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  1. I'm busy comparing you to Goge Vandire in coalition chats.
  2. As with our recent conversation in PM, more like insanity. Hatred is something I've long since left behind. I am a weapon, meant to be used to destroy the enemies of my masters.
  3. Don't worry, if you hurt NPO in any way Frawley will just rig the dice and get us perfect We'll Be Back rolls and we're back up again.
  4. Given that you're the Eldar in that picture, it's more you.
  5. What it sounds like is something someone who's pored over virtually every individual nation on both sides alongside many of the conflicts might say.
  6. Are we really going to do this?
  7. You're treaty spamming because you're losing and Carthago is probably going to merge into you anyways.
  8. The issue with baseball is this: The punishment for baseball is baseball. It's a pure cow-clicker mechanic that's painful to execute. However, botters in baseball bypass it and completely break the punishment.
  9. And if GPWC and GOONS were willing to accept ban evaders, they could easily have a ban evasion account. My concern is more for Galerion and Birdonwheels, who are probably botting (given evidence), and given that Galerion is a member of your coalition, your side would make a massive shitstorm if we were to remove him.
  10. Since Orwell was a very astute left-center social theorist, it's a compliment to NPO.
  11. @Alex banning players over baseball is extreme, even if botted baseball is similar to what pooball did. It might be better simply to: -1 Ban the player from using Baseball for 18 months -2 Fine the player a quantity equivalent to their baseball earnings + administrative fee -3 If they cannot pay the fine, remove cities until the fine is paid or delete their nation.
  12. TCW and KT are hitting TFed. Arrgh seems to have developed a fixation for hitting TFed as of late.
  13. Hey what happened to KERCHTOG$ being nice to their surrendering ex-allies?
  14. As predicted! But not biting bait anymore.
  15. Inst

    Piss Face Credits

    Pooball reported the bug as a general timing attack, not one that could be utilized for infinite resources. I was there in NR when it happened. I think NR was desperate enough because he thought (and I had informed him to the effect) that we were running alliance killers on his protectorate. So he resorted to resource spawning to stay alive. That probably wouldn't have been caught if Pooball had the sense not to do it on such a massive scale; he reached 200 billion in terms of the RSS generated (and likely 400 billion at wartime prices). But, he kept going, and going, and going, and going, and here we are. I'm generally satisfied with the resolution, I'm not sure if piss face is. Does this thread still need to be open?
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