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  1. See, this is why I keep insisting on the use of Cannon-fodder instead of meatshield. Meatshield is so offensive. Cannon-fodder is at least a powerful term. People never listen to rosey, and other people get their feelings hurt as a result 🙁 Since I can tell the context will be lost, I'll point out ahead of time this is satire. Good luck rebuilding people who got peace, one day I might get to join you~
  2. That'd be automated, since they're pressing buttons, not *a button*. Alex was actually pretty specific on his allowance if you bothered to read it instead of responding to the air. Note the bold is not plural. You can make an app to send money, as long as it requires the command to be given by a human. You can make an app to do x, so long as the command (remember your pluralization rules here) is done by a human.
  3. Rosey Song

    Slot Filling

    Furthermore, as inst comes to terms that this isn't slot filling, @Alex I'd frankly like to report him for harassment and trying to weaponize administration.
  4. Wasn't what he stated. Any rules you can write, I can find a reasonable use that would be banned by it. The rules as they are, are fine, so long as everyone is allowed access to the same tools and abilities.
  5. So draw the line, tell me what is and isn't acceptable in your mind.
  6. tbf, I've come to like most of the GOONs I've had a chance to talk to when they break character. Not entirely sure I like some of the characters you lot have thought up though 😉, to each their own though, as long as it doesn't intrude others having fun too.
  7. Didn't say he did, go back and you'll see I cut my response down to a very specific part of your post, and again, learn not to over-extend
  8. Sure why not? And you can believe whatever you want, player's feelings don't dictate the game laws, Alex's statements do, and they've declared it an okay practice.
  9. Alex has on multiple occasions okayed the use of this software, so long as a human is required to actually input a command, or press a button. If you're going to go off, learn not to over-extend.
  10. Rosey Song

    Slot Filling

    No, Ships are for losers, stop using them.
  11. Rosey Song

    Slot Filling

    Nothing about these wars has been slot filling, inst simply doesn't like me. His attack towards me where he went 60 hours without launching an attack was legitimate slot filling, but feel free to look at the logs of the war, and both sides have actively been trying to win. Go cry in mommys arms inst, the forum is for grown ups.
  12. It's literally already named Dial Up, the Wiki mods are being stubborn and irritating about it, but the community has already unilaterally decided on Dial-up. And tonight is showing us it remains a worthy name.
  13. No I think George forgot how the forum works, and was saying that to you.
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