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  1. MFW I read this thread:
  2. My favorite part of this whole thread is someone math-battling Kemal.
  3. Tbh great threads always have little side convos from time to time while keeping on one central topic. It's completely natural and people shouldn't get all emotional about it unless it's absolutely egregious. Arbitrarily locking a thread because of the natural flow of the convo is ridiculous and turns people off of any forum in a big way. One of the things I admire most about our moderators over at the Mensa forums in my 9000+ posts there is their hands off approach, only involving themselves if something becomes blatantly out of hand. Even then there is a mod chat board where we all talk about what an appropriate response may be. The lack of this is one of the main reasons I stay away from here. It works, threads generally stay on topic, and everyone comes out a Certified Genius. Shout-out to Manpile <3
  4. Ink does dry faster when everything on fire. Unfortunately for SK Syndicate seems to have a pretty good fire department or something.
  5. This is way to try-hardy and it doesn't even appear as though you've tried hard at all. I'd say well done but really, it's terrible.
  6. It saddens me to see a former ally become pig-disgusting. Oh well. http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Long_Night
  7. Steamroller plant. Also, Praise be unto Syndicate and Mensa.
  8. All hail Vanek, destroyer of heretics!
  9. I actually like a combo of Hereno's(#2) and Spite's ideas. Up to a cap though.
  10. I think I'm having a stroke or something.
  11. Tywin's TL;DR absolutely summed up my feelings on the subject.
  12. I remember well when Germany devastated the US in March 1945.
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