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  1. Good thing weve been stocking up just in case. But i heard santa wasnt real. Most depressing rumor by far.
  2. Nice job rozalia and roz wei. Good luck in the future.
  3. ^ came out publically that we were in talks of merging. As i said just making sure we chose the right place. J.s Lol I was always pretty open with the inexperience of our players. People are still learning. But at least even after they were raided, and you "showed your might," they still come out looking better than you. You have a good one now.
  4. Talks of a merge were in talks well before you ran for your life from EoS to arrgh, just making sure we picked the right place. But if it makes you feel better about yourself, who am i to take that from you?
  5. It comes with both great sadness, and joy to announce that Vargen Institution has decided to close out it's final chapter, and begin to write a new story along side of their longest allies. What were once wolves will emerge as Radiant Knights, and move forward with our new brothers and sisters. We are looking forward to our future with The Knights Radiant.
  6. Can forget about the odp with vi edit: VI doesn't really exist anymore. so they can actually be taken off all together.
  7. Wait...so ashwyn was your son? Huh. I wasnt thinking split personailities.
  8. wow, back to this. i.r already got this treatment. they survived, they keep on plundering away. nothing will deter them. they grew on me.
  9. I had put mensa in when I had started to fill this out. but the same question arised to me. if we go by the entirety of 2015 then that would be including 12 of 17 months the game has been out of speed round...so what would be the time frame of rookie alliances? in the end, too many categories, too many options, I gave up
  10. the PUPPETS are actually secretly the puppeteers? that's deep
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