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  1. Natalia Poklonskaya

    Does this qualify as a ragequit ?

    Also I will be giving Zeebs aid
  2. Natalia Poklonskaya

    What is P&W listening to?

  3. Natalia Poklonskaya

    Criticize the Above Nation

    The bee is the best Which is what I criticize. Zeebrus for the win!
  4. Natalia Poklonskaya

    Flame or delrailing

    How was the comment I just made flaming? I'm literally telling the events that have happened that causing this so called issue. You threatened all of us with war in-game(that's fine. Do it) then you threaten to report us to the mods(fine, if they find something warn worthy, then they are doing their jobs, however using moderation as a weapon to attempt to bully other players is not ok, which is what you do on the daily.) You constantly throw threats at us, insult us but the moment we confront the bullshit, you go straight for that second card to try to intimidate us. Not gonna work, and Mods, if you want, warn me, I'm not gonna apologize for any of my actions here because there has been a lot of events that has happened where the reporter uses bullying tactics on other players.
  5. Natalia Poklonskaya

    Flame or delrailing

    You were going after both of my posts though. How about you stop being petty and maybe we would be more inclined to ya know, being nice in OOC talks if you knew what respect was instead of threatening to roll us in-game, threatening to use moderators if we didnt back down in the RP(example: when you threatened Rimski for China and then threatened to have mods intervene) and then threaten to report us to server admins on discord servers. Grow up already.
  6. Natalia Poklonskaya

    Flame or delrailing

    This was in character. Written by a reporter from an independent Chinese newspapers. Not my fault you RP religious prosecution which gives me every right to criticize your nation for it. Second post: Nah that's trolling. At least I dont go around threatening people on discord 😂
  7. Natalia Poklonskaya

    Unity under the Norse Gods [DoE]

    OOC: Ivan Isnt it? I dont know how you are triggered so much 😂😂 My theme song basically when I confront you
  8. Natalia Poklonskaya

    Unity under the Norse Gods [DoE]

    From a government saying this, this is religious prosecution and you weren't welcoming them to practice their beliefs. Older does not equal better. We are better off than we were years ago, so obviously the old ways are not better. -Independent Chinese Newpaper. (Whew nearly died reading this)
  9. Natalia Poklonskaya

    The beginning of a Revolution

    The Soldier guarding the entrance and takes a look at his credentials and invitation before stepping aside and an agent of the Office of Ministry shows the man to the meeting room where he finds the Minister of Foreign Affairs and soldiers surrounding the room. The Minister of Foreign Affairs is a female woman, with a slim body, with first glances, appears to be malnourished and frail. Her long black hair tied into a bun and her dress is very traditional, with a flower design. "Please, have a seat, the President will be here shortly. He is currently busy with a Military meeting and it should end shortly," Ying Yue Li says. Tiananmen Square The PLA agent, quickly glances at the man in front of him, and makes mental notes of his appearance. Unsure if this could be a possible government undercover agent or the possible Japanese agent that may show up, he quietly nods his head and waves for the man to sit at the bench. The PLA agent, age 17, age clearly shows, 5'6 and appears to be 145 pounds, short black hair is noticed under the PLA's hat is seen. "Let me get my stash of my matches, its just in my bag." He pulls his bag from his side and grabs a match, with a piece of paper wrapped around the match that read that was written in Japanese, if the man is able to read the message, than the PLA agent will know that he does not work for the Government. "If you can understand this, than you are a Japanese operative. The current government forbids any foreigners to visit the country except for meetings between governments. Tap your foot once if you are here to set up a meeting with the 'Assistant'." The PLA agent hands the match to the man who asked for the matches and then lifts the newspaper to cover his face as 2 Police officers stroll past them...
  10. Natalia Poklonskaya

    The beginning of a Revolution

    Message from Beijing's Presidental Office: The President will accept a meeting with the Japanese envoy, however we must warn you, that if your envoy is found to by sympathetic to the farmers causes, they will be deported immediately. Farmers have been revolting against the Administration and will eventually be held responsible for their treasonous actions. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will host the meeting in the Eastern Wing. A secret Message from a PLA Agent posted in the Nationalist Party's party MESSAGE STRICTLY FOR JAPANESE GOVERNMENT EYES This is a message from a member of the current administration cabinet member, I 'work' for the Foreign Affairs Ministry, however my real objective is to intercept and ensure the safety of my people. The current government of China is a great danger to the poor and underrepresented farmers. After the government started their purge, the PLA was created to defend the defenseless farmers who wish to live in peace. We tried all legal methods to stop the government, however they still killed innocent people and their children to show their dominance. For the people of China, I must ask you to not trust the current government, as they have shown no evidence of being a government for the people, and we request you do not interfere in China's affairs that could stop us from bringing this government to justice. In this envelope, you will find the evidence of the governments brutal methods. <Documentation of Official Torture guides are found> <Photos showing the massacre of villages who supported the Communist Party of China> <Documentation of Nationalist Party giving orders to eliminate anyone who led protests against the nationalist Party's control over the government> I hope you will realize, that the situation in China is dire, and the reason why I have to ask you to not interfere in our operations. If you have any questions, I will give you a way to contact me. While in Beijing, I have multiple couriers stationed at Tiananmen Square, one can be found sitting at a bench south of Tiananmen, wearing a blue coat, black pants and reading a newspaper and smoking a cigarette to differentiate from others. He will only speak for 5 minutes until he will leave to give me information that you want to set up a meeting.
  11. Natalia Poklonskaya

    The beginning of a Revolution

    Naomi stands and turns to face Frederick "Nice to meet you. I am ready to see my temporary hom, and Savanna, thank you for agreeing, I am truly grateful you agreed to my proposal," Naomi then bows her head, a sign of respect.
  12. Natalia Poklonskaya

    Project D

    To drag you into it
  13. Natalia Poklonskaya

    The beginning of a Revolution

    "Agreed. I will have the PLA call off the execution of these refugees and have them on the first ship to Holland, and per payment, I have it here." She pulls out a briefcase, opens it, brings out 120,000,000, the 10% and closes the briefcase. "Here is your 10% of the 1.2 billion. I will ensure the PLA will keep this in safe keeping, and we are very interested in buying military equipment. On the other issue, I did offer myself as a form of hostage, so where will I be staying at?"
  14. Natalia Poklonskaya

    The beginning of a Revolution

    "As much as I understand your need for population, and we wont allow any citizen who may fight for our cause to be abducted, especially when we could use them to bolster our numbers. However, there is a group of Nationalist Supporters who harass neutral villages, especially the villages on the verge to support the PLA and Communist Party. That number is 1.5 million. That's the best I can do." The agent smirks, then takes a sip of her tea.
  15. I'm glad to see The Syndicate making moves. Missed you guys!

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