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  1. So Guardian's lower tier are too inactive to fight, so 2 more alliances were called in. And apparently TKR has lost a lot of members or is really inactive so Adeptus Mechanicus was called in to help TKR. Give them some slack. If you just don't have a large membership base you don't have the bodies to fill slots, folks. The seven members of Spanish Armada recognize a state of aggressive war by Adeptus Mechanicus and The Knights Radiant. Maybe we can get 1 alliance to declare for each member we have? Or maybe each alliance can be assigned to one of our nations? Like a big brother program. You can teach us all about dogs and the piles of shit they leave everywhere they roam. Signed for all of us, Saltybrok Hope Frauche RJ Brasilia John Boniver (I double spaced it so it would look like we were a bigger alliance and not just some creepy micro of 6 dudes with a girl.)
  2. >declare on an alliance half your size >ask for help from an even bigger alliance >buy 4000 infra per city because you will only fight in easy wars >declare an ordinary war to limit damage >get beiged and lose more than $1b in infra in the process >get beiged again from the guy who was just the suicide nation https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=1895&display=war And another two beiges on this big-talker: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=11481&display=war GOB, I have some free war slots, please fill them. I'll return the favor when you actually have some open ones.
  3. Don't worry man. Those 3 GPA whales that lost all their ships will regain them soon enough. I doubt I'll beige them. Congrats on your Pixel Hugger System. I would brag about something that is super important to me too.
  4. Okay first milestone achieved. All of GOB's defensive warslots have been filled. Got about 415 or so more milestones tho. The special ones that will put us back on the only leaderboard we want to be on.
  5. Lolbrok

    Declaration of War on Gaurdian

    Actually my members wanted more slots, so I thought I should post a proper DoW. You got it the wrong way buddy. You might need to look up history on us. GOB clearly has a short memory. Think we are about down to 415 or so now? Also, why do your biggest whales have no ships? Poor fighting strategy don't you think with this war system?
  6. GOB ran out of defensive war slots and my guys and gals still want more war, so we are declaring war on Gaurnorrhea in defense of their unprovoked attack on our protector Alpha. I'd like to apologize to SGM, I know your ally is weakening your ally's sphere and we are contributing to that by defending Alpha, but we like launching nukes. o7 EMC o7 stagnation o7 Gaurdian
  7. They would've denied it. They realize they are the new GPA and are trying to change that image that they aren't just whales pixel hugging. So instead of fighting a real war, they cherry pick a 9-man alliance so they can still keep their pixels and not be seen as just a bunch of whales. Unfortunately, they misjudged our nation's history of warfare.
  8. 457 We've known that Grumpy Old Bastards has been plotting to attack us for some time. Not sure why, I've never talked to them. I only know them as whales who cried really hard when Sparta hit them and then begged to be bailed out. It still makes me chuckle a bit seeing our current circumstance. But we aren't going to cry to be bailed out. We are going to enjoy the challenge that has been presented to us. 457 Yes, not having enough courage to hit us alone with nearly twice our cities but needing TCW and Guardian to back them does belie their level of chest puffing. Aren't we just a little 9 man whale alliance? Having nearly double the cities vs. my little bag of hardened nukers. Can't say you were expecting any kind of conventional fight with those odds. You were expecting an easy fight. And while we are going to give you the most boring fight of your lives, it's going to be a most glorious fight for us. We. Live. For. This. We formed for the freedom of having the option to forge this very fight. Call us whales on day 1. Call us whales on day 10. Call us whales on day 50? Game on 457, finally a chance to climb the nukes launched leaderboard. Hope is f*&$ing shitting herself with glee.
  9. Lolbrok

    Yo! The Roz and His Friends Return!!

    Have to agree with SRD here. Not sure why he keeps sending out spam. Just post a topic where people can sign up for his mailing list and stop this annoyance if Alex won't warn his nation for that behavior.
  10. Lolbrok

    SPAM problem in PW - Can we fix this?

    Please implement this. I know these are messages from an in-character nation, tho I feel like it's more of a outside of the game issue. I know people are taking care of him in-character. It would really be nice to have an OOC option to end the annoyance so an in-game response isn't needed. Feels a bit weird to handle it through in-game means when it's not really an in-game problem per say.
  11. Hands off please, he is ours. Trying to get these TKR guys to actually buy troops/tanks to not give him cash is proving difficult enough. Also this serves as our DoE. We exist. And if anyone wants to make us a flag send me a PM to discuss price and details. There is only one alliance that has a worse flag than SA and it's Alpha's.
  12. Nation Name: South Beach Vikingdom Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=16235

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