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  1. Shifty will never be in forum jail. He'll leave in a body bag, but never in cuffs.

    1. Madden8021


      I'm with you man, Forum Jail bad, Fight Da Power.

    2. Unwanted
  2. You should be able to redeem credits to remove one warn point. 

    1. kosmokenny


      Your nazi friends handing sheepfricker money to nazify their nation pages has kept em here for years while I get banned over and over again for pointing it out, so your idea is already in place

  3. Real talk
    Who's still blastin' Mr. Roboto in 2019 at max volume?

    Just a few more years til the real thing in 2142 lmao. 😂👌💯🔥

  4. You know BK propaganda and culture is gone when they miss their own 5 year anniversary while winning a war. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. REAP3R


      You mean their ayynerversary?

    3. 丂ħ̧i̧₣ɫ̵γ͘ ̶™

      丂ħ̧i̧₣ɫ̵γ͘ ̶™

      There's even a new HD version. Smh.

    4. Madden8021


      Make BK Memes Great Again


      I honestly miss those days when BK Memes were good. Make em Good again, that's all.

  5. Imagine if instead of shedding an exoskeleton, we shed our skeletons and turned into mush for a few days. In the meantime, we'd have to find a small cave and hide while our new skeleton grew.

  6. I’ve become caffeine, destroyer of worlds.


    current intake:760mgs

    1. MinesomeMC


      My current intake is 205.2mg. 

  7. Use coupon code: FABULOUSDECOR so you too can have a home of sectionals to liven up your living room.

    Contact @San Fortunadofor details.

    1. Madden8021


      All thanks to Amazon Prime and Rooms to Go.

  8. All that I am: anger, edginess, alcholism - I bestow upon you, my chosen gamers. I have granted you screen cap worthy immortality so that you may herald in a new, holy age for the epic gamers.

    Gaze now upon the forums below us. The Mods scurry to undo my work, while the SJWs stand defiantly against us - a blemish upon these boards. They must all be shown the price of their defiance.

    You will become my force of retribution. Where you tread, bans will follow. Go now and claim your destiny, epic gamer.

  9. Born to shitpost, forced to wipe.

  10. God has returned, it's ok folks.

    I'm here for you, unlike your dad. Though tbqh, I would have been your daddy, but a dog beat me over the fence.

  11. I'm tired of seeing SNN bootlegs that are not creative and just use _NN as their name.

    I'ma bring back SNN, but as the New Testament of Shifty S. Stranger with bible format. 

    1. Limbuwan


      I think the original is Limbu News Network

    2. Mad Max

      Mad Max

      You should sue CNN. They compete with you hardcore with trash news.

  12. My favorite cereal growing up:


    That delicious, and crunchy, blood filled carapace. Snap, crackle, pop!

  13. People pretending to be offended on these forums to get the other side warned and hopefully banned:


    1. Rimski


      I'm reporting this post because I'm in it, without being asked for permission, and I dont like it

    2. MinesomeMC
    3. Mad Max

      Mad Max

      This post is trash.

  14. NR is dumb

    If I had the exploit money, I would have used it to buy P/W from Alex. Real talk fam. 😤

  15. >When your protectorate treaty with BK expires in-game and you can't find it


  16. Imagine being able to turn into gas and being breathed into people's lungs then turning back into a human and just bursting out of someone's chest/body.

    1. Sir Scarfalot

      Sir Scarfalot

      Grody; people's lungs are dirty m8! You'd get viscera all over you :c

    2. Rimski


      That aint nothing, on Pathology we were learning about digestive pathology, and the second to last section was prolapsus, aka your large intestine falling out of your assholr, it even had a picture of a pug looking at that shit w wide open eyes. 'Nam flashbacks or some shiy

  17. >tfw no Easter flags in-game



    Get bent for lent beeeetch

  18. Shifty will always be here, he is the OWF and everything in it and outside of it. The first post and the last post. He can giveth upvotes and he can taketh them. For he is Shifty.

    1. LordStrum


      as long as you cut it out with the shitty pizza, do whatever you want

    2. Settra


      SNN for lyfe

  19. CKD has just finished merging. Shifty was right about their death.

    "Ey man, wtf why isn't CKD dead yet" t. le SNN critic

  20. Shifty warned you of the threat of thottery. Took you 2 years to finally realize Shifty did nothing wrong.

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