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  1. Application: Nation name: United States of America Official currency: US Dollar Form of government: Federsl Republic Describe your nation: A nation based off the Real life counterpart, with more corporate controlling the government Politics & War Wikia link (leave blank if you don’t have one): Have you read, and agree to abide by the rules of the map/subforum? (Yes/No): yes Where on the map do you wish to be located? (Using real-world geography, or a self-provided map): Including hawaii Nation flag link (if you have a specific one you wish to use): just use the USA flag
  2. Bask in the glory of all our problems

    1. Rimski


      Thats a lot of glory for me then chief

    2. Mad Max

      Mad Max

      glory hole

  3. Let him know that you know best 'Cause after all you do know best Try to slip past his defense Without granting innocence

    Lay down a list of what is wrong The things you've told him all along

    Pray to God, he hears you

    And I pray to God, he hears you

  4. So like you but in a form of a topic? Gotcha 👍 Jk thalmor dont roll me
  5. The wasted years, the wasted youth
    The pretty lies, the ugly truth
    And the day has come where I have died
    Only to find, I've come alive

    1. Rimski


      Since when did Jesus go into poetry

  6. When you need "friends and family" to create accounts just to upvote your posts to boost your fragile ego 😂

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    2. 丂ħ̧i̧₣ɫ̵γ͘ ̶™

      丂ħ̧i̧₣ɫ̵γ͘ ̶™


      Shifty gets his upvotes from adoring fans and a loyal base

      Though if any chicks need upvotes and a #1 fan, hmu

    3. Aisling Duval

      Aisling Duval


    4. Rimski


      @Venomfam if I was the VPN CEO I'd add her to the blacklist, shame on the corporation


      @Aisling Duvalreported because you broke her undebunkable argument made out of FACTS which dont care about FEELINGS, must be great not doing arguments from a subjective matter and thinking you are right forever : ))))




      I am seeing twice tf? Imma lay off yhe intetnet while ill

  7. General Secretary Telfair agrees to meet you at the neutral location at Brussels, Beligum, who have already agreed to allow the two to meet.
  8. As time goes, nations will always make allies, make enemies and so forth. Today, the announcement of hidden agendas has been revealed. The United Nations needing to fight the rise of global terrorism, voted and passed the Global Defense Act bill, creating the United Nations Global Defense Initiative(UNGDI). As time passed, this group stayed relatively unknown and out of the public eyes. Nations who agreed to the Global Defense Act ensured the troops signed agreements to ensure confidentiality. Of course, it was public knowledge that this organization existed, however most of their operations were kept highly confidential. After 2 Great Tiberium wars, the UNGDI reformed into just the Global Defense Initiative, becoming an multinational state. Member States surrendered tons of their administrative powers to the Global Defense Initiative and GDI became their sole military provider. Today marks the day that GDI will promise the protection of the free world, combat terrorism and protecting Earth's failing environment to ensure a better life to the masses. Military doctrine GDI relies upon the technological sophistication of its weaponry and the superior training and loyalties of its officers, to end violent conflict between countries across the planet. Technology level GDI technological development has been brought about by the financial support of the United Nations, who had founded them. Developments in recent years include sonic weaponry and quickly specialized hovercraft. GDI has countered Nod's increasing arsenal of lasers with railguns, fielded by everything from Mammoth Tanks to Commandos, and has also researched into powered armour technologies. The pinnacle of GDI military technology, the Ion cannon, is a space-based energy weapon of mass destruction is capable of obliterating just about anything with pinpoint accuracy. GDI also pioneered the use of mechanized walkers and developed the ORCA aircraft series of VTOL aircraft, a unique design which incorporates VTOL technology into fast ground attack aircraft. GDI Leadership: General Secretary: Sandra Telfair Director of Defense: Alex Jones Director of InOps: Kirce James Director of Treasury: Redmond Boyle Commander of the of the Armed Forces: Jack Granger Director of Public Affairs: Cassandra Blair GDI Central Command is located in space at the GDSS Philadelphia, with regional HQs administrating ground operations. Global Defense Initative is led by the General Secretary as the Head of State and Commander and chief of the GDI Armed Forces. The GDI council consist of the Director of Defense, Director of InOps, Director of Treasury, Director of Public Affairs, and the Commander of the Armed Forces which will always hold the minimum rank of: Lt General. The current Commander of the Armed Forces is Lt. General Jack Granger. Any foreign governments/organizations can visit and request an embassy at the GDSS Philadelphia Public Relations Department(Discord) and a Public Relations Officer or the Director of Public Affairs will handle your request. "Superiority through technology"
  9. Where did he say anything about the USA? Is it because he spoke English? You do realize many countries speak English right? Let's all talk about how relatively easy using decent grammar can be. Who is "we"? Also obligatory
  10. There isnt a solution. Not in the US anyways. Politicans are already bought out, and the 1% already has deep control over the government. Politicans cannot do anything without their corporate overlords giving then permission
  11. So nice to see someone who actually criticizes both parties, I am so use to people supporting one and always defending the one the support no matter what. It is a shame the parties are going extreme, and our first President did warn us against creating political parties, and look where we are xd
  12. I'll never consider myself a conservative. I dont believe in traditional values and etc. Dont get me wrong that does not mean I dont have morals, I do but I just find traditional values to be backwards But i do believe in gun rights
  13. lAzY I'm gonna be honest, i dont know much about firearms because I'm a dirty liberal but I dont see why this would be restricted. Funny enough - eventhough far left politicans does target these bigger weapons, and try to paint them worse than handguns but I looked up a study one of them quoted from and found large data they didnt post which would of contradicted their position which showed handguns were far more used in assaults and robberies due to the ability to conceal them #TheFarLeftIsRuingingTheLiberalName I know it seems I'm supporting conservative points, but last I checked, liberalism is about personal freedoms and that's why I consider myself a liberal, personal freedoms should never be infringed, and guns go in line of personal freedoms.
  14. Lmao it isnt that hard to use decent grammar. I use mobile and still can create functional sentences. #NoExcuse
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