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  1. Aisling Duval

    Unearthed: Hidden Agendas

    Empress Aisling Duval of Achenar extends her greetings to the Global Defense Initiative. She has expressed interest in meeting with General Secretary Telfair.
  2. What are you doing here? Orbis is not big enough for two superpowers.

    1. Zachary Hudson

      Zachary Hudson

      That would be where you are wrong. Need I remind you of the incident between the East India Company (I know, weird name) and the Shadow Navy over the system of Liaedin back in 3301? I should assure you that I have no intention to fully lay claim to this system and will prosecute anyone from the Federation should they attempt to challenge this balance.

  3. Aisling Duval

    This man is 100% a multi

    Just for future reference OP. When you make a future report. Censor or Exclude your resource bar from the evidence screenshot since that can and will impact you negatively if the general public knows about it. Your resource bar is something that should be kept to yourself for obvious reasons.
  4. Aisling Duval

    Emperor Jonas: The Poll

    It's so bad in fact that it's not even worth voting in.
  5. HxFLgwI.png

    "Jonas Supporter"

    Seems legit..... WAAAIT A MINUTE!

    1. MinesomeMC


      Guys it's just my alt

    2. Thalmor


      We are all Jonas' supporters.

  6. Aisling Duval

    I am not amused.

    https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/profile/9324-jonas-supporter/ Possible forum multi?
  7. Aisling Duval

    IT HAPPENED @everyone

  8. Aisling Duval

    What do you like about war?

    Your downvotes is a good reason. So have another. 😎
  9. Aisling Duval

    My thought

    When was it ever great?
  10. Undocumented change: The laugh reaction is now available. You're welcome. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. MinesomeMC


      i just noticed, Haha doesnt add reputation.

    3. Gustaf V

      Gustaf V

      That's stupid. They better fix that.

    4. Rimski


      The new reaction is stupid. Hmm, I cant change it so I better say the r word

  11. Aisling Duval

    I Have Returned

    Welcome back.!
  12. Aisling Duval

    Emperor Jonas Is Right

    That's the greatest name ever.
  13. Aisling Duval

    Small Thing Regarding Forum Reputation

    I also vote we keep it.
  14. Aisling Duval

    Emperor Jonas Is Right

    No. He's back into hiding waiting to strike again. We must remain vigilant.
  15. Aisling Duval

    Emperor Jonas Is Right

    Like I told @The Mad Titan in an DM. War has a purpose to maintain balance in the game. You can't have an alliance ruling everything.. What's the fun in that?

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