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  1. On Discord, Auctor clarified that he meant to say no one cares, although in my view neither the above zinger nor the Discord zinger were of sufficient quality. <Auctor Zingers3
  2. A Boy Named Crow

    Cloudy Garden Party

    Does it mean that, #1, Rose will destroy Sheepy's plans for PnW #2, Rose will doom all of humanity by destroying the Shadowlord (Leo) #3, Rose will fail to cure The Brotherhood of Clouds' Black Scrawl Disease?
  3. A Boy Named Crow

    A farewell, a new charter, and our new government lineup!

    He IS a CN vet.
  4. A Boy Named Crow

    A farewell, a new charter, and our new government lineup!

    CNer. Also, what's wrong with a 5 city nation running an alliance? It beats having a 29 city nation that uses the rest of the alliance to fund his nation growth.
  5. I used to have a line in my alliance affiliation wishing death upon my own alliance.
  6. A Boy Named Crow

    If you could...

    I'll leak information. According to IQ sources, TKR-sphere was apparently successful in getting Vanguard to stay neutral in this war through diplomatic entreaty. Likewise, Vanguard was not actually an IQ puppet and, while closely linked to IQ, there were elements that wanted to go their own way.
  7. A Boy Named Crow

    If you could...

    Put another way, they'd have new and unique relations with their own existing sphere. The point is, the more (active and at least semi-competent) gov types you have, the more egos and arguments you get. In my experience, a lot of former protectorates end up hating their former protectors. The deepest feuds are often the ones between former allies. The benefit is more that by making a sphere more "top-heavy', the sphere becomes more liable to break apart. And that's the most common way to form a real new sphere; i.e, TGH-KT bloc didn't come from nowhere, it's essentially a splinter of Syndisphere.
  8. A Boy Named Crow

    If you could...

    Except that the more independent alliances there are in a sphere, the more unwieldy it is and the more likely it'll break up. In another game, we observed than MDoaP blocs of 5 or more alliances were usually defensive spheres, given that it would take far longer for the bloc partners to reach a consensus on an offensive strike. 3 or so alliances were usually offensive, on the other hand, as it was easier for the core bloc to make decisions. Likewise, we saw the recent dissolution of Vanguard as a formal bloc. Even if a micro were to become part of an existing MDoAP bloc, it's no guarantee that it would stay within the MDoaP bloc indefinitely.
  9. A Boy Named Crow

    If you could...

    As I've said on other threads, Micros are good for the game. It keeps politics from getting stale because a small fraction of the micros will succeed and form new political groupings. The same people fighting the same people ad infinitum (IQ vs TKR-sphere over and over and over and over) is boring, and bad for the game. The best way to stop political consolidation is through the addition of new political groups with a lack of pre-existing grudges. I'd also state that raiders LOOOOOOVE micros. Especially bad micros. Why? Because good alliances will beat the shit out of you if you raid them, or at least force you to pay reps. Bad alliances, on the other hand, can be threatened off. The more micros there are, the more fodder for raiders, and the more activity you'll see in the game.
  10. A Boy Named Crow

    Did the Last War Last Long Enough?

  11. A Boy Named Crow

    I had a chat with a guy....

    The "money hack", to the best of my knowledge, is banks. Manticore apparently is dissolving, but Orion is still around. The best scalable way to make money in this game is to lend to good credit risks and live off the interest. GoB alone probably has like 200bn in cities. You can't make that much money without resorting to banks.
  12. A Boy Named Crow

    Let the Games Begin

    @Buorhann, easy way to settle your dfferences with Akuryo. Go pay him some money for Raeiska to beige chain Noctis. Akuryo loves money. I'm sure a lot of people have been planning to hire a hit on Noctis for some time.
  13. A Boy Named Crow

    Let the Games Begin

    Ohhh, Deathwatch. See what I warned you about? And Noctis is now a BK applicant.
  14. A Boy Named Crow

    Along the Lines of a Generic Announcement

    4th picture is the same as the first picture. Intentional?
  15. A Boy Named Crow

    The Future of PnW

    At the mid stages, the terms were slightly departed from unconditional surrender.

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