu of the season is the artist of this clip
  7. Rosey Song

    Let the Games Begin

    You're all stupid, now go home and think about what you did so we don't repeat the mistakes of this thread.
  8. Rosey Song

    Let the Games Begin

    PnW has never exactly been a bastion of intellect Buorhann, nuances require a lot of looking at situations as not 1 dimensional, which is hard for them to comprehend.
  9. Rosey Song

    How are are market prices determined?

    tl;dr, the average price for the last 10,000 trades of any given product is listed as the "average" price up at the top.
  10. Rosey Song

    2019 Alliance Proposal

    I mean, in the early parts of a war this would work, but as the 3 month slugfest comes to an end, it makes much less sense overtime as the battlefield starts to deteriorate into 'who's actually in range, and easy to kill'. I would say it would need to be x amount of wars in x amount of days to be accurate, as especially with the whale alliances, it's going to be rare to ever see them get to 150 wars with anyone when they have fewer than 50 players a piece normally. Additionally, having it be "in x amount of days" shows the continued tension in the world as the remaining wars from the war teeter out and everyone waits to see if the peace will hold.
  11. Rosey Song

    Ship Ship Plane Plane Nuke

    All like, 2 or 3 of them that were left?
  12. Rosey Song

    Surrendering to Nova

    I'm sure a remaining nationlist could be found with some effort. Not actually quoting this, just telling you to get rid of that TEST forum pip.
  13. Rosey Song

    Surrendering to Nova

    I don't even see you on our war list, but thanks for pointing out I can attack you.
  14. Rosey Song

    SNN: Money for Nothing


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