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  1. I genuinely appreciate how self indulgent t$ are that we lost some score, we went through over a year of losing score and it didn't bother us. Stop being salty and inflict more damage and enjoy the war.
  2. Enjoy the pixels exploding. I don't come out of retirement often.
  3. Thing about war is it brings out old names. 
    Saw a few posts on the OWF from people I've been on these games with since '08 onwards. 

    Always makes me chuckle. As I'm sure we complained about them in '08 too. Yet here we all are. 

    1. Redarmy


      Always does! 

    2. KiWilliam



  4. War changes to destroy improvements and get rid of the stagnating slog sounds good.
  5. You can set it up, I've said it previously but if you do not know what it is, then you've got no right trying to larp as it. Free speech. Entitled to represent what he wants, he's also entirely able to hold his nation in the dust it'll be when folk destroy him. 🤷‍♂️
  6. Everyone will have different views. Fundamentally to me it's 3 factors. Hardwork Knowledge Family Without these three working together, no alliance will stick around. If you manage to get all three you've not built an "alliance" You've built a community which will endeavour to overcome most obstacles in it's path.
  7. What they didn't say was the party is in the dungeon. @Benfro and the ex bosses had a lot of kinks.
  8. OCC and happy to be yelled at Kiddo, if you're having mental health issues because of a text based browser game you're doing the right thing by going away to relax/recoup for awhile. I've been on these types of games for the past 15 years since I was a child & I've taken breaks due to various issues and came back. Do the right thing and focus on yourself.
  9. Change your govt time to dictatorship and then visit your policies page and update them to reflect what a fascist is. If you don't know what they are, you really shouldn't be wanting to go that way.
  10. Good luck, but please try and find some actual experienced people and absorb advice like a sponge. Solo micro alliance days are long gone now.
  11. 2500 days old today. 


    Old man yells at clouds


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Suyash Adhikari

      Suyash Adhikari

      Your name is oddly familiar, were u in the NPO?

    3. Mayor


      He has been in the game for 2500 days, of course its familiar!

    4. Suyash Adhikari

      Suyash Adhikari

      Lol, was just checking, he is in CN NPO and was PN NPO's Emperor lol

  12. Happy 6 years from the oldest nation here. 



  13. Good update, well done. Been living in US update time since '09 with CN. It's been great but the change is well needed
  14. Where the old guard at? Or am I losing everyone now days? 


    #13th nation here in PW. 

    1. Redarmy


      I am the only one from day 3 of the game. 

    2. RagnarBuliwyf


      >Nation ID 5575


      Get on my field sucka

  15. So, clue me in on GOONS here. Am I fighting any of you on EVE? 

    1. dragonshardz


      Depends on which alliance you're in.

    2. RagnarBuliwyf
    3. Comrade Marx

      Comrade Marx

      I mean, probably.

  16. I mean Following on this, and having been fighting you lot in EVE for years this is true. You don't /NEED/ to be on SA to be a GOON.
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