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  1. People pretending to be offended on these forums to get the other side warned and hopefully banned:


    1. Rimski


      I'm reporting this post because I'm in it, without being asked for permission, and I dont like it

    2. MinesomeMC
    3. Mad Max

      Mad Max

      This post is trash.

  2. NR is dumb

    If I had the exploit money, I would have used it to buy P/W from Alex. Real talk fam. 😤

  3. >When your protectorate treaty with BK expires in-game and you can't find it


  4. Imagine being able to turn into gas and being breathed into people's lungs then turning back into a human and just bursting out of someone's chest/body.

    1. Sir Scarfalot

      Sir Scarfalot

      Grody; people's lungs are dirty m8! You'd get viscera all over you :c

    2. Rimski


      That aint nothing, on Pathology we were learning about digestive pathology, and the second to last section was prolapsus, aka your large intestine falling out of your assholr, it even had a picture of a pug looking at that shit w wide open eyes. 'Nam flashbacks or some shiy

  5. >tfw no Easter flags in-game



    Get bent for lent beeeetch

  6. Shifty will always be here, he is the OWF and everything in it and outside of it. The first post and the last post. He can giveth upvotes and he can taketh them. For he is Shifty.

    1. LordStrum


      as long as you cut it out with the shitty pizza, do whatever you want

    2. Settra


      SNN for lyfe

  7. CKD has just finished merging. Shifty was right about their death.

    "Ey man, wtf why isn't CKD dead yet" t. le SNN critic

  8. Shifty warned you of the threat of thottery. Took you 2 years to finally realize Shifty did nothing wrong.

  9. Alex is having a game update come February. (basically 2 days)

    Is this the mandatory war update that will screw up the war a bit?

    1. TheShadow


      WTF is that?
      We need more SNN LEAKS MAN

    2. Rimski


      Does that include having infantry as tank protection? I just want to be a realist communist jesus fuqen christ

  10. Would you rather have 46 regular sized chromosomes or one big chromosome the size of all 46 combined?

  11. Sometimes, I like to click on my profile and just leave it open like a screensaver. It's truly captivating to know this is what perfection looks like.

  12. Report your local weeb.

    The future of Orbis is at hand

    Join the fight, contact @kermot 

  13. Voting for Shifty in the 2018 awards is a vote for freedom.

    1. MinesomeMC


      Also vote for doby and GPC

  14. We should change Daylight Savings to New Years so the year resets for an hour.

  15. It's actually chilly and windy here in Hollywood near the hills. The wind has a wonderful howl to it as it comes through the windows.

    1. Rimski


      In Brčko Bosnia it is a Winter cuck wonderland where even the snowflakes have winter jackets

    2. Mad Max

      Mad Max

      In Dallas, Texas its finally above 40 da grease.

  16. If your top 3 Christmas Movies aren't Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, and Bad Santa, then you're pleb trash.

    1. Rimski


      1. Die Hard

      2. Die Hard 2

      3. Scarface but Toni Montana dressed as goddamn Santa with his "little friend" being a candy cannon and all weapons being replaced with confetti machines

  17. >When your allergy meds say do not take more than 3 alcoholic drinks with dosage but you take easily 9.

    1. Leopold von Habsburg

      Leopold von Habsburg

      They're only allergy meds.

    2. Rimski


      You'd do great in commercials for any alcoholic beverage

  18. TFP is hiding banks but no one is hitting them. We got Silenzio, Space Rome, Penguin Island, Blazing Knights, and the other money dumps. Is TFP the step no one wants to take?

    1. Rimski


      The step I dont want to make is watch the Bee movie on acid again

    2. Edwardidk


      oooo ooo! me! me!

    3. Cypher


      No one has the time to go after TFP

  19. This is truly the best future. Nuke Bloc curbstomped. TKR sphere in flames. Now TRF being torn to shreds. It's a good day and I didn't even have to use my AK.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Rimski


      If the day is without the AK is not okay.

    3. Clarke


      Christmas came early. 

    4. Rimski


      How you know my local ho?

  20. Buo the Hedgehog- "Gobba DoW fast"


  21. Just roll Polaris at this point. Their entry to into the war with Vanguard would liven up the mid-tier.

  22. Why is no one hitting Space Rome for bank loot?

    1. Rimski


      They learned from the "alleged" mistakes of germany in the 30s and 40s

  23. Silenzio is probably hiding the bank and no one is hitting them. It's a TKR protectorate and therefore free real estate.

    1. Princess Seshat

      Princess Seshat

      Proof of Ayylien life in silenzio?


    2. LordStrum


      I used to say ayy lmao

      I still do, but I used to too

    3. Rimski

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