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  1. Arizona Robbins

    awful nation names

    Where did he say anything about the USA? Is it because he spoke English? You do realize many countries speak English right? Let's all talk about how relatively easy using decent grammar can be. Who is "we"? Also obligatory
  2. Arizona Robbins

    What Do PnW Players Believe On Gun Control?

    There isnt a solution. Not in the US anyways. Politicans are already bought out, and the 1% already has deep control over the government. Politicans cannot do anything without their corporate overlords giving then permission
  3. So nice to see someone who actually criticizes both parties, I am so use to people supporting one and always defending the one the support no matter what. It is a shame the parties are going extreme, and our first President did warn us against creating political parties, and look where we are xd
  4. I'll never consider myself a conservative. I dont believe in traditional values and etc. Dont get me wrong that does not mean I dont have morals, I do but I just find traditional values to be backwards But i do believe in gun rights
  5. lAzY I'm gonna be honest, i dont know much about firearms because I'm a dirty liberal but I dont see why this would be restricted. Funny enough - eventhough far left politicans does target these bigger weapons, and try to paint them worse than handguns but I looked up a study one of them quoted from and found large data they didnt post which would of contradicted their position which showed handguns were far more used in assaults and robberies due to the ability to conceal them #TheFarLeftIsRuingingTheLiberalName I know it seems I'm supporting conservative points, but last I checked, liberalism is about personal freedoms and that's why I consider myself a liberal, personal freedoms should never be infringed, and guns go in line of personal freedoms.
  6. Arizona Robbins

    War Morale

    Lmao it isnt that hard to use decent grammar. I use mobile and still can create functional sentences. #NoExcuse
  7. Arizona Robbins

    A Bold New Frontier

  8. Arizona Robbins

    Where we droppin bois?

    Epi, dont give yourself much credit, the only thing Camelot did was speed up the disbandment process, which we had already started before your raids. Your trash didnt disband TI, it was already in the works before you showed up
  9. Arizona Robbins

    War Morale

    Learn to spell correctly kthx bye
  10. Arizona Robbins

    Racism on Orbis

    Damn fam that's truuu, cant avoid racism at all
  11. Arizona Robbins

    Racism on Orbis

    Oshit fam, well we cant start calling ourselves colors, cant use names, cant use numbers, cant use symbols, where do we go now fam we ran out of ways to name ourselves
  12. Arizona Robbins

    Racism on Orbis

    If we gonna ban the name Tom we also need to ban every name. I'm sure if you look really hard you could find a random name, find a racist individual and then claim that it offends you because someone with that name is racist. So might as well ban all names and start changing out names to numerical numbers unless you find a way to make that racist as well
  13. Arizona Robbins

    Racism on Orbis

    RIP to all the uncles named Tom cus apparently they are all racists just for being named Tom
  14. Arizona Robbins

    Oregon SB501

    Any? Kinda high. I understand having a minimum for handguns but hunting rifles should of stayed at 18 Do not see how this is constitutional in any form. Who's ensuring the Sheirff isnt being biased and abusing this power. As a liberal I am against this as it does infringe on a legal abiding citizens to obtain a gun, which is protected by the Second Amendment. I get this, and tbh I agree with the requirement of a safety course to be taken. Everyone who plans to own a gun needs to know how to handle it safely. Lol this is a stupid term and I'm sure a federal judge will strike this one down as well. I understand the reason behind this but yes, in a dire situation, this makes it difficult and imo it's the responsibility of the owner, not the government, on how secure your weapons are in your own property. Ridiculous term - if a person is a legal abiding citizen who passes every check, they shouldn't he denied. Abuse of power Good thing I dont live in Oregon A bit on inconvienence, and considering Americans are the least patient people in the world, I dont see how this will work out. 3,500$ isnt a reasonable amount so not sure how they can charge that. It would only ensure the poor cannot obtain a gun for hunting or self defense purposes so Overall, I agree with your assessment. For once a liberal like me agrees with a conservative. This is unconstitutional and I hope Oregon makes the right choice and vote no on this bill
  15. Arizona Robbins

    Join the International


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