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  1. Inst

    The Fake SNN: Where is Nova Bank?

    I don't see the problem. If SynDIQ's goal is to destroy TKR-sphere's rebuilding warchest, as their unwillingness to conduct blockade chains suggests, funding NR's war effort helps to achieve this objective by not keeping the extended warchest out of play.
  2. Inst

    The Fake SNN: Where is Nova Bank?

    Took you guys long enough.
  3. Inst

    Trade Bots

    You can do it without having a bot by simply having API analytics pick up on tradebot operation by detecting fast scalping. This isn't the same as operating a bot, of course, because it's not doing the same thing your Kosonome script is doing.
  4. Inst

    Nazi DoW

    https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=387475 Is it me or is Pantheon-sphere horribly full of Nazis?
  5. Inst

    Trade Bots

    The political issue seems to be over a voluntary ban on trade scalping bots IQ is operating.
  6. Inst

    War Attacks API

    I guess Chris / Walling doesn't want to handle this? When's Alex coming back?
  7. https://www.homedit.com/colors-that-go-with-purple/
  8. Inst

    Trade Bots

    How much are you guys really making from tradebots? I can't believe how irrational you guys get off it. The logic is clear, everyone makes trading mistakes once in a while. This happens proportionately more often with newer players and newer alliances, so this is a penalty imposed on newbies. I've been told IQ can whip a faster tradebot up in less than a week, so their abstaining from tradebotting is voluntary.
  9. Inst

    Typhon Run By Tyrant

    Not a realistic picture as the loli should have been knocked out when kicked in the head. 1/10, would not watch again.
  10. Inst

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    Wait, did Polaris really get 13bn looted off by Arrgh? What the hell was that?
  11. Inst

    Trade Bots

    We've talked about this already. PnW administration is refusing to enforce rules on trading errors. In this regard, you have two options. -1. Run your own trade bot. Given the Roqbot propaganda, I'm sure NPO would be more efficient than TKR in abusing trading errors. -2. Beat the shit out of TKR until they stop using the Kosonome script. It seems as though you've decided to resort to option 2. You're dealing between 250-500mn to the enemy coalition per day, when the opfor has an estimated warchest of at least 60 bn. You can wait another 30-240 days until the opfor warchest is depleted beyond tolerance and they're relying entirely on the Kosonome script to fund their war efforts. === From a military perspective, I'd actually be surprised if NPO doesn't have a tradebot in reserve by now. You definitely have the coding chops needed to set one up; and considering that Kosonome scripting is one of the reasons the peace talks have jammed up, being able to make option 1 a threat to enforce a ban on trading bots is not a bad idea. === The third option is to create a fully-automated trading bot that's technically against the rules, but is set up to "jam" Kosonome scripting by beating it to the punch, then returning resources to its sender. While technically against the rules, this is in good faith (i.e, it prevents behavior you personally find offensive), and if you ask the administration for permission to operate it, it might be granted. Hell, you could even get it to mirror HFT by setting up "Kosojammer" in the same datacenter where PnW is hosted and running it from there.
  12. Inst

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    Paperless doesn't exist, except that there's a lot less "legal" ties forcing an alliance to defend its allies. But then again, as TFP shows, an alliance, even when treatied, could ignore or be asked to ignore a MDP pact. In practice, all paperless have relationships, some of which are de facto secret treaties. The paperless commitment basically adds ambiguity, as none of their de facto allies are officially obliged to protect them, and to the casual observer it's unknown who their de facto allies are. It also increases their ability to attack other alliances, as since every war they attack in is a bandwagon, it becomes less of a bandwagon when they engage. I see the GoB treaty term as hypocritical, but enforceable and reasonable. The paperless alliances are basically asking Grumpy to cease being considered a paperless alliance, in effect kicking them out from paperless.
  13. Inst

    Template modification

    More importantly, allow templates to be applied to multiple cities at a time. The Template feature needs looking at, in short.
  14. Inst

    The Fraggle Stands Alone

    Fraggle probably won't attack before the war is over. There's not enough targets for her to hit.
  15. Inst

    Typhon Run By Tyrant

    Typhon is actually handling like 40% of the declares down below. Typhon, as an alliance and political entity, is basically who you call in to suppress beaten down 0-10 city nations, and for that, they'll always be relevant. The bigger criticism is, why Typhon? Other alliances can force build nations up to 15 cities within the span of a week, while Typhon just sits at the 0-10 range indefinitely. Typhon definitely provides a service to the community as a dedicated lower-tier suppression alliance, but it is not necessarily good for its members.

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