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  1. Rosey Song

    Buff Terrorism

    I mean I'm all for balancing, I just don't see the value in this. There's almost no scenario in a war where destroying any amount of infra would be more useful than aircraft or tanks, and using it in peace-time is just random grieffing so shouldn't do too much damage.
  2. Thanks, that edit is more or less what I was looking for
  3. Can we please get the actual formula for the new population so we can update sheets(and any other tools) that calculate it?
  4. Rosey Song

    Increased Costs to Build New Cities

    Quite simple. Not you
  5. Rosey Song

    Increased Costs to Build New Cities

    Sure, but I'm not, and have no intent on addressing it's effect on players who simply wanted to grow being punished for wishing to play the game correctly. I think my wording says enough in that regard. As for micro banks 🤷‍♀️ Leviathan started as a micro-bank, we had enough established connections in our first week that we would have been able to take this hit and it would have expedited our growth further. As the market stands, typically banks seek out resource traders, whereas this update would incentive resource traders to seek out banks, so I imagine they'd still find people willing to help them start up. I frankly think the filter for starting a bank is far too low, adding that additional barrier would at least make it so only people with enough drive to succeed would be able to get off the ground. Edit: I forgot to address the first line. If it do be like that, then it do be like that. You leaving the market increases ROI for other banks who stick around who can't get all their money loaned out. Like I said, the banking community will continue, it'll just become more focused on the people who truly want, and have the skill, to run a bank and filters out those who don't.
  6. Rosey Song

    Increased Costs to Build New Cities

    Additional sidenote: I do still hate the idea, and hate even more that I have to even remotely agree with Alex on something in regards to such a retarded idea, so have a distaste for all of you for making me do so. But at least be sensible, reasonable people, and think long-game, so I don't have to defend stupid ideas from even stupider arguments.
  7. Rosey Song

    Increased Costs to Build New Cities

    So I still don't want to majorly acknowledge Alex's lack of care for his community. But I did have a relatively brief conversation with Sphinx regarding his concerns on how this will affect the banking community. My investment in the banking community is much less as all I'm doing there right now is helping finish up the liquidation of Manticore, then I plan to take a break so I can focus on my coding studies and the few projects I've started, but I would like to state I find Alex or prefontaine (whoever stated this) to be, 'semi-correct'. Sphinx's issue seems to be more an immediate short-term collapse, but if his concerns are correct, it wouldn't end the banking economy as we know it, banks would indeed adapt, but there will be a huge wall to punch through for currently existing banks as people want to divest in the short term to rush cities, but the long term really shows no major impact, and I suspect the smart banks will even try to utilize the situation by gathering up money now, so that when the change goes into affect, they can issue a bunch of loans to people who are looking to race the clock. Regarding the long term of the banking community when this goes into effect, and again, it's Alex, your attempts at stopping it are literally futile so I'm not going to bother with "if they get implemented", I see a future with banks partnering with resource traders. Loan's taken will go down, but the amounts in those loans will go up as people will need money for the resources as well, or if the bank is savvy, as I said, they partner with resource traders, buy in bulk based on what they expect their users will need to get a discount, and include full price on the loans. ROI doesn't go down, just banks have to become business minded people, and figure out how to utilize the new mechanics for their profit. None of this is to diminish his concern regarding a large scale divestment, that is going to be a hit on the banking community no matter what. But the best banks, will adapt, it's really just getting over that hurdle, in which I suspect a lot of people will lose a bit of faith in the stock purchasing, but good banks will survive, and they will rebuild. That was more ramble-y than I intended, so to tl;dr it. Sphinx's concerns are justified, but it will not be the end of banking as he claims.
  8. Rosey Song

    Increased Costs to Build New Cities

    Sphinx made me read his post, and I assume wanted some kind of response, but frankly, Alex being self-destructive towards his community is so entirely in character to the point that I don't honestly see the value in making a valid response to it. Read about 1/3rd of my messages on the discord, and you'll typically find me calling him out for doing just that, he doesn't care there, I don't see him caring here. If he thinks it's a good idea, he'll do it regardless to community impact or opinion.
  9. Rosey Song

    Do we like war?

    I'm honestly impressed you're not trying to recruit him
  10. Rosey Song

    Remove war

    >wouldn't be at war non-stop with 5 nation's 1. Learn your history about the Barbary states that we're basically at war with the entire world while they existed. 2. Until just recently in real life history, war was nearly non-stop. Look at the Romans, look at the Brits, carthaginians, etc. Nation's were rarely at peace, and large wars have really only gotten under control because of the invention of the ability of the only major powers being able to entirely annihilate each other. Something that isn't implemented in the game. In short. Be stupid if you wish, don't be upset when the entire community laughs at you though
  11. Rosey Song

    @everyone - It's true.

    Time for chaos to return to orbis. Lezzgo hippo o/
  12. Rosey Song

    SNN-Between a Roq and a Hard Place

    I don't know if I'm more impressed by the post, or that Shifty actually posting an article that wasn't only targeting TKR and crew.
  13. Rosey Song

    Azure 2.0 (The End)

    Alright, first of all, who are you to make comments on my actions? Second of all, I declined all interviews on the matter for a reason, I'll thank you to leave me the hell out of the drama, I'm doing what I can to ensure shareholders get their money, and frankly idiots like you only fuel the fire that makes it harder to ensure shareholders are taken care of. If you wanna pass judgement, do it after people get their money back.
  14. Rosey Song

    Impreza's Journal: Entry #2 - Bank Drama

    Next time when I say I need to take tea with you. Maybe you should listen, regardless to if you don't like me.
  15. Sorry, can you remind me who CKD was and why I should care?


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