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  1. It seems you haven't been looking close enough……
  2. Cheers on being one of the more civil members in this war on all sides We need more people on the OWF who can dispute without spewing poison and launching OOC attacks As for future relations between BK and Mensa, I can only speak for myself but I hope our alliance will keep that door open as well o/
  3. Black Knight is best knight. EnGuarde!
  4. Would you mind enlightening us again what those ideas were? Your generic statements of having 'ideas' are not at all convincing, and act as a poor rebuttal to Curu's points.
  5. For someone who's been a part of BK playing under Yoso, Strum and Curufinwe, I'd say Curu's been doing a fab job of making BK tick and our community fun. He's generally popular within our alliance, and we've heard no complaints about our leadership as a whole either which is pretty impressive considering our large membership base. So for someone who sounds like he's having an anuerysm every time he posts, your comment is worth but a pinch of salt.
  6. That is a pretty treaty - nice design From a personal standpoint, I've enjoyed being a part of OO and our alliance with the Syndisphere that's seen us rise from the second page of Orbis to the upper echelons of the game, and we couldn't have done it without their support. TKR has always been a staunch ally even if our political views differ from time to time, and I've had great fun interacting with their members of in the past, even participating in some of the games they've held. That being said, I'm also enjoying the little war we're having, and it's definitely made things more interesti
  7. I've always had this fuzzy feeling whenever Pantheon's mentioned That said, will be happy to joust with you Have fun o/
  8. Interesting! Excited to see where this will go Just one tiny error: *eccentric excentric
  9. With the Chola's help, BK might finally be going somewhere weeeeee
  10. Congrats to TKR, and alliance with one of the best themes in the game o/ Lordship, has always been a pleasure talking with you, grats on the promotion!
  11. Sad to see you go Luis and Proditum, but wish you all the best, and congratulations on your new positions! Good luck Sval, nice to see you've got some experienced members in your alliance o/ #BestRose
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