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  1. You guys relying on bots to do all the work are going to be what cause Orbis to become like the Matrix
  2. On a serious note, Lordaeron is alright in my book though. Plus I used to love Warcraft III, so there's that.
  3. *Takes Insert Name Here's conflict screen and runs*
  4. They can't take any money from you in war if you've already wasted it on militarizing and then demilitarizing.
  5. I have to kind of agree. Every major military leader in Orbis was refreshing the conflicts screen for an hour tonight just waiting for something to go down and nothing happened.
  6. ? We never threatened to roll Rose...
  7. I will miss OO greatly. To good times, and a bright future! o/ OO
  8. Welcome ODN, very good to see you here! o/ ODN o/ NPO
  9. NPO is relatively militarized for their size at all times, which can hinder economic growth,and is far and away the top ranked alliance for tier cohesion. They seem to be following a disciplined long term strategy. Don't be surprised if they reach #1 in the next couple of years. Also, I thought they followed "Francoism"?
  10. It is good to see peace on this matter.
  11. Usually such things are handled privately.
  12. We have just held elections, and Rache will be our new Grand Pilus! He has about a week or so to form his Cabinet and move forward. Please enjoy this horrible quality photoshopped photo to commemorate the occasion:
  13. Wait, is it like Trident, an alliance on Orbis, or like a Trident that you throw at people in the middle of a fight to the death? Has Prefontaine been told about this?
  14. Sad to see a parting of ways between you two. We have zero plans to drop TLF. o/ BoC o/ TLF
  15. Congrats to all on peace. Glad to see this resolved with Arrgh. Look forward to peace with other parties hopefully soon.
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