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  1. Watch Pantheon go from 0 to Micro in just less than a month!.. Oh that is already happening. 

  2. Shifty. That Pantheon joke freakin' killed me. My sides. 

  3. Featherine

    The End of a Reign of Terror in Orbis

    Save a bee, kill a Smith.
  4. Featherine

    The End of a Reign of Terror in Orbis

    Smith Vs. The World - I like the sound of that.
  5. Staying Relevant since 2013.. Not. Good evening Lambdagrad. My name is Karin Rokkaku, You all may know me as the lady that has been a corespondent of World News Agencies for Asia. Featherine has recently allowed the Lambdagrad News Channel to be broadcasted worldwide once again. The outside world is scary anyways, too many tourists here in Lambdagrad. I know, i know. "Karin shut the hell up and read the news headlines" every broadcast i do has no cue cards so this is unscripted and i tend to ramble like Featherine. Let's begin. The Rokkaku Corporation acquires Masako Laboratories Kastelgrad-based company Masako Laboratories was bought out by The Rokkaku Corporation for $12 Billion USD. They were allowed to keep the name but CEO Hiroshi Rokkaku is assigning them to weapons research following tests made on willing individuals at the Lambdagrad Medical Centre. The Lambdagrad Institute of Technology has leaked part of their projects called Project Sabre. Project Sabre is a 60-page declassified document released by Rokkaku Research that will genetically augment humans to have no moral restraint and be mentally ready for their supersoldier program. Featherine is not challenging this since in International Law. The Rokkaku Corporation (despite being based in the Meta Board) is not governed by any nation therefore has no laws or regulations that stop them from this biological weapon program. The Rokkaku Corporation we predict will be watched by several countries including the Meta Board since this leak. The Rokkaku Corporation may be hosting a recruitment drive in the coming weeks in universities to hire the greatest minds for this ambitious project. The Rokkaku Corporation has announced a budget raise in the Lambdagrad Medical Centre as well to keep maintenance up-to-code with the rest of the Meta Board's infrastructure. We've reached out to the corporate offices of Rokkaku for a comment and will update as soon as we get it. The 2018 Lambdagrad Grand Prix The 2018 Grand Prix is being hosted in Lambdagrad on the 20th. Featherine is inviting drivers from around the world to race in a 150-lap circuit around the city of Lambdagrad. Sign-ups are open right now! To participate, contact Featherine with the names of the drivers and she'll put them on the list. I will be co-hosting the event on this channel so don't miss it! It'll be a fun event for everyone. The race will be sponsored by the Oribisu Car Company. They've provided funds for the materials needed for the race and we're very thankful for it. Customs Office Regulations Change The Department of Foreign Affairs has announced that they're changing customs laws following complaints of the difficulty of entering the Meta Board. Visitors are STILL required to be issued a Visitor's Card to set foot in the Meta Board. However the prerequisites have been lowered to make it /slightly/ easier to obtain one without jeopardizing security for the people inside the country Customs policy changes Visitors are now required to show FOUR documents to prove your identity, age, and current residence. The customs office will also check visitors for criminal activity issued by local law enforcement in their home country. A valid passport is required.. This is obvious. Diplomats must have a Diplomat License on them. The license will be issued at a Meta Board Consulate prior to your travel. Weapons are strictly prohibited in the Meta Board. If a weapon is found on a visitor they will be detained and extradited. Resistance will lead to their immediate killing. Contraband is also prohibited. Same punishment will be carried out if found. We do not accept refugees or people seeking Asylum. They will be sent back. However we do grant Asylum under special circumstances. Immigration changes A medical examination paper is required. If you're here to enroll in the universities we provide you MUST have transcripts of the previous school you've attended. The customs policy does apply here as well. You must have a visitor's card when applying for Permanent Residency. The Meta Board is a bilingual nation. People seeking residency must speak fluent English AND Japanese. Those wishing to move here will be interviewed and also be required to take a 30-question test. More laws and regulations are listed on the government website. This concludes today's broadcast of the Lambdagrad News Channel. Good night Orbis.
  6. Vaporwave is the greatest work of art ever conceived.

  7. I will build a great wall and nobody builds walls better than me.

    I will build a wall and make the micros pay for it.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Ukunaka



      I repeat what I said personally, Mme. Featherine: Micros will never pay for a wall!

    3. Featherine


      MRS... Featherine? EXCUSE MOI?!

    4. Ukunaka


      its lost in translation but senora just means adult woman whereas senorita would indicate an immature girl. i guess a better translation would be madame which doesn't indicate marriage. you must also understand that i am from a matriarchal culture so the concept of a female's last name changing from ms. to mrs. with marriage is a foreign concept to me and i meant it as respecting your maturity as a ruler as opposed to thinking you're married.  

  8. Boredom with a side of more boredom.

    1. Rimski


      Bullets do wonders I heard. Overusedbadjoke.png

  9. Featherine

    Meta Board AMA - 2018 Edition

    @Reuben Cheuk. Our highest hurdle right now is The Collective. They've been having the city of Hiroshigrad under siege for over 4 months. My greatest challenge would be liberating the city and destroying the Organization.
  10. Featherine

    Politics & War Roleplaying (Info & Application)

    Posted within that time. I technically have to reapply since it took three days for me to actually post content. So consider this an application.
  11. Featherine

    Meta Board AMA - 2018 Edition

    Official AMA from the Meta Board Hello. Welcome to the official AMA section of the Meta Board. I'm your host. Featherine and i will be taking any questions you may have regarding the Meta Board and our future ahead. So why are we doing this AMA? Because we are notoriously quiet in the Foreign Affairs spectrum and we do not want to raise any alarm or concern that we are planning something nefarious or something within those lines. There is a classic saying that "the quiet ones are the most dangerous" and we do recognize that saying. Yes, we're quiet. No, we're not posing a threat to your interests since we're more worried about ours instead of yours. We hardly care what you do since we at the Meta Board think this world is big enough for people to share their own ideologies and government structures. Enough of me rambling. Let's begin.
  12. Featherine

    Politics & War Roleplaying (Info & Application)

    Requesting to be put back on the map. However with a twist. All treaties excluding Rokkenjima will be voided since i will be DM'ing people in the future about signing things. Starting back on Shikoku and Kyushu and of course, Korea. The treaties being voided part makes thing alot more interesting doesn't it?
  13. I'm partially back after some good news. I will start working on the wiki again. I'm shortening my return date to the second of May. I thought i had to go to Rehab but i guess that's not the case. I think lowly of myself.. that's not healthy.

    1. Rimski


      What not healthy is your attitude. Where is the waiter?! There is a lack of alcohol here!

    2. Zeebrus


      Yay glad to hear you’re gonna be able to come back :lol:

    3. Prince Hunter of Bavaria
  14. Featherine

    Politics and Downfall

    This has to be the best video i've ever seen. Bravo.
  15. Featherine

    P/W Survivor

    Nobody, I'm an ironman. I stand alone.

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