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  1. That doesn't really address his concern. He's worried about the game going RuneScape's path, and making all future useful features premium only. While I'm worried about it going the esim route where essential tools become premium only. Similar concerns, but vastly different solutions to address them.
  2. I wouldn't call this mission accomplished by any means, but it at least makes it difficult enough to abuse that other potential abuses can be rooted out as they come to light. Thank you for at least partially listening to the community here.
  3. Rosey Song

    WTJF7, Your Local Terminal Jest Newscast

    Sure, but they don't involve us, therefor there's nothing for us to get upset over.
  4. Sheepy's broke, get ready for PnW to become a Pay2Win game guys.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Mellar of Corcoria

      Mellar of Corcoria

      Alex is a sheep?

    3. Rosey Song

      Rosey Song

      In this thread, we seperate the newbies from people who know why Alex is Sheepy.

    4. MonkeyDLegend


      The new nick is Sleepy, and ur right about P2W

  5. Rosey Song

    The Axis Accord Withdraws

    lololololol, did they really just?
  6. Rosey Song

    The Axis Accord Withdraws

  7. Rosey Song

    The United Empire of Za'Aharon Makes Its Exit

    Uhhh, you mean that one that split up and rebranded and is no longer in cov as far as I'm aware?
  8. Rosey Song

    WTJF7, Your Local Terminal Jest Newscast

    For, uh... Running their alliance?
  9. Rosey Song

    Super Urgent Alliance News (SUAN)

  10. Rosey Song

    Super Urgent Alliance News (SUAN)

    BPW would have to manage to get one of their people into the top 10
  11. Rosey Song

    Blatantly Self-Serving War suggestion

  12. Rosey Song

    Brave and Beautiful Peace.

    How did literally all of you ignore OGREKT
  13. Rosey Song

    We are here for the Whales

    *Stares at @JtTeE in penguin*

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