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  1. Aisling Duval

    My account was banned

    A likely story. Either you're a terrible liar like most cheaters out there or you're completely oblivious to the rules.
  2. Aisling Duval

    End of the Great Sock War and Mr.Fox's last stand

    You sir, just earned my respect. The fact that you are sticking with your alliance until the very end is something I can't help but to respect. I wish you luck @Uriah 'the Fox'.
  3. Aisling Duval

    Hi! New to Forums!

  4. Aisling Duval

    5/31/2019 - Resource Duplication Bug Fix

    Terradoxia gets a ban wave, Nova Riata just gets resources removed. I am mildly disappointed.
  5. Glory to Arstotzka. 

  6. My name is Aisling Duval and this is hell. Population: 8,277

    1. MinesomeMC


      Hell needs to start appealing to the public that population is low af.

    2. Rimski


      But there are free V bucks in heaven

  7. We're pleased to announce that Politics & War will become an Epic Games Store exclusive. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Aisling Duval

      Aisling Duval

      Satire my friend.. SATIRE.

    3. Ivan Ivanov

      Ivan Ivanov

      You can’t be crying wolf like this! I almost attempted to take down an entire alliance like a kamikaze.

    4. Mayor


      Epic Games Store would probably have better tech support and refund policy tbh

  8. @Alex, Bravo. Props to you for surpassing the woman that dishonestly gained her upvotes. Keep fighting the good fight. 

    1. MinesomeMC


      Yeah cant believe Michelle Obama would do that

  9. Aisling Duval

    A Serious Message For Orbis

    Biel is a great friend of mine. Seeing this happen to him is just heartbreaking. I'll definitely spread the word as a way to show support.
  10. Aisling Duval

    ignore this

    You changed the topic to "Ignore This" so people will instantly click on this topic and read it. You clever, clever man. I feel cheated.
  11. Aisling Duval

    I got Kruelly Kicked out of Knights Templar

    Erm.. I think you meant to post this on Orbis Central.
  12. Aisling Duval

    Unearthed: Hidden Agendas

    Empress Aisling Duval of Achenar extends her greetings to the Global Defense Initiative. She has expressed interest in meeting with General Secretary Telfair.
  13. What are you doing here? Orbis is not big enough for two superpowers.

    1. Zachary Hudson

      Zachary Hudson

      That would be where you are wrong. Need I remind you of the incident between the East India Company (I know, weird name) and the Shadow Navy over the system of Liaedin back in 3301? I should assure you that I have no intention to fully lay claim to this system and will prosecute anyone from the Federation should they attempt to challenge this balance.

  14. Aisling Duval

    This man is 100% a multi

    Just for future reference OP. When you make a future report. Censor or Exclude your resource bar from the evidence screenshot since that can and will impact you negatively if the general public knows about it. Your resource bar is something that should be kept to yourself for obvious reasons.
  15. Aisling Duval

    Emperor Jonas: The Poll

    It's so bad in fact that it's not even worth voting in.

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