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  1. Natalia Poklonskaya

    To ensure stability, order must be reestablished

    25 Miles from Lola, Kansas Farmhouse - Presumed Abandoned Commanding Officer: Major Beck Lieutenant Vasques Captain Parker *CLASSIFIED - FOR THE EYES OF ALLIED STATES DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE ONLY* As Major Beck ordered Lieutenant Vasques and Captain Parker to secure a Farmhouse 25 miles north of Lola Kansas, a group of men attacked the two commanding officers, who were sent to secure the local area and use the land to house soldiers while operations in the area is being reestablished into society, using highly militarized vehicles and military grade weapons. Major Beck presumes the terrorist raided the United States Army Armory 10 miles west of this location to gain these weapons, which were housing thousands of Sem-Automatic Rifles, fragment grenades and housed decommissioned tanks that were being sent to remove the firing mechanism so it could be shipped to museums across the country. Captain Parker took direct control over the battle and was able to eliminate the majority of enemy tanks using distracting tactics to draw enemy forces out of the trees so the Allied States Air Force could destroy them. This Skirmish has Major Beck worried that further armories and bases have been looted in the area and expects to see further terrorist activities in the area, and has requested further reinforcements and increased Aerial reconnaissance and patrols of the skies. General of the Army has not made any comments towards the request for more men and the Chiefs of Joint Command are gathering Tuesday to discuss the appropriate actions to secure the area faster and efficient. The President expects a plan to be on her desk by Wednesday for review before she authorizes any combat plants. Casualties: 12 soldiers, 50 terrorists. Injuries: 5 soldiers, 10 terrorists. /End of Report
  2. Natalia Poklonskaya

    To ensure stability, order must be reestablished

    Lola, Kansas has been secured, and squads have been sent to neighboring towns. Major Beck has converted the Lola Sheriffs Department building into a command center and the local law enforcement has been drafted into service into helping maintain order. Lola has been more civilized then neighboring towns. A.S Air Force had to bombard a group of raiding outlaws that were attacking the town, 20 civilian casualties, 12 injured, 10 captured. The 10 captured will be detained and charged for murder, attempting robbery and terrorism. Citizens of Lola flocked to the arriving soldiers asking if order is being restored and when electrical and water would be returned. Major Beck ordered the A.S Army Engineers to make restoring utilities top priority to ensure the cover of restoring Law and Order to the region. A.S Air Force will be running nonstop Aerial scans to attempt to find terrorist's campsites and trace of nuclear material, while the A.S Army sets up checkpoints at all entry/exits to Lola and start patrols on the interstate highways in the area. A.S Medical Corp has also been sent to do physical and mental checkups on the citizens of the region to ensure all citizens are healthy and mentally able to reintegrate into a civilized society.
  3. Location: Lola, Kansas Operation: Secure Immediate Area; eliminate terrorists Commanding Officer: Major Beck Branch: Allied States Army Orders: Secure Lola and surrounding towns and eliminate the Terrorist group operating in the area CLASSIFIED INFORMATION "Major Beck, your orders are to secure Lola and surrounding towns and eliminate a known terrorist and her group causing destabilization in the area. Intelligence have secured she is the person who caused the great fall of the United States and allowed a hostile regime take over the Eastern Coast, may be working for the Holy Britiannian Empire to cause disruption in our borders. The Secretary of Defense ordered for her capture, and her men killed on sight. We also have reasonable belief that she has a hidden nuclear bomb at her disposal, so you are authorized to use any means necessary to collect this nuclear device with the help of the Allied States Air Force and Marines, and the Central Intelligence Agency. Failure to stop this will result in your immediate discharge from the Military and you will be tried for treason." Allied States Army' s 10th Mountain Division have moved into the area and started to secure the highways, roads and railroad tracks under the guise of securing and reestablishing Law and Order to the area. Martial law has been enacted with a curfew in effect at 8pm to 7am. Any citizen caught outside without proper approval shall be detained for 24 hours and then released, second offenders will be investigated and charged for breaking the curfew and sentenced to prison up to 5 years maximum. Any citizen who refuses to comply with Allied States Soldiers will be detained if possible, and shot if necessary to establish control over an area. The local area's airspace shall be locked down, with only authorized aerial vehicles allowed entry, any unauthorized entry into the airspace will be shot down by the Allied States Air Force that are patrolling the skies. Allied States Marines shall be used for precise attacks ordered by Major Beck of the Allied States Army, the commanding officer in the area. Recon shall take place immediately, with planes with the ability to scan and detect radioactive materials flown to assist in discovering the nuclear device the terrorist currently possess. If any foreign agents are found, they are to be captured and tried by Military Court, and any illegal activities in the area will be considered a Capital offense until Law and Order has been established and Martial Law can be lifted.
  4. Natalia Poklonskaya

    The Beginning of the Allied States of America

    The constitution has been ratified and be viewed here. (the reason i made it into a google document is primarily because its a huge document of basically a modified version of the US Constitution but replaced United States with Allied States and removed the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms.) Image of the Current Administration: President Karmala Harris Secretary of State: Elizabeth McCord Secretary of Defense: Ash Carter (Ash Carter is planned to not stay very long in this administration) Secretary of Commerce: Angela Travis Image Not Available(Couldnt find any images I'd like her to look like, nor is Angela Travis planned to stay in this adminstration for that long) Secretary of Internal Affairs: John Deerana Image Not Found(Same thing with Angela Travis) Capital of the Allied States of America: Cheyenne, Wyoming, Allied States of America
  5. "A hostile regime has taken over the Eastern coast of the previous United States due to hesitation and weakness, the once powerful United States of America has proven to the world that a nation divided shall fall, even when the nation itself holds one of the most powerful Armed Forces on the planet. I, and the remaining of the United States government promise to ensure the faults of the old do not destroy us, the Allied States of America, and will adhere to the founding principals of Liberty, strength and unity. As we speak, the Allied States Army have secured many states left in ruin and anarchy, and Congress has passed the Protection of the Allied States Act, which gives the executive branch more ability to ensure stability and safety. This act also allows the Allied States Armed Forces to act as police in troubling time and during the rebuilding of Infrastructure and civilization. We shall not fail our mission to rebuild America to outside or inside threats. Bless the Allied States of America!" President Kamala Harris speaking to the to the citizens of the Allied States of America The Allied States of America has the same branch system as the United States, with a Executive branch, legislative branch and Judiciary branch. The key difference is the Executive have more influence and powers in Congress and the ability to police the nation as the Executive branch sees fit. the Executive and Judiciary branch work closely due to the Allied Supreme Court is hired directly by the President and can be terminated by the President at any given time without needing Congress's approval. The Allied States of America holds a Mixed economy, where the government holds onto a monopoly of industries deemed vital to national security and interests, while placing regulations on the private market to ensure equal rights for all its citizens and to protect the Earth's environment. The Allied States Army is the primary military branch, with the Allied States Navy and Allied States Air Force falling behind in comparable size. the Allied States Marine Corps is the smallest military branch, however they hold the most trained and elite in the Armed Forces. The Marine Corps is the units sent to secure a location during the time of anarchy after the fall of the United States, if it wasnt for the Allied States Marine Corp, the Allied States would of not been able to secure the land as quickly as they did. Current Government: President: Karmala Harris Secretary of State: Elizabeth McCord Secretary of Defense: Ash Carter Secretary of Commerce: Angela Travis Secretary of Internal Affairs: John Deerana
  6. Natalia Poklonskaya

    Official NatRP Map Thread

    Application: Nation name: Allied States of America Population (may use in-game numbers): 100,000,000 Population density (may use in-game numbers): 1,205 Official currency: Allied Dollar GDP (may use in-game numbers): 18.57 trillion GDP per capita (may use in-game numbers): 60,000 Form of government: Federal Republic Describe your nation: After the fall of the United States of America to the Holy Britiannan Empire, the remaining government fled to Cheyenne, Wyoming, and rebuilt the Armed Forces. Once the government reorganized the Armed Forces, they sent in the military to reestablish Law and Order to the states nearby, until reaching California, leaving a small land unclaimed by either the new government or the Holy Britiannian Empire, which now branded itself as the Allied States of America. The Allied States of America is a glimpse of the previous United States of America and holds nearly the same values. Politics & War Wikia link (leave blank if you don’t have one): Have you read, and agree to abide by the rules of the map/subforum? (Yes/No): Yes Where on the map do you wish to be located? (Using real-world geography, or a self-provided map): Nation flag link (if you have a specific one you wish to use):
  7. Natalia Poklonskaya

    What do you think of Modern Pop Music?

    Music seems to be blending together, and most artist are sticking to a very similar theme that captivated their audience, not giving them enough motivation to try anything new
  8. Natalia Poklonskaya

    Royal Orbis News

  9. Natalia Poklonskaya

    But she said, where'd you wanna go? How much you wanna risk?

    The Eden Initiative, a subsidiary company to Umbrella Corporation, proudly announces that the Climate Control conference is about to start! As the delegations from world governments and organizations pour into Tokyo, the Eden Initiative is working diligently to have the presentation ready for you all. If you have any questions, please email the Eden Initiative Director, Joshua Tyrall at [email protected] and he will reply diligently to answer all questions that would not be answered at the conference, please enjoy your stay at the Tokyo National Conference Building, and remember to take a look at the brochure! Were happy to have you with us this week. :Classified: Due to setbacks, maintenance was forced into overtime to fix the electrical wiring to all machinery necessary for the presentation. All guest that have arrived have been sent a greetings and apology for the setbacks, and Umbrella Public Relations agents are working to keep the delegates in Tokyo until it is ready. (i have been inactive due to irl situation, this is just to remind y'all i still have plans to complete this RP)
  10. Natalia Poklonskaya

    End of the Mandarin Accord

    Umbrella High Command Directive Umbrella Security Service deployed teams are not allowed to attempt to save civilians, only to observe the rate of infection, keeping covert is a priority, and secrecy must be assured. All team members are to understand that Command will not accept a potential security risk, and the aftermath of a potential agent being compromised, the agent will be destructed via remote detonation. Current T-Viral Infection Rate: 60%. Hunter Release: Granted. Unmarked Helicopters en-route to drop purchased Hunters into major civilian centers while Tyrants are to be dropped near Chinese Military presences in the area to stop a potential unauthorized containment. Program Nemesis is now fully activated, Program Nemesis has been dropped at a local Police Department to destroy any enclaves of local authorities before moving on to hunting down Chinese Spec Ops teams in the area. Threat Level to Program Nemesis: Moderate. Umbrella Security Services Delta Squad en-route to unleash a second vial of T-viral agent into a nearby civilian hotspot to increase infection rate to hit the peak of 90%. :This Document is Classified. Security Access to this file requires Security Access Clearance level: Omega(High Command and Co-Leaders eyes only):
  11. Natalia Poklonskaya

    Movin N Groovin

  12. Natalia Poklonskaya

    But she said, where'd you wanna go? How much you wanna risk?

    "If you believe that our future generations doesnt deserve to live on a habitable planet, we cant stop you from polluting, the Eden Initiative program is completely optional, and not mandatory. The summit is to only show the alternatives from Fossil fuels."
  13. @Spaceman Thrax when we creating dat Ass bloc



    O shit that was top sekret


    Sorry guys

    1. Spaceman Thrax

      Spaceman Thrax

      Ass bloc is inside each of us, my child.

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      And we are the experts!

  14. The Umbrella Corporation invites the world leaders to Tokyo, Umbrella Tokyo Inc., to attend the Eden Initiative Project's presentation to help the nations of the world to choose Umbrella's eco-friendly power plans to light up the world with fresh, clean energy and unshackle mankind from the oppressive heel of the Oil Industry that every nation has to bend to make their energy needs made. Umbrella knows that change is hard, and most nations have oil businesses that sabotage every effort into your nation becoming apart of the eco-friendly family, and we want to let you know there is a way to bypass the lobbyist, it's called the Eden Initiative, and we would like to become your #1 energy provider. We also want to discuss the necessity of preserving our Earth, which include the Antartica and the North Pole and the dangers of not taking care of our world will have on these vital lands, which will indirectly affect everyone's future, so please, come to this conferance, and let us shoot for a better future for our next generation. Umbrella Corporation is a family owned business that specializes on Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronics and Healthcare administration. Please be advised, that Umbrella is not a major player in the energy industry, and the Eden Initiative is the branch that we plan to use to enter the industry. We promise our researchers are looking for even more greener methods of providing electricity and fuel to the worlds economy. Please be advised that all security will be handled by the Umbrella Security Service, while a foreign representative can only have two body guards that are lightly armed and will be closely monitored. * *Japan, if accepted, will be exempt from the limited personnel policy due to the close relationship the Japanese people and Umbrella are. We welcome the Japanese government with open arms.

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