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  1. My debate is the action as a whole. Regardless of the reversal, what is to keep it from happening again?
  2. I’m shocked and disturbed by the banning of Blink. I’ve read over the exploit thread, the appeal, and the outcry that followed, but several key items stand out and give me pause. They make me think this has been handled personally rather than professionally, led by an inherent bias against everyone declared rather than proven guilty. 1. There are assumptions made, accepted, and used to render a verdict. 2. Alex is clearly showing bias and anger instead of a cool head and logic. Perhaps this should be managed by a group instead of an individual. 3. Banning should be a final recourse and used only in extreme circumstances and this scenario doesn’t seem to fit that standard. I question the motive and logic of resorting to banning for unverified trading or assistance on the first offense rather than simply requiring a renewal of their verification as added assurance and to bring the players back into line with the rules. In truth I question the verification system as a whole. I can photoshop an image with the requirements and be verified without an issue. Is there a reminder in game to reduce the missed deadlines? The rules say it's a bannable offense, which makes me ask @Alex ”Do you ban first offenders 100% of the time”, if not I see room for discipline on a proportional scale rather than permanent exile. There should be room for grace and absolution as we are all fallible. Truthfully, if I verified today, missed the deadline, and made such a trade, I doubt I would be banned. This action, coupled with an very public in-game flaw seems to have exponentially increased the response due to embarrassment rather than a legitimate response to the infraction. I don't expect a radical 180-degree shift on the matter but as a long term player, I wonder how easily I could be discarded in a similar circumstance? If an admin doesn't value the players, can the players value the game?
  3. I think...Yep its confirmed, I peed a little.
  4. Sorry to see you go. Fond wishes and farewell.
  5. o7 @Lordship o7 @TheCreepyLurker You have both showed astounding leadership since I've come to TKR. The passage of time reminds us that we are all subject to the whims of change. We will work through this and the skills you have instilled in us will shine through as we begin a new path without your constant guidance. We look forward to continued prosperity under this new leadership, but please remember, we will never forget you or the selflessness you have displayed during your tenure as King. I pray blessings over you both for continued health and happiness.
  6. My prayers are with you and your family.
  7. I like the idea. Let’s make it happen.
  8. While I admire the effort you put into this post, th overall idea would have only been fair in the beginning if the game. Now it’s ridiculous.
  9. As someone who has 24 cities I would love it if the Bulk Importer Tool would allow the purchase of infra. We could change “infra_needed” to “infra_max” and the number would represent the final total we want the cities to wind up with. Purchasing in groups of 100 when possible to ensure maximum efficiency and makes it a little easier for the larger nations to rebalance their infra load. It should go without saying (I will anyway) but making the same ease available for land purchases would be marvelous.
  10. Awwwe. It’s kinda cute when you try and talk about things you will never be able to comprehend. My dad used to tell people “It's better to keep your mouth shut and give the 'impression' that you're stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.” Seriously though, if I wanted to commit suicide all I would have to do is climb to the top of the collective Hogwarts ego and leap.
  11. Come on alex. Stop hiding in the wind. All I need is one little button that says delete.
  12. You all are a bunch of morons. There was absolutely no reason, drunken misanthropy and penis envy not withstanding, to constantly nip at their heels. The best send off would be silence, a monument, and a hefty cash payment to help make up for all the continual damage that was inflicted on them. If anything is done, for once, show them some respect.
  13. I find it to be a waste of time. I get tired of the 40 year old players notifications. Can I just delete the team and be done with it?
  14. I have to second the question "Do... you know what defense means?" Your declaration should have said, "Oblivion is Officially declaring war On the TKR, acting as caddys & meat shields. Protectorate obligations bring us to this. Im sure you won't even notice a us ~Minister of Foreign Affairs Park" We noticed you, we just had to wipe the tears away amid a tsunami of laughter before we could contain ourselves enough to let you know.
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