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  1. 1. Using vacation mode to avoid war, and then actively post on the forums (at least twice daily, unless it can be proven they are legitimately on vacation) should result in that nation being removed from vacation mode 2. Using vacation mode to despawn treasures in the aim of denying them from enemy alliances. This should result in the nation being unfrozen and the treasure reinstated unless proof can be provided of a legitimate leave of absence. 3. The tactical vacation mode usage of alliances to protect their upper tiers should result in nation warnings and unfreezing the nations. Vacation mode isn't a safety bubble, you've said this yourself Alex. Now enforce the rules. Please.
  2. Namenoonewillfind

    An average day for the Chola

    Oh yay another treaty.
  3. Namenoonewillfind

    A Partisan callout: Cards, Table. Your move Steve

    InB4 another (That terrible game that is totally irrelevant and I shouldn't be bringing it up anyways) flamewar I don't understand nor care about
  4. Namenoonewillfind

    OOS Decides

    >not joining BK And I thought you guys couldn't shitpost!
  5. I'm just here because of Yoso's sweet ass
  6. Namenoonewillfind

    War is Chaos

    >mfw someone steals my meme
  7. Namenoonewillfind

    Average IQ Of Other Alliances?

  8. Namenoonewillfind

    Just a little something

    SHUT YOUR !@#$ing MOUTH
  9. Namenoonewillfind

    Failed ground attacks against zero defense?

    King Wally FKING dies haha
  10. Namenoonewillfind

    Cornerstone's Priests Survey the Battlefield

    That's pretty gay, dude.
  11. Namenoonewillfind

    I don't understand why I still play Hearts of Iron IV.

    It looks pretty? It's easily rewarding? Ok you can't do that without the More Manpower mod.
  12. Namenoonewillfind


    Looking for a source of coal I can regularly buy from. Price negotiable, starts at 1200ppu. Looking to buy in bulk. Money is not an issue.
  13. Namenoonewillfind

    Recognition of Kwanzaa

    Oh look another war I won't be involved in.
  14. Namenoonewillfind

    Star Wars! Identity of Supreme Leader Snoke??

  15. Namenoonewillfind

    Kafir Kebab

  16. Namenoonewillfind

    Lousy peaceniks

    I'm confused
  17. Namenoonewillfind


    >Price is negotiable >buying in bulk learn 2 barter
  18. Namenoonewillfind

    Why is Abu Haddad unbanned?

    Abu Haddad was perma banned and has not filed an appeal. Nevertheless he's back and the first thing he did was talk about Daesh taking Palmyra.
  19. Namenoonewillfind

    Why is Abu Haddad unbanned?

    https://politicsandwar.com/forums/index.php?/topic/10803-forum-suspensions/?p=296941 Never mind.
  20. Namenoonewillfind

    12/16/2016 - Coming Winter Update

    Sounds lovely. Thanks for all your hard work man.
  21. Namenoonewillfind

    Feminista's Vs Feminists.

    >implying feminism has a place in the modern world and has not outlived its purpose
  22. Namenoonewillfind

    ISIS recapture Palmyra

    Who unbanned you?
  23. Namenoonewillfind

    Support for authoritarianism?

    I feel as if this is probably the perfect statement on the US
  24. Namenoonewillfind

    Support for authoritarianism?

    Only if I'm in control :^)
  25. Namenoonewillfind

    (Vignette) Follow....the Buzzards.

    I still don't know whether to cringe, laugh, or applaud these kinds of posts.

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