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  1. I'll have you know it's my mom and my dad's house. Living the dream.
  2. Ours would look the same if this were happening to us.
  3. We all had our different reasons for voting the way we voted, but the war vote won, and that's the vote we honor.
  4. It's mutual with a non-chaining option with everyone except The Coalition, which is a straight mutual defense treaty. EDIT: And TLF, who we protect, which is more of a one-way thing.
  5. You left out our most recent one.
  6. Welcome to the fight BoC! Good to see a friendly face. o/
  7. I was wondering when greatkitteh would show up and start heckling.
  8. To be fair, we really weren't planning on it. We hope for a fast conclusion (but that could just be hoping) and have lots of respect for TEst and friends and still wish them the best.
  9. Despite earlier hoping to avoid it, numerous allies called us, our Senate voted affirmatively, and now we enter the chaos. We have much respect for the military prowess of Terminus Est and friends, and wish them the best on Orbis and otherwise. War is chaos. o/ all involved
  10. Nope, but it wasn't planned that way. War is chaos.
  11. Without abandoning our treaty partners and obligations therein, it is not much of a secret that we are trying to mostly stay out of the upcoming festivities due to some religious consensus among our leaders. We still want to contribute, however, so we have decided to bless the battlefield before it becomes soaked in blood, gunpowder, and unexploded ordinance. To our allies: we love you all. To those who our allies will fight: may God smile upon you despite this war, you guys do make Orbis a more interesting place.
  12. And that's why I'm a beer guy if I even drink at all.
  13. My greatest fear in regards to this DoW is that since we already voted on best DoW's for 2016, and it's still technically 2016 and not 2017, that this DoW will never receive the fame or the credit that it's due. We need to make sure we include this DoW on next year's voting for best DoW. Pretty sure it will win.
  14. Saying "3 people" while technically correct is quite misleading:
  15. Everybody knows Cornerstone and Alpha aren't exactly BFF's, but with that being said, the folks who say that Arrgh only launched one or two raids need to go check the war declarations logs against Alpha. Additionally, All raiders will be nuked. No questions asked. A mass raid by an alliance will be treated like a full-scale war and will be handled accordingly. ^ It's not like Alpha didn't give a warning. Clearly they state on their alliance page how they plan to deal with a mass raid, which this definitely was, and so I'm not sure why folks are acting shocked that they did exactly what they stated they would do. And yes, the international community should expect every alliance to take some degree of responsibility for what their members do.
  16. Wow, I'm honored that TEst considers us even worthy to ask us to such an event, but we generally have decided to keep all our fights "real" for the time being.
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