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  1. Inst

    Bill Lock

    Typically, the game takes up to 10 minutes to process the change in your improvement status after a turn change.
  2. Inst

    Live Today, Love Tomorrow

    I am willing to buy bonds from you with a 3 month maturity at 40% coupons. This compensates for the adverse risk assumed in loaning to you. These must also be guaranteed by your protector. This is equivalent to a 6.3% weekly interest rate.
  3. EM, I'll discuss this with you in PM for the sake of the privacy of the involved parties. And yes, a Pantheon member who left for BK hung a "I'm in VM" fake sign to confuse attackers. I ran something similar, and this was apparently sufficient to confuse AD milcom.
  4. The original situation was amicably resolved. But please be advised that, if you sell a bond to the HBTS as an original issuer, your obligation may be partially or fully transferred in the event of a bank theft. And if you are a bank thief, stolen funds from a bond issuer to the HBTS may come with attached loan conditions. I have nothing against bank thieves provided they do not directly affect me. I just stand by the validity of bonds being traded on the Hyperion Bond Trading System. === Also, if you'd like to buy coupons in the negotiated settlement, let me know! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qOUw5fvOOA70f8eB2GVVHvQtDHUqGHy9WKCPmxCFfK4/edit#gid=0
  5. Either I get the money back at high interest or I nuke the damages off. Either way, I get the utility I'm looking for.
  6. Hyperion Bond Trading System Official Announcement The Hyperion Bond Trading System (HBTS) is a bond trading system trading in all types of bonds, including zero coupon bonds, couponed bonds, junk bonds, subprime bonds, and perpetual bonds. As part of its normal trading activity, it has encountered a novel situation and must make a statement in order to protect both bond buyers and bond sellers. Recently, as part of HBTS's normal operations, it purchased 200 million in subprime bonds from a sovereign alliance. This alliance was subsequently the victim of a bank thief, who couped the alliance leader, disbanded the alliance, and rejoined a second alliance as government. The total sum stolen was about 200 million. Hyperion Bond Trading System would like it to be known that in some circumstances of bank theft, the bank thief is considered to also have stolen the alliance's bond obligations. If the bank thief, in these circumstances, ignores claims by HBTS and its affiliates on this debt, the bank thief will be considered to be in default and HBTS reserves the right to use all means necessary to recover this lost sum. HBTS, of course, will not attempt to reclaim the full value of the bank stolen, as it is a bank, not a protection agency, and will only seek to recover the liability stolen. HBTS feels that this policy instills extra confidence in both bond sellers and buyers in bonds traded through the HBTS.
  7. Inst

    IQ declares on IQ

    Yeah, I made that around the time NPO suicided into the KERCHTOg mid-tier.
  8. Inst

    IQ declares on IQ

    Our Roquentin, who art in heaven:
  9. Inst

    Peace Terms.

    Driving people from the game, unfortunately, is the best way to deal damage to opponents. For instance, if a single Grumpy C30 were to delete or defect, it would represent the destruction about 8 billion, far more than could be done with conventional warfare. Seb leaving would deal about the same damage as Theodosius' successful looting of the Polaris bank.
  10. Inst

    How long will this war go on for?

    Another 3 months of this. BKNPO still hasn't gotten reliably positive war stats, and Grumpy hasn't been submerged yet.
  11. Bonds for sale: Rollback bond (may be extended indefinitely) at 3% weekly equiv The Originals, face value $1,560,000,000, maturity November 1st Bond at 3% weekly equiv The Guild of the Netherworks, face value $312,000,000, maturity November 1st. Contact for pricing.
  12. I have the ability to buy billions of dollars in bonds at 2.5+ weekly interest (11+% monthly coupons) with a fixed repayment period of 1-3 months. If you are an alliance or High Net Worth Individual interested in selling me these bonds, please contact me by PM on this forum and we can discuss the bond sale / purchase. If you are interested in purchasing zero-coupon bonds, couponed bonds, or just coupons from me, also please let me know via PM.
  13. Looking forward to a three way war wherein Frawley adds a third color and there's 3 entries per alliance.
  14. TJest was traditionally counted in KERCHTOG. But as you can see above, Frawley's willing to have alliances switch sides (AD).

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