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  1. Arizona Robbins

    Where we droppin bois?

    I wanted to like your post twice but forums wont let me do that so heres a thumbs up
  2. Thraxy time to unleash the ass

    1. Spaceman Thrax

      Spaceman Thrax

      It was never leashed.


  3. Arizona Robbins

    The Dissolution of Vanguard

  4. Arizona Robbins

    Official NatRP Map Thread

    Remove me from the map
  5. Arizona Robbins


  6. Arizona Robbins

    Commotion in the Streets of the Tanakosin Empire

    The news of this was concerning to Asami Nakamura, she worried these actions would further increase the chance of a communist uprising in Asia. She stands at the podium to make a speech and States the following:
  7. Arizona Robbins

    Official NatRP Map Thread

    Lelouch goofed and gave Panama to Mexico instead of you
  8. Arizona Robbins

    Official NatRP Map Thread

    I agree, I gifted Panama to @Sorcha Catach
  9. Arizona Robbins

    Scrimmage at the border

    Location: Coastal China-Japanese Border Report: Attack - PLA Forces repelled. At 0200, the Japanese-Chinese border, the security checkpoint on the border was attacked by a group of 250 Chinese men. The security checkpoint housed 4 squads, each containing 6 soldiers, 24 men in total. The men reported strange movements in the distance 10 minutes before the attack, and the 5th Mechanized Infantry Division of the 4th Army Group was dispatched to investigate, which would take 20 minutes before they would arrive. At 0200, the group of Chinese men attacked and killed 4 soldiers, and injured 20 men. Once reinforcements arrived, a swift battle ensued however the group of Chinese left, with demands of the complete removal of capitalism or the Chinese PLA will continue attacks against our positions before swiftly running off into the distance. High Command told the men to not follow the Chinese and to reinforce the entire border, and increase defensive position throughout. ‐------------------------------------------------------
  10. Arizona Robbins

    Nakamura Militarization

    "Rise of the Nakamura Navy" The Empress has called upon the Navy to construct the following: 2 Carriers, 10 destroyers, 6 cruisers, 4 arsenal ships, 16 drone ships and 10 amphibious assault ships to increase the Navy Carrier fleet to hold 10 Carrier groups. The Empress also decreed the shipyards to be opened 24hours, with four shifts. 1st shift working 6am to 3pm, second shift 10am to 7pm, 3rd shift 2pm to 11pm and fourth shift 10pm to 7am With that, the Empress has also ordered the Military to increase communication security to keep out foreign governments from listening to Japanese comms and increase soldier count on the Japanese-British border in Japan, awaiting for the two year(2 months irl) timeframes for the removal of British soldiers and government from the mainland and the restoration of the Japanese main island.
  11. Arizona Robbins

    The Eastern Question

    "The Empress hasnt made an opinion on Britain by what others have told her. She makes it by observing your governments actions. At this time, her only issue is your claims in Asia, she doesnt care what you trade with them, what form of aid you give them. She wants an independent Asia, free from European, American and so forth colonization into Asia. She will not interfere with your economic and aid as long as it doesnt affect her interests, which is the removal of outside factions governance in Asia. We are not Nationalist, we dont follow a faulty ideology that previous governments in Japan held. Our primary goal is to ensure the protection of all people in Asia. Their prosperity. Your aid for the PLA can continue." The man speaking for the council stated while grabbing for a folder before continuing on, "Yes, we understand the process of removal of British personnel, goods and equipment can take a while, which is why we are going to allow a two year period before our military rolls in and enforces Japanese laws. We may have our differences, and we do conflict on several issues, but the states outside of Japan are autonomous states. They handle their own affairs, that isnt defense or foreign affairs. Once we accomplish our goals of reuniting Japan, we'll reform to the Empire of Japan, and each state will have the ability to send representatives to the Diet, allow a somewhat democratic government. With your suggestion of students, we can allow. With the visaless suggestion, they will need to register with the Government before entering. They wont need to gain visas, but they will have to notify the government when they enter our lands. The only thing we need is imports of Iron and some other few raw resources but we been meeting our demands from Tanakosin at the moment."
  12. Arizona Robbins

    The Eastern Question

    The council whispered to eachother and turned their heads back to the British. They hold their gaze, showing no emotions and reply "we can only give you two years(2 months irl)to completely remove your troops before the Japanese military is ordered to move into Northern Japan. We appreciate you leaving, and handing back control of our homeland, however that's the longest the Empress is willing to give. On the matter of China, we do not agree with puppeteering a state, however if they request to join us, we will not deny them their request. We will allow you to continue sending trade and aid to the Chinese people, but we officially request you remove your forces from Asia un the two year span and refrain from colonizing lands in Asia in the future. The Empress wants to bring prosperity to the Asian people, and she is willing to cooperate, but all Asian people do want the ability to self govern without the interference of outside influence and pressure. Let us make our own decisions."
  13. Arizona Robbins

    The Eastern Question

    When they arrived, the Japanese escort was ordered to take the British Minister of Foreign Affairs and his companion to the Tokyo Convention Hall to speak to the Council of the Shogunate. Due to the council couldnt speak English, a translator would be present

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