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  1. 🗲ϟħ̧i̧₣ɫ̵γ͘ ̶™🗲

    A Bold New Frontier

    RIP RR First RnR then RR is Arrgh next?
  2. 🗲ϟħ̧i̧₣ɫ̵γ͘ ̶™🗲

    SNN: The Wizard

    Shifty reminding you that God grief comes first: Diomedes may have tried to hide, but he's not good at it. The wizard has returned: Alex will do nothing, we are hopeless. The wizard keeps casting his shadow, weaving his spell....Funny clothes, tinkling bell, never talking. Just keeps walking spreading his magic.
  3. 🗲ϟħ̧i̧₣ɫ̵γ͘ ̶™🗲


    Gnome Man Bad 😡 t. Mad Max At this point my community appointed role is to be a BK lackey/yes-man.
  4. 🗲ϟħ̧i̧₣ɫ̵γ͘ ̶™🗲


    BK is a winner and has the winner attitude You don’t need to tone it down if you’re shitting on the loser. The BK cockiness has been there since day 1. Y’all just mad because BK is on a different front now and winning.
  5. 🗲ϟħ̧i̧₣ɫ̵γ͘ ̶™🗲

    Micros are Trash!

    The only micro and gov you need to interview is me as I am sole gov member.
  6. CKD has just finished merging. Shifty was right about their death.

    "Ey man, wtf why isn't CKD dead yet" t. le SNN critic

  7. 🗲ϟħ̧i̧₣ɫ̵γ͘ ̶™🗲

    Desert Tales

    Im going MDAP tyvm
  8. 🗲ϟħ̧i̧₣ɫ̵γ͘ ̶™🗲

    Desert Tales

    OwO-what's this? :3 Congrats senpai and fellow protectorate~kun.
  9. Shifty warned you of the threat of thottery. Took you 2 years to finally realize Shifty did nothing wrong.

  10. 🗲ϟħ̧i̧₣ɫ̵γ͘ ̶™🗲


    Whether or not the puppet is on the left hand or the right hand, it's still a puppet
  11. 🗲ϟħ̧i̧₣ɫ̵γ͘ ̶™🗲


    I mean the whole tS puppet state thing was runnin' wild like Hulkamania.
  12. 🗲ϟħ̧i̧₣ɫ̵γ͘ ̶™🗲


    Dr. Shifty reporting in with some grim news It appears that the Blood God has severe hemophilia as it has bled down from 22 members to 12. Before being kicked out of the patient's #nutsack, Dr. Shifty can confirm that the situation is dire. The Blood God appears to be looking for emergency donors and the only potential match maybe CoS. Dr. Shifty delivering the news like he delivers babies at the nursery ward: With a football spike to the ground and a dab, yeetus on dat feetus.
  13. 🗲ϟħ̧i̧₣ɫ̵γ͘ ̶™🗲

    SNN-Failed Opportunities

    Alot of times we take chances for granted, We don't grab life by the horns and proceed to make it our !@#$ But today, we cover a few mishaps that unfortunately didn't end up in violence this week This is Shifty reporting in with a weekly review: Long story short: Sovereignty violated af and done on the P/W chan. How do you warmongers let this slide? Second failed opportunity: Everyone hates Akuryo, but apparently not enough to act on it properly Dynamic should stop tryna tax EM and instead tax Raeiska, I mean the frick is? This is Shifty reminding you that every second could be your last here on Orbis.
  14. 🗲ϟħ̧i̧₣ɫ̵γ͘ ̶™🗲

    SNN-Dire Straits

    Could Rose be in dire economic straits? Shifty reporting in with what seems like a turn for the worst... Has our beloved Dynamic turned to a life crime? Is armed robbery the only way out?

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