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  1. Natalia Poklonskaya

    But she said, where'd you wanna go? How much you wanna risk?

    "If you believe that our future generations doesnt deserve to live on a habitable planet, we cant stop you from polluting, the Eden Initiative program is completely optional, and not mandatory. The summit is to only show the alternatives from Fossil fuels."
  2. @Spaceman Thrax when we creating dat Ass bloc



    O shit that was top sekret


    Sorry guys

    1. Spaceman Thrax

      Spaceman Thrax

      Ass bloc is inside each of us, my child.

    2. Rimski


      And we are the experts!

  3. The Umbrella Corporation invites the world leaders to Tokyo, Umbrella Tokyo Inc., to attend the Eden Initiative Project's presentation to help the nations of the world to choose Umbrella's eco-friendly power plans to light up the world with fresh, clean energy and unshackle mankind from the oppressive heel of the Oil Industry that every nation has to bend to make their energy needs made. Umbrella knows that change is hard, and most nations have oil businesses that sabotage every effort into your nation becoming apart of the eco-friendly family, and we want to let you know there is a way to bypass the lobbyist, it's called the Eden Initiative, and we would like to become your #1 energy provider. We also want to discuss the necessity of preserving our Earth, which include the Antartica and the North Pole and the dangers of not taking care of our world will have on these vital lands, which will indirectly affect everyone's future, so please, come to this conferance, and let us shoot for a better future for our next generation. Umbrella Corporation is a family owned business that specializes on Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronics and Healthcare administration. Please be advised, that Umbrella is not a major player in the energy industry, and the Eden Initiative is the branch that we plan to use to enter the industry. We promise our researchers are looking for even more greener methods of providing electricity and fuel to the worlds economy. Please be advised that all security will be handled by the Umbrella Security Service, while a foreign representative can only have two body guards that are lightly armed and will be closely monitored. * *Japan, if accepted, will be exempt from the limited personnel policy due to the close relationship the Japanese people and Umbrella are. We welcome the Japanese government with open arms.
  4. Natalia Poklonskaya

    North Pole expedition

    :classified: Mobile Construction Sites have prompted on the North Pole where Umbrella construction teams have landed to start construction of the Research facility, anti air, anti ship and anti armored defenses to protect the research facility. In the mean time, the Umbrella Air Security Services will be launching 10 squads of F-22 fighter jets, consisting of 4 jets per squad to patrol the air nearby the research facility's construction sites. Any unauthorized aircraft will be warned to leave the area immediate, and if they refuse, the F-22s are allowed to force the aircraft to land for violating the Umbrella North Pole Research Division's Airspace.
  5. Natalia Poklonskaya

    Umbrella North America Inc. opened for business

    :classified: Nuclear Missile Launch sites co formed Home office has gained information that the Mid-Range Nuclear missiles were primed and armed, ready to fire from the orders of the Co-Leaders. 25 Nuclear weapons are now armed and ready to fire on the Americans if they take hostile actions against the Corporation, while another 25 are being transported now.
  6. Rose's are red

    Thalmor suks

    Roll Keza

  7. Natalia Poklonskaya

    End of the Mandarin Accord

    Umbrella Security Services has been ordered to align the prefabricated walls on the Japanese-Chinese borders, only taking a few hours being utilized for the construction due to the snap-in-place designs. Once the walls were snapped in place, strong magnetics shall ensure the walls stay together, and can only he moved via security access or destroying the wall. Shipments of Hunters, Tyrants and the T-Viral(airborne version - Warning: Virus highly mutagenic, can go waterborne) cases have been shipped, being prepped to be released into Chinese lands. Program Nemesis has also been given the greenlight to be tested in the Chinese borders, and will be released 20 miles away from ground zero of T-Virus being released into the environment. Patient Zero shall be infected via syringe, shot from a distance, once the sensor on the syringe detects it has gone through a patient's army, it will inject him with a liquid containing the T-Virus. Once the infection has hit its peak, Hunters will be unleashed mid-air so the Hunters can target the 10% who are naturally immune to the T-Virus, and Tyrants will be unleashed on military locations nearby ground zero. During these events, Umbrella Security Services will be on the ground to study and collect combat data, and then will start the course of containment once the Japanese government gives the greenlight for containment.
  8. Natalia Poklonskaya

    North Pole expedition

    The Umbrella Corporation will start constructing a research facility located on the North Pole to observe the environment, atmosphere and observe the rate of rising temperatures affecting the North Pole. As such, we hereby declare that the Antarctic and the North Poles to be off limits to any pollutant organizations that will interfere in our observations and research to develope a cleaner future. Let's work on creating a greener, eco-friendly future. *classified* Umbrella is sending 50,000 troops, 1000 Anti-Personnel vehicles designed for freezing environment, and the first Umbrella Supercarrier shall provide Air support to the research and security teams on the ground
  9. The Umbrella Corporation has set its regional HQ for the North American markets in Cuba due to it's relatively closeness to the American coastal ports, it was deemed profitable to set up shop in the area *classified* 25,000 UBCS teams will reinforce the area 200 F-22 sent to guard the airspace 40 Helicopters to scout and help defend 5th Fleet to guard the coast. 25 mid range nuclear weapons to ensure our power over cuba
  10. Natalia Poklonskaya

    NatRP Map Thread

    I'd like to claim the province that has Havana and 3 provinces nearby I'd make an image but cannot zoom in close enough to find the provinces, sorry xd
  11. Natalia Poklonskaya

    4/19/2015 - Vacation Mode

    Alex rn
  12. Natalia Poklonskaya

    Make me Queen

    @LordStrum make me the Queen kthx
  13. @LordStrum feed me kthx

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    2. Natalia Poklonskaya

      Natalia Poklonskaya

      Strummy, Max knows

    3. LordStrum


      good choice

    4. Rimski


      A good choice is everything except pineapple pizza.

  14. Natalia Poklonskaya


    We are coming, as the prophacy has stated, the Great Journey can only happen with the destruction of man kind rise of the faithful. Just kidding, welcome to Orbis or something.

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