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  1. I didn't hear much about Valyria lately. But I never hear anything good. Good choice Oblivion. O/
  2. least there is some class left in this world ^
  3. love the change. long time coming and I'm excited for it. I usually end up swapping from econ to war on my phone and it can take 45 mins, so aslong as it is mobile friendly this will save me a ton of time. Will also save load on the server before war breaks out... not that it will help during war but you know, one step at a time.
  4. O7 I salute the opposition. All that work just to have a instant counter destroy our plans. I applaud all the counters.
  5. Charming Friends to the Rescue on Friends day!
  6. I agree that there should be a checkbox "Search for treasure in your nation" or something of the like.
  7. Productive comments ^ adding the treasures to market would make things interesting but they then become a commodity. Is this what we want?
  8. Of course we are because we worked hard the last week to take advantage of the new system instead of whining about it. But in 2 months when you manage to stockpile more then us we will still be for it. All I'm hearing right now from everyone other then Mrbooty, Cynic and a few others, is crying that noone but Rose took advantage of this immediately after the update. I have yet to see a good reason why it should be rolled back. We have payed good amounts to small alliances already in exchange for treasures that might disappear in 2 weeks. How does this harm the small guys in any way? They probably would make a fraction of the amount we payed them in the time they had it from the bonus or someone would have raided for it. Oddsquad has raided more then anyone else it looks like, and they aren't very big. Everyone has these big ideas about how it's going to change the dynamics of the game, but until we try it there is no way to know what will happen. I just see fear of change and jealousy.
  9. This is ripe. How does this make the game stagnant? It just adds another variable to the game. Isn't this how you make it interesting? Hell we have only had this change for a week or two and panties are in a knot. Yes a majority of large alliances are fighting a war, and aren't getting in on the treasure action, but that will change. And maybe it isn't worth it to spend military resources on raiding alliances with treasures so YOU can have the advantage. But it is worth it to keep the advantage away from others. Small alliances also have a chance to profit from the treasures by selling them to large alliances (make more money than keeping them anyways). Large alliances then have a way to get ahead without having to work hard at avoiding wars. They can instead work hard at the politics and micro wars that might be spawned from this change. It's not a fix all product but it's a step in the right direction I feel.
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