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  1. Roquentin literally just answered this, sheesh. The Syndicate is known for trashing allies for future interests, turning them into ex-allies when convenient. Partisan is just trying to spin anything he can spin in hopes he can "win" a PR war. I know it sucks that you thought you could swing the war and get your ally trashed, but nothing is going to change the amount of shitty actions done by The Syndicate this war. It just thought it could cancel NPO just before they were to be rolled instead of NPO realizing what was going on and being proactive.
  2. Sphinx and Christian Dahl had already taken him down when I showed up, a newly minted member. I'm just there to get nuked. Oh wait, aren't you the people that said nukes are stupid and a waste of resources and "easy mode"? Congrats Alpha on the treaty!
  3. Hey man, do some homework before you talk out your ass, Mr. Magical Keno King. Less land buying, more history checking. We did join CoA this war. Then tS left us high and dry on the battlefield for some bullshit unilateral deal they made. So why would we attack our friends to bail out more tS douchebaggery and defacto help out people who hate us? No joke, the same alliance tS went in for is an alliance harboring a Alpha-rogue. Sheeeeet man. That was a no brainer.
  4. See this is what happens when you attack Alpha. We play the long game.
  5. In all fairness, tS didn't do much against GOB/Guardian so "helping" would be a huge overstatement. They were by far a net negative on the entire front and war in general. Plus they successfully fricked over of the people who joined their front via treaty (CoA/Al) all so they could frick over NPO.
  6. Probably a bad idea to use air power as your propaganda strat when it comes to your side.
  7. See that wasn't so hard to admit you lost a war you started.
  8. I'm not the one calling people "retarded" in an OOC section of the forums, then backtracking and passive aggressively editing posts.
  9. Did you forget this is an OOC section of the forums?
  10. You've been on of the better ones that didn't roll over and go inactive. But could you please wake up Oblivion's gov. Seems they aren't even active enough to figure out it's eventual conclusion with us. Although by Alpha's clock, this is still a very short war.
  11. They were bigger when this started tho :p, but fighting conventionally makes me realize how rusty I am. Shamefully so. This is good. I still fricking hate VDS's though, I want all their nukes to land. 04/29 02:21 am Emperor Mayor of Calondia attempted to detonate a nuclear weapon upon your nation ofWampus. The attack was thwarted by your Vital Defense System National Project.
  12. We have not launched any nukes and do not plan on launching any win or lose as this time it's not a dogpile. Credit to Oblivion for keeping it to 11....err now 12 nations. We are not the same alliance you think you knew *but really didn't* but that's another story for another time. I hope I don't trigger you again Keegoz. I used to think you were an alright chap.
  13. So Guardian's lower tier are too inactive to fight, so 2 more alliances were called in. And apparently TKR has lost a lot of members or is really inactive so Adeptus Mechanicus was called in to help TKR. Give them some slack. If you just don't have a large membership base you don't have the bodies to fill slots, folks. The seven members of Spanish Armada recognize a state of aggressive war by Adeptus Mechanicus and The Knights Radiant. Maybe we can get 1 alliance to declare for each member we have? Or maybe each alliance can be assigned to one of our nations? Like a big brother program. You can teach us all about dogs and the piles of shit they leave everywhere they roam. Signed for all of us, Saltybrok Hope Frauche RJ Brasilia John Boniver (I double spaced it so it would look like we were a bigger alliance and not just some creepy micro of 6 dudes with a girl.)
  14. >declare on an alliance half your size >ask for help from an even bigger alliance >buy 4000 infra per city because you will only fight in easy wars >declare an ordinary war to limit damage >get beiged and lose more than $1b in infra in the process >get beiged again from the guy who was just the suicide nation https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=1895&display=war And another two beiges on this big-talker: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=11481&display=war GOB, I have some free war slots, please fill them. I'll return the favor when you actually have some open ones.
  15. Don't worry man. Those 3 GPA whales that lost all their ships will regain them soon enough. I doubt I'll beige them. Congrats on your Pixel Hugger System. I would brag about something that is super important to me too.
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