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  1. Rosey Song

    Typhon Run By Tyrant

    Someone ping shifty and ask him where the hell my Shifty's shitpost is for this
  2. Rosey Song


    No content, give me gooder stuff.
  3. Rosey Song

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    Kid, you're clearly too young for this game, so why don't you go right on ahead, delete your nation and crack the colouring books back out for yourself. Let someone who got the reference respond.
  4. Rosey Song

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    We haven't enough offensive slots to occupy you all. Sorry. We'd like to, but we can't accept your surrender. Was there anything else?
  5. Rosey Song

    Ya'll better watch you investments at Azure!

    This "Credit Rating Bureau" indeed already exist, but it's still new. I can seek out a link to it for you if you want to try and help them out, and I believe it really only addresses clients, not the banks themselves. As for the transparency issue, Leviathan is in the process of fully reviewing our policies and business practices, so I'll be glad to take some feedback about the pro/con of increased transparency to propose the case to our board. So feel free to message me @Joel James and psweet As for Azure, we've had our clashes with pretty much every bank in Orbis when we first started, Azure being no exception, but I wish them the best in trying to rebuild their reputation from this, and extend my advice if sir Sempre would like to listen.
  6. Rosey Song

    Lower Resistance Damage

    Honestly, this is the only statement that matters.
  7. Rosey Song

    Shifty News Network LLC- 13 Hours

    Well I guess since you're forcing my hand at a response, I should open this statement with, 90% of this was playful banter I thought I was sharing with a friend, and a lot of it is inaccurate, vaguely put, or plain wrong because the entire world knows not to trust your sorry behind completely. But alas, I let my form down to try and have a bit of fun in this war bantering with my friends who predominantly happen to be on the enemy side of this war and for that I owe many apologies. I'm going to attempt to be the bigger person and not drag your name through the mud in retaliation, but you left out a fair bit of context, like me stonewalling you about June until he had already confirmed he told you. We've been picking a bit of fun and banter at him and since we all considered you a friend I figured it was alright to let you in on it at that point. But yeah, finish dragging my name through the mud, and I'll answer what I need to to who I need to, and learn from this to grow. Strength through unity
  8. Rosey Song

    Shifty News Network LLC- 13 Hours

    The quality of Shifty news these days
  9. Rosey Song

    Post Your Waifu

    UMP9 and UMP45 from girls frontline
  10. Rosey Song

    Shifty News Network-Antisocial

    Sorry but, allow me to ask you the same thing. Kthx
  11. Rosey Song

    Shifty News Network-Antisocial

    Listening to AK complain about stolen money is cute. Truly is.
  12. Rosey Song

    The Crows Ahead Cry War

    MAGE: F
  13. Rosey Song

    Alliance relevance rank!

    I mean if you want my real opinions on the top 20, all you really gotta do is sit around on the PnW discord for a bit. I got something to say about all of them except Grumpy and Guardian. Grumpy cause from what little I actually know about them, they've earned my respect. Guardian, because there's no point in complaining publicly if I can say it directly to my leaders. 😆
  14. Rosey Song

    Alliance relevance rank!

    For obvious reasons, I would as well. But all of my ratings were kind of duos, I didn't put much thought into order. TKR/BK are important cause they're going to have a war. KT/TEst are important cause they're willing to start wars. GoB/Guardian are important cause they turn wars. So its more like 1/2. TKR/BK 3/4. GoB/Guardian 5/6. KT/TEst. [and if I put Guardian above, people would have whined and complained about how bias I am]
  15. Rosey Song

    Alliance relevance rank!

    1. BK 2. TKR 3. GoB 4. Guardian 5. KT 6. TEst 7. ??? 8. ??? 9. ??? 10. ??? BK and/or TKR are bound to be the center of a war soon enough KT and TEst are the only alliances that seem to have enough guts to fight anymore GoB and Guardian no more is required they've earned their spot.

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